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  1. Molds,Injectors,Plastic,and more

    shoots perfect and I liked it more than zooms baby brush hog and strike kings game hog
  2. Molds,Injectors,Plastic,and more

    Yes I do
  3. Molds,Injectors,Plastic,and more
  4. Molds,Injectors,Plastic,and more

    Selling off most of my pouring stuff,if you're interested here is the link to bassboatcentral where I have everything listed.
  5. FullSizeRender(13).jpg

    Thanks!It's from a buzzbait mold with .51 gauge wire. I also had a bunch ignore those blades stamped out a few years back. I like them more than the rounded ones.
  6. swimmin spy jigs

    Yes sir they do!
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