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  1. I haven't woken to a pillow over my face yet but I'm sure it's coming
  2. I'm fortunate in the fact that my wife is terrified to step into my shop , but unfortunately she 's going to sell all of my stuff for next to nothing when I pass because I say "20 bucks " every time she asks "how much "
  3. I wouldn't say copyright infringement but it could leave them wide open for a mold maker that they copy - to copy everything single that they put out without hesitation
  4. Most of my molds (Enforcer) are in stock or can be in stock pretty quickly . If there is any delay then it's usually a week .
  5. there are only a handful of companies world wide that make carbide cutter blanks . Most are made in Israel . I've excluded China because they mass produce everything , but ironically they have the highest reserves and they are also the largest exporter of raw tungsten . Their claw back of exports is the reason for the price increases over the past several years . The quality companies for the most part are using the same blanks , they just vary in the quality of their grinding processes . Personally I've always found that the best source for calculating cutter speeds and feeds is straight from the horses mouth , most companies have a recommended sfm for their specific cutters
  6. travers tool sells pin gages cheap (class z) . You could chop one into at least two pieces which would probably be cheaper than buying a hardened dowel pin .
  7. 15% off sale at Enforcer Bait Molds till Sept 8 2016 , see site for details
  8. I'm always following the forum and a few others as well . There's a lot of valuable information on the site and there's always something new to read . I'm pretty much in the same boat as everyone else here and I originally got into making baits with the plans of upping my own game on the water . The only complaint that I have now is that I have crap loads of baits and not much time to fish em these days . I know that there's a fine line between talking about my baits and , self promoting (which seems to be a topic) , so I hang back unless theres an important point to make .
  9. bigger is yet to come . The 300 a bit small for the way that I fish as well , but there is a time and place for everything
  10. the 4 inch frog is a different beast from the 4.5 enforcer frog . the 4 inch frog is designed to be more of a bank bouncer , it's a slow bait at which short bursts (tugs) will create a great splashing action . It's meant to mimic a real frog / toad which in nature don't race across the surface . I needed to design something for slower fishing and for the heavy strikes that tend to happen after I bounce my baits of the grassy edge , I also wanted to have something with a bit more of a presence on the surface . This is something that I seriously needed out on the water , which is why it came to be The 4.5 enforcer frog is a very productive bait but Both are completely different baits and are meant for different fishing styles BTW . I really appreciate the compliments from you guys , it really does mean a lot to know that your enjoying this stuff Curt Enforcer Bait Molds
  11. I've been wondering how a pampered chef microwavable pot would work . I've been eyeballing my wifes pot (i don't dare touch) that's been boiling carrots etc in the micro for years now , and it's as intact as it was new . I don't know what type of plastic it is but it's tough stuff and very similar to delrin . I know that delrin can easily handle the heat because I made my first injector out of it and I also used it for the plunger on one of my aluminum injectors as well Has anyone tried it yet ? Seems to me to be a safer choice than the silicone cups and I think it'll burn before it ever melts
  12. My first was first was an old viking push button , then my dad quickly threw me into using garcia . I got a mitchell 300 for Christmas when I was around 15-16 and at 48 I'm still using the 300's . I've even got my son using them . It's not I'm old school but I can't find a reel with the right comfort level . The new reels are beautiful to look at but the bail releases are something that I despise . I recently decided to "modernize" and made the tragic mistake of buying the mitchell 300 "pro" . The $10 packaged zebco rod reel combos with the hooks and cheap lures is a better value . What ever happened to mitchell ? I quickly changed over to a daiwa reveros , much better quality at a cheaper price . I wanted to see what a new daiwa feels like before I pass it off to my son and buy the daiwa freams . Three days later after using it - my finger still smarts from getting whacked by the bail housing , and the bail release on these things is terrible . I can fish very precisely along the banks and with my old 300 and I can click the bail closed with a thumb push on the handle (very smooth and quick in that sense). The new reels release the bail effortlessly if I have a run at the release mechanism , otherwise it takes a lot of force to close if the housing is resting against the release mechanism . This is causing me to over cast . I will say that the daiwa is quiet and super smooth but I can't get a feel for these new reels because of such a stiff release . The 300 is about to get respooled with some new line until I find the right fit . The only reason that I have for making a change is that the brake on the ol reel drives me nuts with the noise so I fish without it , and I messed up to many hook sets on big fish because of it . Funny thing is that I often run into guys with their nice shiny new gear who dart their eyes at my ol relic reel , and after a chit chat I walk away knowing that I well out fished them anyhow lol
  13. I use dish soap to wash my production molds before shelving or shipping them . Palmolive or sunlight are very safe to use on aluminum . I give them a scrub then lean them up to drip dry , then pat them on a towel to get the remainder of the water out I learned the hard way that dish detergent for washing machines is very bad for them though . the molds turned purplish and were rough feeling , I ended up turfing the whole lot
  14. The plastic won't necessarily absorb all the energy in the microwave My testing station is near my mills and I've had a few occasions where small aluminum chips have gotten mixed into my plastics and the results have been pretty nasty
  15. Keeping up with a website and running a business is most certainly a chore , Ive got the bags under my eyes to prove that . . Getting these molds up on the website was a bit slow , but they are only a few weeks old and were pulled out of my design folder due to requests , otherwise I'm heavily focused on production these days