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  1. rhersh

    Quiet Compressors?

    I made one of my own like that, but I would like to see a pic. of yours. It sounds like it is nicer than mine. Thanks.
  2. rhersh

    Home Built Drying Wheel

    Whackett Yes those are clothspins.
  3. rhersh

    Removing The Hook From A Gut Hooked Fish

    I have used this method for several years now and it works great. Thanks Ben for reminding all of us.
  4. rhersh

    Just Thinking...

    Naked!!!! Oh no.... lol
  5. rhersh

    Getting Started With An Airbrush

    If you do a search of this site you will find alot of info. on this very subject (how to use and clean your brush and the different brands). Also if you check out youtube you will find all kinds of info. on how to clean your brush also. hope this helps.
  6. rhersh

    Rotary Tool Bit For Cutting Crankbait Stencils

    It is a .032 end mill not .32 Sorry. You can look on amazon also.
  7. rhersh

    Rotary Tool Bit For Cutting Crankbait Stencils

    Go to kodiakcuttingtools.com and look up .32 thousands end mills. You will see what they look like.
  8. rhersh

    Quick Hello From New Member!

  9. rhersh

    Home Built Drying Wheel

    Thanks llokkii, I like the way you use the clips on yours, are they glued in or are you able to slip them in and out on the board? Your more than welcome to use what ever you like of it, thats what the site is all about.
  10. rhersh

    Home Built Drying Wheel

    This is what I built from 1" pvc and BBQ Rotisserie, I wanted it to break down for storage and transport. I routed out the boards to fit the spit.
  11. rhersh

    Rotary Tool Bit For Cutting Crankbait Stencils

    I got mine from kodiakcuttingtools.com
  12. rhersh

    New Post Button Not Working

    It is on the forums page where it lists hard baits, soft plastics, wire baits etc.. next to each one of those highlighted in green it says new posts, if you click on that it should take your to the newest posts for that particular area.
  13. When I click on the new post button it keeps telling me that I do not have permission for this. Not that it is a big deal but I like to look at some of the new posts with out having to go through all of them. Is it my pc or is it something else? I use chrome and I tryed firefox same thing. Thanks