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  1. I’m glad it worked for you too!
  2. Unfortunately, I am unable to locate a copy of that PDF file. I retired about three years ago and it probably got left behind. I'm not sure what this motor came out of, but I found it on eBay. As mentioned above, a microwave motor will work and I have a spare one laying around in case I need it. I've attached pic so you could see the motor specs.
  3. whackett, I don’t remember what motor that it is, but I’ll dig through my notes and post an update later today.
  4. You don’t want to turn lures when using KBS. Doing so will cause bubbling to occur.
  5. I have a bunch of those blanks that I won’t be using. If you’re interested, I can PM you with additional info and pics. David
  6. I haven't used auto clear so I can't comment on it, but my can of aerosol KBS that I was so happy with when I first used it, has crinkled several lures after sitting in the garage for a few months. I'm reluctant to use it anymore as it ruined a number of lures.
  7. dpalinsk

    Coast airbrush

    I've always had good interactions with Coast and they're very knowledgeable. I guess I've been lucky as I've never had an order take more than a few days to ship and be delivered. (I only live 120 miles away though.)
  8. I Rock fish out of the Central Coast area, primarily out of Morro Bay. I make most of my own jigs as well. I airbrush vertical type jigs and top coat with Solarez, D2T or recently with KBS. They hold up fairly well as long as they aren't dragging along the rocks, but not as well as powder coat. I would not recommend airbrushing for jig heads as the rocks tear them up pretty quickly.
  9. I have purchased from Barlows many times over the past few years and never had a single problem. My orders have been filled and shipped quickly. My only wish is that I would like to receive shipping notification and tracking number via email.
  10. Are you referring to the Realistic Wraps product or making your own wraps?
  11. I powder coat jigs up to 8" and the Eastwood oven can handle those longer jigs.
  12. I recently purchased the Eastwood oven. I thought the fan was louder than it should be so I called Eastwood. I was a little disappointed with Tech Support, but they ended up shipping me another oven. Because it cost less the $100, they didn't pickup the first one, which was a good thing. The second one showed up with a bad temp control dial. It is very hard to to to the lowest setting and the oven doesn't get hotter than 375. Oh, and the fan sounds the same so I'm using the first one and saving the second for as a backup. I couldn't recommend this oven.
  13. dpalinsk

    Cedar squarebills

    I really liked the 2 neon colored ones too. All Eyes, if you're willing to do so, would you mind sharing the order in which applied the colors on the 2 neons? I'm using similar colors to make some cranks for Crappie fishing, and have already messed a couple up. Thanks, David
  14. Auto Air is actually a water-based paint. http://www.autoaircolors.com/ David
  15. dpalinsk

    Cedar squarebills

    Very nice work!
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