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  1. Ultra Molds Hand Injector?

    I reckon, if you can find one, go a baitjunkys twin injector, I have a 6oz and its a solid piece of gear! Only available used...
  2. Issues with my injectors

    Also use correct orings! Where I am (rural Australia) I can get virgin oringsoff the shelf in a hurry, when stuck I use EPDM which tear up and elongate really quick with the heat, basically doing what you describe!
  3. Aluminum injection mold laminates?

    Perhaps you could make a silicon “belly mold” for the bait, pour the belly and then pop it into the mold and inject the top.... lot of mucking around.
  4. Do it molds x2 colorant

    Agree. lureworks/ispikeit hands down best value and one of the best ranges. lurecraft and mf have a strong range too, colours don’t seem as strong though particularly mf.
  5. Boss powder paints

    IF ITs chipping its not correctly cured. Check temp and time
  6. Making Hot Pink?

    I find I use 2 drops of spike it hot pink per oz. I’m happy with what I get, I add glitter a d want transparency.
  7. Looking for molds like these.

    No unfortunatly, you would need to commission a custom mold - easier to pay the price for those - and admittably its a huge asking price.
  8. Looking for molds like these.

    AI angling make it exclusively for u make em soft plastics in Australia.
  9. Boss Jig Armor Illusion Paint

    YEs it appears as heat is applied. i run mine in a fluid bed, at very very low pressure with no problems. have old powder never had it settle out after 2/3 years I buy by the lb.
  10. protie skirt collar bands?

    There is another vender who does 200 min as well, although I have slipped in 100 piece orders and got away with it...
  11. Rotary molds

    Commercial spincaster use pneumatic clamps
  12. Need help clear coating blades

    How are you stopping the clear from bulging at the bottom of the blade? Do you rotate them?
  13. Screw Locks

    Have you tried Mark at Mustang Wire, maybe he has something off the shelf that may work
  14. Help Chartreuse

    Agree 107 is a sweeeeet colour, but boy it bleeds!
  15. Help Chartreuse

    Try ispikeit chart I find it gives excellent results, you can buy either opaque or semi clear