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  1. Hi Guys, We are just getting situated as a sponsor on the site and we noticed this post. Some of our sellers are using Onlinelabels.com and they have a free web based label designer that also does works for bar codes and possibly QR or Quick Response codes. http://maestro.onlinelabels.com/designer/maestro.aspx Hope this helps, FG
  2. If you contact the admin, FishingGear.com is giving qualified sellers 6 months on the 5% power sellers plan for free.
  3. Hey everyone, I know that this site is in good hands. I'm a fairly new member but have worked with Curt in the past and know that he is one of the most qualified individuals as far as merging technology and fishing. I only worked with Jerry for a short time but would like to thank him personally for his time and effort that he put into this site and for taking the time to assist us with our business needs and questions. Curt, looking forward to working with you and TU. Jeff W. A soon to be sponsor and not so good lure maker
  4. Very cool. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Just wondering if anyone has tried phosphorescent plasti dip? And is it only special order from the company or has anyone found it in a store? I'm wanting to try it on my ugly home made bottom fishing jigs. Thanks!
  6. Quite possibly, but my delay was more of a means of controlling my time spent on here. At least now I can justify it when someones looking over my shoulder. Thanks for the warm welcome. Jeff
  7. Hi Everyone. I'm new here and have been lurking off forum for quite a few years. I want to thank everyone for sharing their projects and giving me inspiration to try some of my own. Most of what I do is lead jig heads and so my pictures aren't really worth sharing, but I really appreciate all of yours. I'm finally stepping up and getting involved because I'm working with a startup fishing company and felt that it was time to get involved with the community. Thanks for all of the great info. Jeff
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