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  1. Removes dirt, rust, any contaminates. The wd40 will remove rust stains from the bait that the hooks leave on them.
  2. Try dollar general or dollar tree. Buy the kids plastic butterfly net. For me the holes are perfect. Not to big and not to small. Hope this helps.
  3. I put lures in a plastic bowl and hose down with wd40. Let sit a few days and take a tooth brush to them. Then I run hot water in the sink with dawn dish soap and let them soak and take a toothbrush to them. They come out nice and clean. Sand and scuff and shoot paint.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys, I will look into it. I only use a couple of the Aztec paints. I will try a topcoat and then dip and see if that works. I’ll also look into the Aztec clear coats as well.
  5. Noticed after dipping some lures painted with the testers Aztec paint that the paint was running, I have also tried waiting 24 hours before I dip. Anyone else having the same problem with certain paints reacting with the kbs? Also is there a clear gloss I can spray over the lure to seal before I dip to keep color from running.
  6. jcori3

    e-tex lite

    Another product to try would be alumilite uv cure. You would have to build a light box and get set up but I believe you can have a lure dipped and ready to put hooks on it in about 30 min. I’m sure some on here have used it maybe they can chime in with more info.
  7. jcori3

    Help with KBS

    Ok everyone I just wanted to drop in and give an update. Got a fresh new can of kbs from the kbs company directly. I want to let everyone know that kbs did a wonderful job on my situation. They were very polite and helpful in fixing my issues of getting two bad cans from a retail store. They sent out a new can for me at no cost and then contacted me a few days later to make sure all was good. It’s nice to still see great customer service is still out there. I still had problems with the kbs pooling up at the tail of the bait after dipping it with a wire. I also had the wire on the tail bu
  8. jcori3

    Help with KBS

    Got new can in and it’s clear, definitely a better product. Another question is after you dip bait and hang to dry when do you take the tail hanger wire out?
  9. jcori3

    Help with KBS

    Update!! took first can back to summit racing and they gave me a new can with a different lot number with no hassle at all. Got home opened up second can and exactly the same as first. Emailed kbs directly and sent pics of product, lid of can, and baits I had dipped and had a yellowish tint on the white bellies. They replied back and said product was no good!!! Do not use!! They are sending me a new can at no charge. So we will see how new can is. I’ll update when I get new can.
  10. I use the plastic multi colored cheap brushes from hobby lobby, they have the black plastic bristles.
  11. jcori3

    Help with KBS

    So I took the kbs back, got a new can with a different lot number. Same thing, destroyed the lid getting it off. Put in mason jar. Still very yellow. Also yellow enough so that I can see it on white belly of bait. Still wanted to pool up on back end of bait. I took a brush and smoothed it out . How long does it need to cure before putting hooks on it to test out?
  12. When I used it I mixed it for 5 min, be sure your two parts are equal. After mixing let sit for 10 min for bubbles to pop and thicken up a bit. Brush it on, you will need a lure turner as it will want to sag. Hope this helps.
  13. jcori3

    Help with KBS

    I’m taking it back to get another can to try. I though something was wrong when I first went to open it I had to damn near cut the lid off. It just didn’t pop off like a can of paint does. I destroyed the lid getting it off but didn’t matter since I poured it into a mason jar.
  14. jcori3

    Help with KBS

    21xdc have you had any problems with it pooling up on the bottoms of your baits?
  15. jcori3

    Help with KBS

    This is definitely not clear, it’s flat out yellow.
  16. So I finally decided to try the KBS diamond finish for a clear coat. I like the stuff but I’m having problems with it pooling up at the back of the bait just above the hook hanger. I have the wire for the tail hanger but still getting a lump down there. Any suggestions? Also it seems to leave a yellowish tint on the white bellies of my baits. I noticed it sure was yellow when I opened the can to put in a mason jar, almost like a pee color. Is this normal? Is it possible I got a old can? But my main complaint is the buildup right above the hook hanger. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  17. Also try using the Createx air brush restorer. It works wonders when you need a good soaking to get all the crud out that you don't realize is still in there.
  18. jcori3


    Very nice.
  19. I have a 1.5 that i put etex on the bait and bill. Been using it on every outing and so far it hasnt peeled. It does have a little rash on the tip of the bill from hitting rocks and other stuff but hasnt given way and just started peeling off. I would fish them Joe.
  20. I'm excited to fish with it and see how it does. I sure do like the fast curing times. I will do the slow cure to see how it helps with the finish.
  21. I hear ya Brent. It's just nice for it to look good to me as we'll.
  22. Yeah i was out in the sun, hard to regulate it that way, I will get me a couple of lights or the flash light and be able to do the on and off method. I just wanted to see how it would do. Really looking forward to fishing with it and seeing how it holds up.
  23. Got my solarez in today and was excited to try it. Had a bait painted up and applied it with a brush with a thin coat first. went out in the sun and it cured almost as soon as the sun hit it, it seems. So i decided to put a second coat on. Did that and went back out in the sun. Got the same results.Finish leveled out real nice and drying is amazingly fast. I do see what people mean about the matt, satin finish. I didnt worry about all that i ted to see how it cured and looked as far as the overall finish. So now on to see if i can fine tune that satin look.
  24. I tried the glitter in the clear gloss and it turned out great. Lets me apply different amounts where I want. Thanks
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