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  1. Pro cure actually has both oil based and gel based scents. The gel ones last a lot longer than the oil.
  2. Are there any other Plasticizers that would work besides DINP? It seems like California has added it to their Prop 65 list and it would require people who sell products containing the chemical to label packaging as such: http://www.bna.com/california-add-diisononyl-n17179880738/ Also, is there a way to cut Plasticizer with an oil based scent like Pro Cure Anise Pro? Can it be mixed, does it need to be heated first? What if we mixed the scent with mineral oil? Has anyone tried that?
  3. We tried it but it mostly cooked out and the scent did not seem to hold well. We were going to try more but heard from a number of injectors that most of the time it will just cook out anyway.
  4. The bag material is PET12/LLDPE60 Same kind of bags you see for most larger bait companies.
  5. I have googled it in the past but I still wasn't exactly clear on what to use. It seems like Plasticizer is a category of chemicals and so I wasn't sure which specific type. It also seems like their may be some regulations in some states about the usage. For example, it seems like Dinp was added to California's Prop 65 list of carcinogenic chemicals a year or two ago so I imagine it can't be used there. We are coating our baits in scent before we out them in bags as that makes them easier to pack. Not sure if that makes a diff.
  6. Just about every manufacturer gets their bags from over seas. Even if you go through an American company, odds are they source from over seas. I am working directly with a Chinese company and we paid just under 6 cents for 50,000 bags in 4 color (keep in mind they need to print a layer of white so our artwork actually has only 3 colors). There was a setup fee of $125 per color or something close to that. Then we have to pay freight to get them here and the air freight via DHL was pretty cheap. Our all-in cost was about 10 cents a bag and it would have been cheaper if we did sea freight. We also added a foil sticker with product name which is 4 cents and a UPC label which is a few cents. Dealing with China was a nightmare at times and we actually didn't do a proof the first time, which was a big mistake bc the colors were off. But they bags still look slick anyway and we are addressing the color issue on the second run. Hope that helps!
  7. So I have been adding scent to the bags before I seal them and I've noticed that after a few weeks the scent seems to evaporite and the baits just smell like rubber again. I am using an anise-pro from Pro Cure. How do larger companies get their scents to absorb and stay smelly long after the bags are sealed? I have heard that if you use a plasticizer then it will make the scent absorb, but I'm not sure what exactly plasticizer is. Anyone have any advice on this?
  8. Thanks for the tip! Any idea what a mold like that would typically cost and how many cavities they typically have? Can you also produce lamnate molds that way?
  9. This would be for soft plastics. We have already made prototypes by hand -injecting in silicone molds. But we want to do a run of about 10,000-20,000 individual baits to get us off the ground and test the market and whatnot and pouring them 1 (or even 5) at a time in our silicone molds is not an option at the moment for a few reasons so looking at other options.
  10. Hey Guys, First off, new member here. Been using this site as a great resource for planning the launch of a lure company! I wanted to ask for some feedback on spin casting vs. injection molding for producing soft plastics. What are the pros and cons of each? If our company is successful and we start cranking out large quantities, we will for sure be doing injection molding. But in looking for a more affordable option to get our product to market we came across spin casting. It seems like a possible alternative at least in the early days when we are testing products to see if they even sell. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
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