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  1. Thanks guys! I think I’ll give etex a try. If you’re referring to my problem with KBS raven,where do I start? I’ve had cans go bad (I store them in mason jars,have them thinned and spray bloxygen in after use) I use it on metal lures,balsa baits and plastic blanks. I use createx,spazstix as well as mixing my own from intercoat and pearl powders. Ive had way too many issues with the KBS and tried to mitigate the problems with not much luck. It’s become such a hassle that I’m ready to move on to another product.     

  2. I've been having wayyyyy too many problems with KBS recently and I don't think D2T is clear enough for me. Looking at E-tex,never used it before and was wondering what the working time was with it and everyones thoughts on it was?

  3. I appreciate all the input guys but I’m going through with spectrum. There’s powder paint out there there’s equal to chrome but not gold. Glitter does nothing for a reflective factor especially in deep or off colored water. It’s easier to just pour and make a bunch up and then send them out to be done and have a bunch finished for years to come. There’s days on Lake Erie you can lose a dozen spoons or blade baits for in looking for a cost effective way to do this. Gold leaf won’t work either since it’s not quite as reflective and will wear off quickly if I don’t load the spoon/bladebait with epoxy which then totally alters the vibration and action of the bait in a negative way.

  4. On 8/8/2018 at 12:31 PM, jerkbait said:

    Never had a problem with their stuff coming off while banging silver buddy baits around rockpiles and zebra mussel Sold thousands of them also and no returns. I fish Erie 5 or 6 times a year and never go out without at least one rod rigged with a blade! Let me know how they turn out and maybe we can do a bait swap or I will buy a few from you. I have a trip coming up in october.

    Good Luck


    Will do! 

  5. 3 hours ago, jerkbait said:

    Have used Spectrum Metal coating from Minn. on blade baits and they are reasonable and quick. They have done lots as small as 100 for me in the past. Gold will run around $0.38 per but call for quote. Family run business.


    Awesome! Thank you sir! I’ll be contacting them soon. How did their gold plating turnout and last on your bladebaits?

  6. I know of Lakeland’s for blades and flutter spoons but I’m wanting to do brush spoons from a do-it mold and bladebaits. Both of which I use on Lake Erie a lot all year,especially the fall. Some days you’ll lose as high as 12 or 15. I have a powder coat that’s as good as chrome but I’ve yet to find something out there that’s like real gold. 

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