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  1. any ceramic supply house should have a sulpher free clay, you have to ask specifically. Or you can try an on-line art supply like Dick Blick (that is where I bought mine). Have fun!
  2. Ha Ha! We have a friend like that....he has at least 5 of EVERYTHING in his garage...had to build another garage just so he had somewhere to put stuff! And trust me, age has NOTHING to do with it!
  3. how do you paint from inside out???
  4. NO, dont do it, you will totally ruin your molds and not likely pour what you are hoping for! 275-300F is the temp for a sculpey type clay...and modeling clay will melt LONG before you get it poured! Lead needs min 400F to be melted!
  5. So how did you make the "templates"?
  6. then, in theory...icing sugar should work...hmmm
  7. Dont do it...so many of those sites have so much "extra" that you would never find out about until it was too late and had put your computer at risk! Far better to deal with someone who registers sites, builds sites, etc. If you can build your own site good, if not, there are reasonable folks that are reliable. Now the plug...my husband has been doing this for a number of years, and is very reasonable, can do what you need...contact me privately if you would like to talk with him...
  8. interesting...so would you use equal amounts of plastic for your swirled baits then?
  9. AWESOME worms!!! I will have to get over my fear of metal in the microwave and give those a try! AWESOME baits!!!
  10. fishbayte


    just wondering why not iodine sale? does it damage the baits or what?
  11. Frank, where can I find your videos? If it is in the thread I have missed it...
  12. what about using one of those paint mixer thingys? That vibrate to mix...I think that would work if one could get one cheap enough, or make one, just set to vibrate periodically,maybe on a timer...just thinking...
  13. OK, sounds reasonable daveh...so the LC measuring spoons...I am not familiar with those..what measurement would those spoons you use be? In case I have something that will work here...
  14. I understand that salt is an additive...cheap filler....I was thinking it would add a little more weight. Nothing special about what I wanted to use it for. I have actually never even SEEN baits with added salt, any of the fishing "holes" I have been to have not advertised salt as any additive, so assume it isn't there. I am also assuming that repouring would require adding something to the melted plastic/salt base? Like I said, this is new to me. I would prefer to NOT make every same mistake ever made in plastics history...if I can avoid them
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