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  1. CincyFisher

    Lure Blister Boxes

    Selling clamshells / blister boxes for lures and other small parts. The internal dimensions of these boxes is about 2.5" long, 1.25" wide and 5/8" deep. They fit small crank baits (not 1.5 square bills though), jigs, sinkers, hooks, etc. Shipping in medium flat rate boxes and they hold 200 lure boxes. $32 shipped is the price. PayPal only. I have several boxes of these. I don't have enough of other sizes to resell at the current time. Can't seem to add pics but I will as soon as I figure it out.
  2. CincyFisher

    SOLD Teflon Base Pins 1/8

    Teflon Base pins are 1/8" diameter 1.5" long. Replaces the metal base pins in Do-It lead molds. $20 shipped per 100 pins. PayPal only.
  3. I'm looking for the skip gap hooks in bulk (100 or 1000). I checked Captain Hooks and Shortys as well. Best I can find is 25pk (value packs) at TW. Anybody have some other ideas? Thanks!
  4. CincyFisher

    Crankbait Coffins

    30 blister packs perfect for small to medium crankbaits, jigs and other small items. Cavity size 3" x 1 1/2" x 3/4". 30 for $10 and that includes shipping to the USA. If you want to buy a bunch let me know and we'll work out a price. PayPal only.
  5. CincyFisher

    Worm Nose "ned" Jigs

    thanks for the info!
  6. CincyFisher

    Worm Nose "ned" Jigs

    how do you modify the mold to accept wire weed guards?
  7. CincyFisher

    Best Source For Swing Head Jig Wire Forms

    yeah I hear they will have them by end of week...
  8. CincyFisher

    Best Source For Swing Head Jig Wire Forms

    Thanks guys for the responses. I checked with Shorty's a couple weeks ago and they didn't carry them. may try mustang wire. otherwise carman hit it on the head. just buy the overpriced wire forms and move on... Thanks to all...
  9. The wire forms for the Swing Head Jig mmold (small one) are a WJI450 and are about $9 per hundred ror $75 per 1000 from barlowes/LPO... Do you guys know of a lower price source for these? Thanks, Bryan
  10. CincyFisher

    Bulk Gamakatsu

    Andrew Peters on facebook
  11. CincyFisher

    Need A Source For Treble Hooks

    Andrew Peters is a good guy. Done business with him a few times and would highly recommend. Also CaptainHooks for quanitites of less than 1000. Shortys for more than 1000...
  12. CincyFisher

    Why So Many Jig Makers?

    where can I find lead at $.25 per pound? I want some of that please.
  13. 500 1 oz disposable medicine cups for mixing paint or epoxy. Heck I guess you could even use them for medicine. Translucent plastic cups are graduated in CC and ML and hold 1 fluid ounce. $12 plus $6 for shipping. If you prefer a different quantity let me know. PayPal only. Just a few of these deals left - when they're gone they're gone...
  14. CincyFisher

    Can Someone Direct Me To A Good Stencil Making Diy

    I just started with vacuum formed stencils and am having some success at least with making the blank stencils. Cutting shapes in it is another learning curve. I made a wood frame and I staple the .020 petg to the underside of the frame. turn the vacuum table on (I made mine out of a bird house...) And heat the petg until it softens and sags. Then place it on the table over the crank and apply heat carefully around the edges of the crank if needed. I did sand flat spots on cranks to use as molds so that they lay flatter. I have plenty of 1.5 baits with busted bills to use... Hope that helps.
  15. CincyFisher

    Hydrosilk Or ?

    I bought some old stock skirts from a friend and I am wondering what material they are made of. He is unsure but some of the other skirts are marked as Hydrosilk. They are both round but the ones in the picture have glitter and seem a bit stiffer than the ones marked as Hydrosilk. They seem to me to be too stiff and would puff out too much. I tied one on a spinnerbait and it seemed way too full for my liking. Any insights as to what this is and what it may be good for?