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  1. thanks for all the input guys... just want options that's all.
  2. Are there any others out there.. i like to be able to talk to a few.
  3. And to be specific, i'm looking for someone to make a production mold.. and someone to shoot those molds with soft plastic in production quantities.. not hand molds.
  4. Where can i find a list of companies that make custom molds and a list that inject soft plastic?
  5. There's also supposedly some softwares that are better for making 'natural' shapes than others. My prototyper does everything in solidworks...which is an awesome powerful software...but it was very challenging for him to draw natural shapes with and he's very experienced. It takes a lot of time to draw anything ...those years worth of experience would be worth saving a lot of your own time. But,... if that's what you want to do...just dive in and go for it. Living your own life is worth every penny.
  6. I had something similar happen about a year ago... has something to do with the type of silicone that you used...i'll see if i can dig up the actual verdict. If I recall it was something to do with the tin based silicone reacting with the mold release. use a platinum cure silicone and it wont do it.
  7. You should be able to make it float with micro ballons as long as the volume of the frog is big enough. They will make the bait opaque though...so get ready for a color change.
  8. mike, can you pm me the name of that company. Thanks for the input guys.
  9. RFP

    Mylar Inserts

    that's probably going to melt... i tried using the stick on variety and removing the adhesive and they still discolor a bit... talk to bruce... you need to get a high temperture material.
  10. You can get a good used microwave at a pawn shop... usually $15 -$25 for a pretty decent one. works just fine.
  11. Ok, I have read all the threads on the site referring to the good, bad, and ugly regarding patents, knock offs, and attempting to get a lure out to a lure manufacture. Has anyone actually gone through the process successfully and created a lure, patented it, had attorneys draft NDA and non-compete agreement, trademark...then marketed said patent pending shape to a mfg and license it to them for the typical cash +3% or even just the 3% all without ever trying to mfg and sell it themselves first. Most of the ones i've heard about all have mfg and sold it themselves first. I do know 1 guy that works directly with a mfg to make flies and the mfg pays him 3% of sales royalty. Are there success stories other than this one guy? any and all input is appreciated
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