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  1. That's perfectly fine my question is though would a flatsided crankbait blank work or would I need to make something by hand the reason. I ask is how to make it buoyant enough
  2. So I've searched high and low and can't find anything anywhere but I was wondering if anyone could point me to templates for a torpedo style prop. Bait or a flatsided like Brian's pee I see lurenet has already carved bodies of both and was really curious about how I would. Make a flat sided one like the Brian's bee any suggestions or sites would. Be a huge help
  3. I was wondering if anyone knew any websites or companies that sell either balsa or basswood flat side blanks that could be made for prop baits I don't have the tools at my home for making the blanks myself so my only other option is buying them
  4. thanks for the video i realized when i took the paca craw apart its pretty much a tube that tapers slighty then has claws so im gonna make a 2 piece pop mold sorta like the tube one above but found something to use as a rod to keep the belly hollow thanks again for the video
  5. i just need a cavity that would be able to hold a tube jig head do you guys think maybe using pop do the bottom part of the mold glue down a rod at the height of the middle of the craw then pouring the top part would work?
  6. yeah exactly like the paca craw how big of a wire do you think i should run though? because i was thinking about taking a paca craw and making a 2 piece pop mold with some kind of insert or little rod that would take let me do the same idea as that because i feel like the acutal injection molds that would be way to tough but im just trying to think on how to make a pop mold with that kind of insert which is what is stumping me would maybe a little dow rod held into place in the mold work?
  7. would a tube insert work or no?
  8. i put little pieces of alkazelter into the chamber but i mean a lot of the craws i do have all have that chamber right in the body near the i guess would be the front section idk how they do it though
  9. i was gonna do the aluminum but do you know what im talking about when i saw that hollow chamber though?
  10. thanks so what if i go with the injection mold how would i get that large hollow chamber? because of a lot of the baits i use have that for a rattle scent tube jig etc and i would love to have those in my craws too
  11. so is the pop hand pouring than? and also is there anyone with a video showing how to make lures out of pop? and can make it so its kinda like the injection molds where you get the all around look is it gonna be flat on one side? and lastly on some craw baits they have that little hollow pocket how would i make that too?
  12. it would be actual molds and i looked at their website and i really like the 702 and the 709 craw so those would be the 2 molds i want so are those molds like 2 pieces and then you pour into them or sorry like i said im new to this so all advice tips what have you would be great
  13. hi like it says im new and want to start pouring my own molds my questions are what are the best craw molds cause thats mainly what i use in the crik and how hard is it to make molds and other tips you guys think would be good to know thanks
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