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  1. Does anyone have any suggestions or use with good results, a 1k matte clear coat? I know there’s some good 2k matte clears out there but short shelf life’s. Looking for something I can dip/brush, spray if I have to.
  2. basscat28

    e-tex lite

    Thanks guys! I think I’ll give etex a try. If you’re referring to my problem with KBS raven,where do I start? I’ve had cans go bad (I store them in mason jars,have them thinned and spray bloxygen in after use) I use it on metal lures,balsa baits and plastic blanks. I use createx,spazstix as well as mixing my own from intercoat and pearl powders. Ive had way too many issues with the KBS and tried to mitigate the problems with not much luck. It’s become such a hassle that I’m ready to move on to another product.
  3. basscat28

    e-tex lite

    I've been having wayyyyy too many problems with KBS recently and I don't think D2T is clear enough for me. Looking at E-tex,never used it before and was wondering what the working time was with it and everyones thoughts on it was?
  4. thanks! I'll give folk art a try
  5. Does anyone have a good suggestion for a crackle medium? I've tried a decoart crackle medium with extremely poor results.
  6. https://cedarrunoutdoors.com/big-s-swim-bait-6-5/
  7. I've bought a few, you get what you pay for. They clog easy,don't shoot as well and take a higher PSI to shoot. They are also a pain to clean. You can feel quite a difference in the action of the gun too,much rougher.
  8. Looking at buying a new one soon,any feedback on the new RCBS 2 or the Lyman 25? I know the original RCBS is great but they’re discontinued.. I’ve seen some mixed reviews on the new pro melt 2 dripping and the digital thermostat makes me a little nervous.
  9. I have and it holds its shine but it also holds up very well. I wish there was a good gold powder paint out there.
  10. Have you tried the chrome from jann's? closest thing I've found yet
  11. Have any of you tried dipping them in KBS diamond clear coat? I was thinking about doing this in the next batch I make. All I use anymore for clear coat is either devcon 2 ton or bob smiths,or when I’m lazy I use KBS.
  12. Were you looking for a powder coat? This one is pretty close to an antifreeze
  13. I do know he’s going through some personal issues at the moment but I havent reached out and gave him a call in around a month or so.
  14. I appreciate all the input guys but I’m going through with spectrum. There’s powder paint out there there’s equal to chrome but not gold. Glitter does nothing for a reflective factor especially in deep or off colored water. It’s easier to just pour and make a bunch up and then send them out to be done and have a bunch finished for years to come. There’s days on Lake Erie you can lose a dozen spoons or blade baits for in looking for a cost effective way to do this. Gold leaf won’t work either since it’s not quite as reflective and will wear off quickly if I don’t load the spoon/bladebait with epoxy which then totally alters the vibration and action of the bait in a negative way.
  15. thanks for the insight BobP! I might give a few a try to just see how they are
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