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  1. kajay920

    Wake Bait

    Wow! I'm liking this one.
  2. kajay920


    Excellent work Shane. I could tell it was yours from the thumbnail. Keith
  3. Thanks jrhopkins. I've tried a similar method without much luck. This looks much easier.
  4. kajay920

    The Bug Trilogy

    I'm Really liking these. Nice work.
  5. kajay920

    trout swimmer

    This one is a mixture of airbrush and hand paint. My first attempt at a V notch joint. I had some problems with water infiltration at the joint but it swims beautifully. Keith

    © kajay920

  6. kajay920

    mini gill1 NEW

    incredible work
  7. kajay920

    attempting realism

    Always incredible Mikko. Keep them coming.!
  8. I used and acrylic clear, it may have been Rustoleum, and it worked fine as long as the bait was PVC or pre sealed. If you don't seal the wood first you start getting line ties and bibs popping out. But like Mark, most of my initial paints were rattle cans. Even then they didn't hold up well in salt water.
  9. kajay920

    1.5 R .....Cash 5

    I like the hand painted touches. Good looking lure.
  10. That's ok Joe. You make up for it with your skills. That looks great.
  11. kajay920

    deep trout

    I was in the middle of reshaping the lip to get a better wobble, it ran straight, when it ran into some rocks. Its now @10 feet off the dam in the rocks! It may have also been too round. Back to the drawing board on this one.
  12. kajay920


    Thank you
  13. kajay920

    citrus craw1

    Thank you
  14. kajay920

    American shad

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