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  1. Hello Everyone, You can now download the color cookbook for free in all formats, (printable pdf, excel and open office). Thank you so much for all your support. https://www.lonestarbaitcompany.com/cook-book/color-recipe-cook-book/
  2. I wish I had more time to pour and get on the boards. Ice 88 I already completed a pdf with the recipes from this board and several others. Go to Lonestarbaitco.com and get a copy, there are bound to be some you don't have.
  3. For detailed instructions on how to make a PoP mold you can go to the webpage in my signature. PoP is the cheapest to start with, for around 40.00 you can make a lot of mistakes and still get useable molds.
  4. You shouldn't find any bait with ragetail claws or tails, those fall under patent protection. They can be pretty easily duplicated with PoP not that I would know.
  5. Edgecrusher, It is a shameless plug, however I took the time to gather and post this information so everyone could use it. How can they do that if I don't let them know its available. The post is about mold companies people are free to use this list, or they are free to use the one I created which will save them tons of time. The list is also missing janns netcraft and m-f manufacturing. I now have the missing companies updated on my site. (19 mold companies with links.)
  6. Art, RUN RUN RUN! Crack doesn't have a thing on this hobby. You will start off with a single electric burner and tin pot and next thing you know your shopping for microwaves at yard sales. If that doesn't convince you go to the website in my signature and get some prices on startup costs. You can also check out some videos and see what is headed your way. Make sure to watch the Warning video its meant for you. All that said... there is nothing more rewarding then catching fish on baits you made yourself.
  7. Nice list, I see a couple I didn't know about. There is another resource for bait molds Lonestarbaitco.com under the mold suppliers page there is a list of companies and the types of molds they make with direct links to the mold websites. It makes it a little easier to skip companies if you only want aluminum or only hand pour molds.
  8. Welcome, I don't believe you can find more information anywhere than on this forum, I do have some information in an easier to find format on my website, (see sig) I keep up to date lists on starter kits, plastic suppliers, mold makers and types of molds, and if your interested in making your own PoP molds there is some good new person info. Enjoy!
  9. Hi all, I have updated the Color Recipe Book, it has 268 Color Recipes. You can get your free PDF at http://lonestarbaitco.com/products.html For those who have purchased an upgraded version I have already sent out new links for a free 1 time download of the latest book. I have also updated the webpage, correcting many dead links, and updating the product information. Enjoy
  10. Nebraska, You can make excellent Molds with POP, I have made injection POP crawfish molds with remarkable details. Check out youtube channel Lakehousechronicle or go to Lonestarbaitco.com both places will get you to many videos on making the molds your wanting. Good Luck.
  11. Good Night! For anyone else having a hard pack problem with plastic they already have... I take the paint can approach, throw a couple of CLEAN DRY stainless steel nuts in the jug. It can take a while but it will remix the plastic.
  12. I bought a used one from a yard sale for 15.00 still going strong 2 years later. A lower power one is great, its a little harder to ruin the plastic. but anything will work. Stir and monitor often
  13. http://www.youtube.com/user/lakehousechronicle
  14. HWiese, You can find a lot of info at Lonestarbaitco.com , and there are a lot of videos at Lakehousechronicles on you tube. Enjoy
  15. I have two injection Senko molds, I hand pour them 90% of the time.
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