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  1. Figure out the wire size of the desired hook and use that to select your bit.. Just go a tad smaller than the wire
  2. Ive bought from these guys https://www.ebay.com/itm/Glass-Worm-Jig-Fly-Rattles-5-MM-x-16-MM-50-Rattles-ship-from-Ohio/172120485029?hash=item28132e2ca5%3Ag%3AdmMAAOSwzgRW104x&_sacat=0&_nkw=glassrattles&_from=R40&rt=nc&LH_TitleDesc=0|0 and for large qty, https://www.ebay.com/itm/50-100-Worm-Jig-Fishing-Lure-Glass-Rattles-Insert-Tube-Rattles-Shake-Attract-Fly/331756317251?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D52885%26meid%3Dacc527b4ea3c4caeb4b98ca2571baedd%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D6%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D132701904374%26itm%3D331756317251&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851
  3. Kdog

    Jig mold suppliers

    I ran across these guys a while back, bought one of their Blade bait molds and was very pleased. a bit pricy, but well worth it. https://m.facebook.com/Thirdcoastmolds2017/
  4. Kdog

    Which Lee Pot

    even better a new pot and plunger about 20 minutes and you are back to like new condition. you may want to drain and clean your pot, use some valve lapping compound and lap the seat, keep mine going for a long time, I still have the one I bought in 1978 and it works great with very few drips.
  5. Very similar to do its trokar jig
  6. good idea, ive used those quite a bit but finally settled on 2 15 watt appliance bulbs. gives a nice 95 degrees and added benefit of some light
  7. Its a linen fabric of some sort, it was sold as a backing for drapes. I bout a remnant 4 yards 54" wide and used to have the number and when I tried researching it, it was discontinued and the number was a hobby lobby internal number. Ive played with ballistic nylon and they work but I like the linen the best
  8. Ive tried a lot of media for the filters and since cups are so inexpensive to make, decided on a fabric from hobby lobby. a couple yards of it and I will never run out. I cut it it in 3 1/2" wide strips and glue a dozen or so cups to the strip, clamp it let it set and next day, cut them apart, trim the edges and got a new supply of cups. a 10ft piece of pvc gives me 40 cups (i cut to 2 7/8 long which for me is the ideal length. I usually work with 1/8 or smaller jigs. I have some very nice filter cloth but it gets pricy and in reality did not notice that much difference. So I played with different fabrics until I found one that works.
  9. Ive used it quite a bit. My observations: Time consuming - must dry before baking or you will wish you had. Does not work well with some PP and/or colors - trial and error When dried then cured is equal to conventional PP Very fragile until cured Is great for mlti color paint jobs but is time consuming. Color A, dry, cure then color B. repeat as desired
  10. Job nicely done. Outstanding outside the box thinking. I found small hobby motors for dirt cheap on ebay and got rid of the manual turners. I also made a few from turntable motors from discarded microwave ovens. Rotation is CCW/CW and random but it is an ecomomical way to go.
  11. Powder coating, I dip the swivel in water after heating the head. The water chills the swivel to the point where PC (Fluid Bed or dip/swish) will not stick. Takes a few trys to master but IMO well worth the effort.
  12. Actually, I worked in Die Casting for many years. Graphite spray was used on a number of heavier walled parts to improve metal flow and provide more reliable control over shrinkage. We were using a propietary process and over the years developed a considerable amount of knowledge and proof of the effect of graphite spray. No Magic rituals although Magic was in the name of the original graphite lube we used. The graphite enabled the metal to remain above the solidus temperature which allowed for shrinkage to be fed via a controlled, timed application of pressure.
  13. Use it to make an ice fishing rod.
  14. Graphite reduces surface tension and insulates molten metal from the mold so in theory, better pour. My experience shows this to be true sometimes, but I get as good of results with baby powder dusted on mold then lightly brushed off.
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