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  1. These are the whisker wires https://www.lurepartsonline.com/Twin-Spin-Frame
  2. Very common here in Australia, generally a 0.51 main wire is used, with a closed loop, a “whisker” wire is then threaded on afterwards. mustang wire make both.
  3. It’s a figure 8 link, I open it up, put the hook in it, close the hook end, I then open the other end a little and sit it where the eye of the hook would go. i used a file on the hook shaft area, was getting heavy flash, now it’s good. i open the eye up after casting, powdercoat, slip the blade on, and then close the eye while powdercoat is still tacky, before curing, figure the powdercoat bonding with the eye might give it some more strength.
  4. Poison tail works well, that’s a 5/0 gamakatsu spinnerbait hook. zman don’t appear to have extended the patent to Australia luckily.
  5. I don’t think they are widely used in the us mate, other than that AliExpress would have them cheap premise.
  6. Angling AI make those molds, but they won’t sell them to you, they’ll only sell via u make em, so you are in a pickle!
  7. edgecrusher

    Lead Molds and Hooks

    Hi, did you end up selling the remainder? Might be keen for more regards simon
  8. I'll be honest, I love the Caney Creek Croaker, its a great mold once you master it.
  9. Hi, how much are you selling them for?
  10. I’ve also made a chatterbait using this mold, I did it differently to how most are. i used a spinnerbaits hook and a open eye s link, I opened both eyes, then closed one around the spinnerbaits hook, I then sat the open end where the eye of the wire form sits, I then pour, I then open the eyelet out from the lead a bit before I paint, while the powder coat is still soft I place the blade, close the eye and hang from the hook to cure in the oven. i reckon the curing helps bond the eye back to the head
  11. It’s almost certainly from cast industries, possibly sold from lure parts online.
  12. I vaguely remember lakeside baits might have once made some, Leonard at baitjunkies bought them out, I’d try him
  13. Thanks I’ll try them again, I ruined1000 jigs with them previously!
  14. Hi smalljaw did you ever get confirmation the problem got sorted?
  15. I have a Boggs, it frustrates me in the way the wire is held in the twisting tool. It means I need to have a large gap between the beads and the loop. i tend to get my worth $5 job out and use it instead.
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