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  1. i use the Blaster. It works so much better then smoking the mold.
  2. Thank you for your posts. Sorry I didn't back to you sooner. But my laptop died.
  3. I got this mold to mod. to take bigger hook for saltwater fishing. I think using a 30 degree hook and a lot of cutting it might work. Has anybody done this?
  4. You still need to stir the powder. This will help a lot.
  5. Helps to put a zip lock bag over the jar before you put on the lid on. Won't be so hard to open.
  6. I tried the union. Didn't work for me.
  7. I live in Florida and I keep all my paint in the house. In my den closet. i use brown paper bags as a filter. I use a 2" PVC and glue the bag to the bottom and cut around the edge.
  8. No I have not. just learning what I need right now. I will check it out.
  9. Starting to get into speed jigs and other jigs. First mold will be the frs-4a flutter jig. So I see some people just use powder paint. I was wondering if anyone use foil or lure tape and which one they like best. Also do you buy wire forms or make you own? If you make your own what size wire do you use.
  10. Anybody know anything about a Goofy jig. The lure looks somewhat like a do-it swim jig mold SWM-3-A. Only the hooks are bigger and the weights are bigger. They have been getting a lot of Pompano on them. I was thinking about getting the mold.
  11. The way I do this is add color to cold plastic, count the drops you add. heat plastic until it turns over. Add more color if needed. Add flake and stir make sure the temperature is what you want and pour. Heating flake can make a real mess of your color.
  12. Following this. Have the some mold and tried finding black hooks for it and all I found cost 2x or more then the 635's
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