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  1. I just wanted to start by saying you guys have been a tremendous help since I started pouring a year ago,thank you guys! GP candy laminate craw my cooling table some gp hues my pouring station
  2. Has anyone ever used it and hadn't any luck? I like MF and Lurecraft a lot. I have do-it's plastic and never really got turned onto baitjunkys.
  3. I've been pouring with baitmold since as well. Funny you mention a heat gun because that's exactly what I do with the dbomb mold and 3.8 swing impact fat molds. The dbomb is honestly the only beaver I use anymore.
  4. I'm buying bar stock tomorrow and making the mold tomorrow night. Bought some stainless steel mechanics wire from harbor freight (sold in .99 rolls) look so to be .35 size wire...will this do? I don't want anything to be weak and break? What do you guys usually us for wire? Thanks again guys! You've been a huge help
  5. I thought about that as well, with their finesse drop shot mold but thought I might get away cheaper than $40 mold and then using it for only belly weights.
  6. After reading that tutorial,that seems like an awesome way of doing it. I might have to try doing this and be playing around with the weights. I want to make them for bass sized balsa baits so I'll be doing 1.5,2,2.5,3,and 3.5 gram weights probably. Thanks for the share!
  7. I want to start making my own lead belly weights for crankbaits. Does anyone make a mold for them? I didn't see one by do-it. I don't mind making my own,but rather than trial and error a bunch,does anyone have any help they want to lend? I'm sure making a mold out of wood is going to be the easiest.
  8. Who make sure the best fluke mold closest to zooms?
  9. www.realisticwraps.com Give Alex a try,there's a lot more patterns and sizes he's working on as well.
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