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  1. Large Swimbait Harness

    In my experience they're all over the place They're hidden in the rocks and seem to strike when they have the chance Fishing slow maybe they have time to come out and hit it head first because that's what they see first Fishing faster they'll chase it down and strike from behind Sometimes they'll hold on even if they aren't hooked, so I guess that comes down to having a tougher plastic I use a lot of eel shaped baits that do well but really want something with a bigger profile to attract the bigger fish
  2. Large Swimbait Harness

    Awesome I'll have to get some bonds then. I had never thought about using it. Any idea how a double hook rig would work? I have a few ideas but feel like the trailer would just get torn out of the bait
  3. Large Swimbait Harness

    Alright guys I am working on a 9" boot tail swimbait I'll be fishing it on the rocks for lingcod so I need it to be top hook A lot of swimbaits have the lead attached to the hook working as a keel. How are you guys pouring the custom lead piece that hangs under your hook. I'll be slow rolling it along big rocks. My other idea was just imbed a hook with a jig head already on it. So I can see a lot of trial and error in the near future Preferably I'd like a double hook rig somehow inside the bait, but I don't know how that would be accomplished. Any input on that? Thank you
  4. Resin Swimbaits

    how long do these molds last? and how much do I need of the material, like how far does it go.
  5. Resin Swimbaits

    have watched make a lure and aluminite vids and looked on their page but its just so confusing. I have been making pvc baits but want tot try resin. I was wondering what materials do I need to buy. the materials I need for making the mold as well as the resin used for making the swimbait. thanks guys.
  6. My True Image foiled and painted largemouth 6inch wood glide

    whered you get that image if you dont mind me asking?
  7. Pvc

    hey guys, another problem. I have been making pvc swimbaits, out of the trim at lowes, ive went through 8 feet in the last 2 months.. just all trial and error, ive been making triple trout style swimbaits, ive been experimenting with fatter more realistic baits, but i cant get them to swim?! any body have any problems with this, ive been doing 3 piece ones with a swivel tail.
  8. Pvc

    Thanks for the help fellas!
  9. Pvc

    I've tried just about everything RayburnGuy
  10. Pvc

    No matter how much I sand PVC trim I can't get a smooth finish, is this normal? I see all these other guys posting PVC swimbaits and what not and they look great! What am I doing wrong?
  11. Rainbow Trout

    nice bait! i make pvc swimbaits also, im from WA and we dont have big fish thatd bite em either ha, can i ask the specific colors you used from createx?
  12. Quick Swimbait

    EdL i tried seaching pvc and using the hard bait thing and nothing came up, i must be just doing something wrong? im new to the site ha
  13. Quick Swimbait

    Thanks man
  14. Quick Swimbait

    Where do I get PVC board?