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  1. shakyhead

    Where To Get Crankbaits & Accessories

    Another thing you can do is rummage through the bargain bin at Cabelas and get some crankbaits for dirt cheap that have really lousy paint jobs, and paint them how you like.
  2. shakyhead

    Where To Get Crankbaits & Accessories

    I like, super reasonable, prompt shipping, and shipping & handling is affordable. Some of these places charge an outrages fee to ship a couple of small lures that weigh nothing. thats not the case with Dakotalakes. Also if your new to it, he has some great tutorials on youtube to help you out. As far as the knockoffs go, it's true some aren't as nice as others. I really like the pointer knockoffs from dakota lakes, everyone ive bought needed no prep before painting. The tail drop sammys are nice too. Airbrush paint can be pricey, but it goes along way if your not wasteful. The Hobby Lobby 40% coupon is a life saver. Michaels does it too. If your building your own Janns netcraft has a lot of stuff.
  3. shakyhead

    Euipment For Airbrushing

    I have a NEO. If you have enough money buy a better one. It works ok most of the time, but can act up every now and then. Printing out the 40% coupon from hobby lobby is the only way to go. It makes buying paint affordable too. Michaels has printable coupons too, I've seen them up to 50% off. The neo will work fine for starters if it's all you can afford and you will still have a great time painting your own baits, I know.
  4. shakyhead

    Husky Jerk Deeps

    Sounds like it's best to stick with 2ton. Thank you for the pointer. I am planning on ordering some solarez at some point. Sorry to hijack the thread.
  5. shakyhead

    Husky Jerk Deeps

    Will the 5 min Devcon brown?
  6. shakyhead

    New 1.5 Crankbait

    That's a cool looking blue gill. I played with my bluegill pattern too, it's one of my favorites.
  7. shakyhead

    Husky Jerk Deeps

    Oh man! Never thought of that. Oh well, I only did one, and it was a real simple paint job. It turned out really nice though, so I will be bummed if it browns. Thanks for the heads up!
  8. shakyhead

    Husky Jerk Deeps

    I don't know about killing the action, but I thinned some Gorilla brand crystal clear epoxy today with denatured alcohol. It is a 5 min. epoxy. I know rule of thumb says to use something like Devcon 2ton, which I normally use. I got to say, I really liked the finish I got with the Gorilla. I thinned it quite a bit. It gave me plenty of time to do a 4" pointer. I like that I had time to put it on nice, but it set up not long after. No need to put it on a drying wheel. I think I will start using it, since it's a pain for me to find devcon.
  9. shakyhead

    Acrylic Craft Paint In Airbrush

    Thats great info, thanks a lot.
  10. shakyhead

    Acrylic Craft Paint In Airbrush

    Thanks for the input. I have been using createx, and it works great. but the color options from where I get it are limited, i will have to order some. I have been buying a pack of primary colors, and for lures I want to have real vibrant colors, they have been great, but I have'nt had much success with mixing more realistic colors from the primary set.
  11. shakyhead

    Patent Idea

    I've often thought of a similar idea, probably a little less complicated. I bet someone in China could mass produce pretty easy. I just think its a little gimmicky.
  12. shakyhead

    Acrylic Craft Paint In Airbrush

    Has anyone tried acrylic craft paint in their airbrush? I tried some water based and thinned it with water, didn't work well. Ive seen some videos that show thinning with windex, but I know the amonia isn't good for my airbrush. I like all the color options, and of course the dirt cheap price. What I also found is that what little paint I did get to lay on didn't dry well. Was thinking about thinning with just straight isopropyl alcohol.
  13. shakyhead

    Clearcoat Option?

    I started by using Devcon 2ton. It looks great, but I want to use something that I don't have to mix each time. I want to be able to top coat multiple lures without stopping, mixing, reapeat. Been reading this Solarez thread, and if its the real deal, it looks like just what ive been looking for. IMO if i was just top coating one lure at a time, I would stick with 2ton, but I like to sit down and whip out a batch at a time. The one thing that bugs me about 2ton, is that occassionally I get micro bubbles, I'm nit picky though, and I'm sure there is a trick to reduce that. Good luck.
  14. shakyhead

    American Made Crankbait Components

    I'm thinking about doing that. I really like the circuit board bills. Thanks.
  15. shakyhead

    American Made Crankbait Components

    I've been painting premade plastic crankbaits. I want to start making my own wood crankbaits. Is it posssible to find all American made components, without making it all from scratch? I've found split rings and eyes so far. I haven't found bills yet that have stated where they were made. I would not only get a lot of satisfaction out of making my own lure to catch fish, but also using American made components would be great.BTW, I really enjoy this forum, a lot of great info from some very talented individuals, thanks.