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  1. Blocking sections of a cnc mold

    you could make an insert with jb weld steel stick putty , you'd just have to take the obvious precautions not to weld the two halves together . You should be able to fill in the area that you need , put the halves together to form it then take it apart and let the insert harden . A dusting of talc or corn starch should prevent it from sticking to the aluminum when you form it
  2. Soft bait for pike?

    Soft plastics will stand up to pike pretty much the same as most other fish . I grew up fishing the big northerns . Jig heads with curly grubs and live bait was common practice for fishing the pike and walleye . We'd use nothing less than a 10" stainless leader , they may be ugly but they never affected the bite . it beats losing a nice fish and the gear with it
  3. Best All around plastic

    they modified the formula to resolve laminating issues when guy/gals use laminate plates . The original formulas didn't laminate too well so their solution was to make a formula that has a lower melting point so that the two sides would stick together better . Overall it's meant to be cooked up just the same as any other plastic
  4. Cleaning a mold

    cascade in particular is really bad and I had a horrible experience with it . I washed a bunch of molds in the sink , then I filled the top rack of the dishwasher so they could drip dry . a few hours later my wife filled the bottom rack with plates and fired up the dishwasher without seeing that the top rack was loaded . All of the molds turned purplish and felt as though they went thru a rough tumbler . Some degreaser soaps will do the same or worse . I've turned aluminum parts black while soaking in one brand . Dawn , palmolive or sunlight are the safest to use at home
  5. Cleaning a mold

    Being a new mold it sounds to me like polishing residue or oils If it's dirt or oils then dish soap is safe to use . It works well and sunlight is the best one to use because it cuts thru the dirt and oils better than the other soaps . Don't use the dishwasher detergents though , they can cause a really bad reaction with the aluminum if soaked for an extended period of time . Trust me , I've made that costly mistake
  6. Enforcer Tadpole Mold

    The posted problem has been resolved . From what I understand the problem is related to a broken thermometer . I don't think I've ever sent a mold out that was un-vented . I recall you buying a hand pour a few years back but I don't recall you buying the injection curly tad
  7. Soooo.....

    I haven't woken to a pillow over my face yet but I'm sure it's coming
  8. Soooo.....

    I'm fortunate in the fact that my wife is terrified to step into my shop , but unfortunately she 's going to sell all of my stuff for next to nothing when I pass because I say "20 bucks " every time she asks "how much "
  9. Delmart

    I wouldn't say copyright infringement but it could leave them wide open for a mold maker that they copy - to copy everything single that they put out without hesitation
  10. Favorite Ribbon Or Curl Tail Worm Mold?

    Most of my molds (Enforcer) are in stock or can be in stock pretty quickly . If there is any delay then it's usually a week .
  11. Tormach Cnc Mill

    there are only a handful of companies world wide that make carbide cutter blanks . Most are made in Israel . I've excluded China because they mass produce everything , but ironically they have the highest reserves and they are also the largest exporter of raw tungsten . Their claw back of exports is the reason for the price increases over the past several years . The quality companies for the most part are using the same blanks , they just vary in the quality of their grinding processes . Personally I've always found that the best source for calculating cutter speeds and feeds is straight from the horses mouth , most companies have a recommended sfm for their specific cutters
  12. Mold Alignment Dowels

    travers tool sells pin gages cheap (class z) . You could chop one into at least two pieces which would probably be cheaper than buying a hardened dowel pin .
  13. 15% off sale at Enforcer Bait Molds till Sept 8 2016 , see site for details
  14. Enforcer Bait Molds

    I'm always following the forum and a few others as well . There's a lot of valuable information on the site and there's always something new to read . I'm pretty much in the same boat as everyone else here and I originally got into making baits with the plans of upping my own game on the water . The only complaint that I have now is that I have crap loads of baits and not much time to fish em these days . I know that there's a fine line between talking about my baits and , self promoting (which seems to be a topic) , so I hang back unless theres an important point to make .
  15. Enforcer Bait Molds

    bigger is yet to come . The 300 a bit small for the way that I fish as well , but there is a time and place for everything