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  1. Lil'skeeter

    Freestyle Lure Painting Contest Begins Now!

    So, is he sending your lure back, or is he fishing with it?
  2. Lil'skeeter

    Name That Bait

    I'd like to call it "mine"!
  3. Lil'skeeter

    How many do you take and what lures?

    If I'm tournament fishing, usually 8 to 10. 6'6" shallow cranks 7'6" deep cranks 6'9" spinnerbait 6'9" chatter bait 7' Shakey Head 7' jig 7' spinning, whacky worm 7'6" c-rig 7'3" alabama/heavy jig Usually only 3 or so if just out for fun.
  4. Lil'skeeter

    Salvaging Cork Handles

    I agree....."Super", "Premium", "Top" is probably like IM ratings on rods, it's only relevant to their own line of products.
  5. Lil'skeeter

    Salvaging Cork Handles

    rhahn427, Mudhole catalog pg 121 "Super Grade Cork pistol grip" $13.50 buy all you want!
  6. Lil'skeeter

    Rod Butt Size

    Actually if it's cork to rubber I would slice it off with a razor and glue it back on after reaming it.
  7. Lil'skeeter

    Rod Butt Size

    Is it a pistol grip? That's the only butt that I've seen that was closed on the end.
  8. Lil'skeeter

    New To Rod Building.

    A member of our bass club won a rod that I built in a giveaway that we do each year. It was a 7'3" MHX heavy that was micro/spiral wrapped. Yesterday he brought me two NEW Duckett Micro Magic rods and a Cabela's Prodigy the he wants to be converted to spiral wraps. Everyone will argue their point until they're blue in the face. Both sides argue convincingly. You just need to decide if you like it or not. I have personal rods that I WON'T convert......just because i don't want to!
  9. Lil'skeeter

    Shaker Blades

    I would go in with someone if they want to get Cadman to cut some. The ones I'm looking for are the coffin shaped ones that are about 5/8" wide at the widest point and 3/4" long X .015 thick. Cadman, can you put the holes in them? It would be hard for me to drill that many holes with any consistency. Can you PM me a price on say 400 just to get an idea of the costs?
  10. Lil'skeeter

    Salvaging Cork Handles

    I know how you feel having perfectly good grips and seats and not being able to make use of them, believe me, I've been there. I've never tried the heat gun so I'd say give it a try. I'm not sure what it will do to the cork. If you can just get the glue to loosen a bit, it should come off. I would start with the fore grip and then the seat. Let me know how it works.
  11. Lil'skeeter

    Salvaging Cork Handles

    I've heard you could boil the grip to soften the glue....I've never had any luck with it though. The rod bond really adheres to the cork so probably no way to get it off in one piece. The only pistol grips I've seen are top grade cork and run $13.50. I'd pay that before going through the pain of trying to remove one.
  12. Lil'skeeter

    New To Rod Building.

    Every rod I've built has been micro/spiral wrapped and I've taken several of my older rods and converted them to micro/ spiral wraps. Also you can't use less guides just because they're on the bottom. You want your line to follow the contour of the rod as closely as possible or you defeating the purpose of the action of the blank. Some people like them, some don't. You do have to use a good line though, one with as little memory as possible.
  13. Lil'skeeter

    Gram Scale - How Much To Spend?

    Show-off..........LOL just kidding. Nice bait by the way!
  14. Lil'skeeter

    Freestyle Lure Painting Contest Begins Now!

    Wow, this is sad. I have spent 15 years in a boys ministry called the Royal Rangers but have been out of it for about 6 yrs now. Youthinthewild is only 15 minutes away and as I was reading the posts I was getting excited about getting involved with his program. I'm really disappointed he didn't come through. Our bass club takes Brownies/Girl scouts fishing every year and it's a blast to see them catch their first fish.
  15. Lil'skeeter

    2 Color Adapter

    Hey Frank, awesome videos. I had considered the twinjector and I think you've sold me on it. I was thinking the blending block was much larger than it is. I didn't want something awkward. You made some great have a pm.