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  1. -fishboy-

    Custom Jig Mold

    If you need CAD work done, please send me a PM. I design a lot of baits for various individuals and small companies.
  2. -fishboy-

    Various Molds For Sale

    Hi, Can you send pictures of the BassTackle dual injector and blending block to gkiester@yahoo.com please? What size are the injectors? What color are the o-rings? Thanks, Greg
  3. -fishboy-

    WTB: BassTackle BT Bomb 4.2” Mold

    I am looking to add more of the 4.2” BassTackle BT Bomb (non wide body) molds to my collection. 4 cavity mold preferably, but would entertain other mold cavity sizes. Please let me know what you have and home much (shipping included) to Michigan. I have PayPal. Thanks, Greg
  4. -fishboy-

    Multiple Molds For Sale

    Hi, I am looking for BassTackle BT Bomb molds (4.2” non wide body versions). Do you have any you’d like to part with? Thanks, Greg
  5. -fishboy-

    New Guy Here. Advice on which vise to buy

    I have a spider now and it works great. I have no problem securing 4/0 & 5/0 hooks (.085 wire diameter) 1oz bass fishing jigs to hand tie skirts. If this vice ever ever fails me, my next one will be a Peak. They are amazing.
  6. -fishboy-

    BassTackle BT Bomb 3.75”

    Looking for as many 3.75” BassTackle BT Bomb molds. Please let me know what you have. Thanks, Greg
  7. -fishboy-

    -fishboy- Smallie Slammer Swim Jig

    1/4oz modified Do-It mold, removed barb style bait keeper and added wire bait keepers, 3/0 or 4/0 heavy duty jig hook, hand tied skirt (4 color blend), BPS Speed Shad trailer. -fishboy-
  8. -fishboy-

    Swim Jig Mold Issues

    Sonoman, Please update us with how your trials go. Good luck and tight lines, Greg
  9. -fishboy-

    Swim Jig Mold Issues

    Sonoman, I haven't heard anyone mention this yet, so I'll tell you what I do when I need to fill out the mold better. I also cast bullets (or boolits as us casters call them) and I am far more picky about filling out the entire mold cavity when casting my lead bullets (need to have consistant weight, lube ring grooves, OD, .etc) I could get into more detail but this is the lure making forum. I used to buy wheel weights and melt those down, flux, and re-flux but my lead was very inconsistant. I now purchase lead from a local indoor gun range that comes out of the bullet traps. Bullet lead is very soft compared to wheel weight lead. This lead is soft because it's typically held together with a FMJ (copper) or copper plating. Afterall, you want bullets to expand, so the softer the lead, the better (as long as it jacketed). My "go-to" solution for filling out a mold when pouring, is the addition of Tin. I buy the thick plumbers lead free solder from Home depot that is typically used for brazing or soldering copper pipe. The key is to not add too much. I usually aim for 1-2% of my lead to be Tin. It really helps fill the mold out. No Tin on the left and Tin added to the right Solder I use I also have some molds that don't like to drop my casting out. For this reason, I keep a 4x4 block of wood laying on top of my casting bench and i simply give the mold a firm, but no too hard, whack on the wood block and my castings fall right out. Just for reference, I do use a Lee 5lb bottom pour pot for all of my castings and I flux my lead (once per full pot) with cheap dollar store birthday candles. I will admit, my very first time was quite amusing and I was not expecting the pot to catch fire while the wax burned off. I hope my little tips and tricks can help you out (or anyone for that matter) as well if you choose to try them. Greg
  10. -fishboy-

    Boss Jig Armor Paint Question

    Has anyone used the powder paint from Boss called Jig Armor? I was just wondering if the application process was similar to the Pro-Tec paint and wondering what you guys thought of it? Thanks, Greg
  11. -fishboy-

    Looking For A Swim Jig Mold Similar To This

    Bob this is good stuff here. looks like I'll be trying something along these lines. Great idea bud! thanks, Greg
  12. -fishboy-

    Good Clamp-On Vise For Bigger Hooks?

    I know right... lol. I guess I have been hearing so much negetive things about the cheapies that I decided this might be a tool that I don't want to skimp on as it would save time and frustration later on down the road as I go.
  13. -fishboy-

    Looking For A Swim Jig Mold Similar To This

    My point exactly.
  14. -fishboy-

    Looking For A Swim Jig Mold Similar To This

    I intend to give the fish something different to look at when I would typically pick up a rattle trap or spinner bait. Shad or bait fish would be the representation. Again, just want to have something else in the bag that either hasn't been seen or rarely seen. Greg
  15. -fishboy-

    Looking For A Swim Jig Mold Similar To This

    Patrick, I totally agree with everything you say about making your own modifications to a mold. Heck I have done mods to both of my poison tail and brush jig molds. I guess that's why we pour are own... to be different and have something to call "ours" and be proud of. The only issue with wanting a larger eye on a jig is that I have to add material to the mold and not take material away. I hate to put every single jig on the drill press with and end mill cutter and cut bigger eyes out that way. I also agree with you on the Trokar hooks... you would think they were made of gold for that price. I like the heavy wire mustads myself. Thanks, Greg