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  1. I want to start mixing pearl pigments and flake with intercoat. A few questions since I don’t know much about it. What ratios are best? What’s a good intercoat brand? Are there any more hazards to using it than urethane based paints (I mostly use water based but just started using urethane based paints) any info would be much appreciated!
  2. Thanks JLS! I’ll give the ladle pour a go. I hear mine up with a heat gun which makes it hotter than blank pours usually. I also have a lid for my pot that covects heat to my molds nicely. I warm them that way often. I do usually heat my hooks,pins,and wire gently as not to overheat the hooks and ruin them. This mold does seem like it’s make a nice chatterbaits mold by beefing up the wire to a .51 gauge.
  3. I’m having issues getting it to pour all the way. Has anyone had this issue? I’ve poured thousands of jigs,poured plenty of spinnerbaits and buzzbaits with other molds without an issue. I am spout pouring with a lee 4 pot which I’ve done on spinnerbaits before. It’s gett frustrating as I’ve wasted about 20 piano wire forms and owner hooks. Would it be better going the route of ladle pouring the lead? Keep in mine I pre heat the mold with a heat gun and my pot is around 7.5-8 on heat. Any ideas or helpful advice?
  4. I have shaken it a lot. Seems to shoot better with paint I bought off eBay or boss paints. I think I’ve narrowed it down the netcraft powder paint being the issue
  5. I have tried turning up the pressure to the point it’s at 30psi (at that point when it comes out it’ll be a plume of smoke lol). I have a moisture trap on my compressor (I airbrush automotive and c-tex paints) and I know I don’t have moisture in my powder paint. I’ve had that happen before and it becomes heavier than flour consistency and usually lumpy. I was suggested keeping the filler jar half full to less than half full. I might have to try using a new feed tube.
  6. I know this is a bit of an old thread but I'm having issues with my gun I got from TJ's. I was curious if any of you might have had similar issues and resolved them. I thought having this gun would make coating wire baits and blades much easier. I've been spraying from 3-10psi and can't seem to keep the feed tube from clogging constantly and get get a steady stream or flow of powder to finish even one bait. Any ideas?
  7. Does anyone have an easy place to find any? Having a hard time tracking down a few sheets
  8. Having a had time finding wildlife colors regularly and easily anymore. Is the a good color that is close to the iridescent blue color? I really like spraying it over black.
  9. I'm wanting to reproduce a mold,like the boss one they used to sell. I want to use an epoxy/resin for the head where I can pour laminate type colors to match swimbaits. Haven't made many molds before other than fiberglass hand pours for worms. Any ideas from you guys? looked at alumilites site and it seemed promising. I need a free spinning swivel for a line-tie,and 5 wire harness I'll make myself and mix glitter with the epoxy resin head. What would be the best way to go?
  10. My bank account isn't going to like the order I'll be making lol
  11. shoots perfect and I liked it more than zooms baby brush hog and strike kings game hog
  12. http://www.bbcboards.net/showthread.php?t=828963
  13. Selling off most of my pouring stuff,if you're interested here is the link to bassboatcentral where I have everything listed. http://www.bbcboards.net/showthread.php?t=828963
  14. basscat28


    Thanks!It's from a buzzbait mold with .51 gauge wire. I also had a bunch ignore those blades stamped out a few years back. I like them more than the rounded ones.
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