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  1. I just bought the do it ultra minnow mold and cannot get it to pour right also. It was suggested to me to hand pour it so reading this confirms that. Thanks guys!
  2. Has anyone been getting tubes that are no good? I have bought off ebay and local true values and lately almost all of them have been bad. The whiter side has been really thick or hard.
  3. Thank you smalljaw for the response. Very good info and I will definitely take that into consideration.
  4. Im looking to make my own spinnerbait wire forms so I can use smaller wire to get more vibration. Only problem is I can't find the right wire. I know the sizes I want is .028 and .030. The wire I have found so far in small rolls is not springy enough to make a spinnerbait wire. Can anyone help? Thanks guys!
  5. Hey guys hope you all are ripping lips this summer! Is there a site, recently published book or any other good place to find vintage lure values? I have a bunch and wanted to try to find up to date values. The books I have are old. Thanks in advance! Tight lines!
  6. Hughesy or arkie... Dang spellchecker lol
  7. Highest or armor do you know if the pre rapala warts that have a painted bill are they clear underneath? I seen a few guys posted that it may not be a clear plastic underneath the paint and I'm assuming you guys have done one or two
  8. For sure arkie thanks a ton! This is exactly the info I was looking for! That's what is so great about this site, nice ppl who are willing to share there thoughts and ideas with fellow lure makers! AWESOME and thanks again. Tight lines!
  9. Great info guys! Thanks for the help! I'm wondering if the soda blaster would take a painted bill to a clear bill? Definitely gonna try it. Tight lines
  10. Thanks guys. BonP can you get a nice clear bill without much scratches with sandpaper on say a wiggle wart?
  11. Just curious what's you guys best way of removing paint from wiggle warts. I have read about using acetone but seen guys said it melted the baits a lil bit. Any help would be much appreciated thanks guys. Tight lines!
  12. Buckhorn79

    IMG 3603

    Great river smallie pattern!
  13. Hello everyone! I have never built a rod before but was thinking about building my own ice rods. I was wondering if anyone could help me out on the steps you go thru on building one. And i have researched some on materials but havent found much on guide or eye selection besides tips and thats about all. Anyone know where you can buy ice rod eyes or can you use other eyes? Thanks for any help and tight lines.
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