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  1. I do not. But there are not a ton of many options in spinnerbait hooks, especially in the smaller sizes.
  2. That's an interesting idea. May need to look into that. Thanks.
  3. I'm building super compact spinnerbaits for my local, heavily pressured waters on the Ohio River. I'm stuck on hooks. I've built some on the Mustad 32606 short shank 3/0 and some on the Mustad 32608 long shank 2/0. The picture shows both hooks (32606 on the left). I'd like to try a short shank 2/0 but can't seem to find one. Any ideas?
  4. I've decided to just make them myself. Doesn't take long and I don't anticipate making hundreds at a time and I can get exactly what I want. Thanks everyone.
  5. Already checked - 5000 minimum. I only need 200...
  6. Looking for a source for light (~.028") SS wire forms (ideally twisted eye) for compact spinnerbaits. I've looked at several of my online favorites but have come up shy and thought the fine folks on TU may be able to help out. Thanks in advance, Bryan (CincyFisher)
  7. CincyFisher

    Lure Blister Boxes

    Selling clamshells / blister boxes for lures and other small parts. The internal dimensions of these boxes is about 2.5" long, 1.25" wide and 5/8" deep. They fit small crank baits (not 1.5 square bills though), jigs, sinkers, hooks, etc. Shipping in medium flat rate boxes and they hold 200 lure boxes. $32 shipped is the price. PayPal only. I have several boxes of these. I don't have enough of other sizes to resell at the current time. Can't seem to add pics but I will as soon as I figure it out.
  8. Teflon Base pins are 1/8" diameter 1.5" long. Replaces the metal base pins in Do-It lead molds. $20 shipped per 100 pins. PayPal only.
  9. I'm looking for the skip gap hooks in bulk (100 or 1000). I checked Captain Hooks and Shortys as well. Best I can find is 25pk (value packs) at TW. Anybody have some other ideas? Thanks!
  10. CincyFisher

    Crankbait Coffins

    30 blister packs perfect for small to medium crankbaits, jigs and other small items. Cavity size 3" x 1 1/2" x 3/4". 30 for $10 and that includes shipping to the USA. If you want to buy a bunch let me know and we'll work out a price. PayPal only.
  11. how do you modify the mold to accept wire weed guards?
  12. yeah I hear they will have them by end of week...
  13. Thanks guys for the responses. I checked with Shorty's a couple weeks ago and they didn't carry them. may try mustang wire. otherwise carman hit it on the head. just buy the overpriced wire forms and move on... Thanks to all...
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