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  1. Slammingjack

    Lurecraft silver minnow color

    I always put it in last after the plastic is ready to go.
  2. Slammingjack

    Float n Fly/small hair jig heads

    That's the whole thing about making your own jigs, is using what hook you want in the weight you want in the color you want.
  3. Slammingjack

    Harbor Freight Powder Paint

    The paint does seem thicker. I still use the red and yellow. Not bad and the price is real good. You will have to stir more then the other paints. I use the white all the time. The matte black I only use if someone ask for that color.
  4. Slammingjack

    VMC 7147BN Jig hook

    Thank you smalljaw have used the 32746 and like it. Time to buy some VMC hooks.
  5. Slammingjack

    VMC 7147BN Jig hook

    Anybody tried those hook ? Was wondering how strong these are.
  6. Slammingjack


    Tell you what, I don't like Lureworks plastic and you can see why. But their colors and powders are some of the best out there. IMO
  7. Slammingjack


    I hate bubbles! Find a plastic that you don't have to babysit or work around it's flaws.
  8. Slammingjack

    Sents For Sand Crab

    Lurecraft has a crab scent.
  9. Slammingjack

    bucktail jig?

    I use the Mustad 32796NP-BN . IMO is a way better hook then the Trokar and it costs less.
  10. Slammingjack

    giant red glitter?

    nope just something I found on-line
  11. Slammingjack

    giant red glitter?

    try this
  12. Slammingjack

    Thinking about getting this mold.

    Sweet thanks y'all!
  13. Slammingjack

    Thinking about getting this mold. Anybody have this mold? I likes the look of it. Not sure how the dorsal fin will effect it . make it wobble is ok , just don't want to roll left or right . Thx for the help.
  14. Slammingjack

    looking for a saltwater jig head

    Not sure if I'm following this ... do-it has a few saltwater molds. I have the 1/8 and 1/4 oz round head with EC635 hooks. Plus two other molds.
  15. Slammingjack

    Bone Color