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  1. New jointing method for Swimbaits?

    My thoughts were the same as jonister. An edge drilled blind/pocket hole and cross pin through the loops. Don
  2. First Ever Muskie On Homemade Crankbait

    I don't typically Target Muskie. The ones that I have caught , were either by chance, or during a fishing league Northern Pike / Muskie night. I have several Muskie lakes within a half hour of my house. I can tell you that stocking efforts and catch and release has improved the catch ratio in recent years. I just returned from a weeks stay at a resort northern Minnesota . The owners of the resort each boated Muskies this past week. My focus was on fishing for Walleye and Panfish. Don
  3. First Ever Muskie On Homemade Crankbait

    Glenn, I think that I have heard it both ways . But I am with you that 10,000 casts is a more accurate description. Don
  4. First Ever Muskie On Homemade Crankbait

    Very nice fish , Muskie also known as the fish of a thousand casts. Thanks for sharing your video. Don
  5. I was impressed with both the quality and the fast shipment. Based on my experience , I would use them again in the future. Don
  6. Women's nails as diving bills

    I wonder if they are using a nail knot on these.
  7. Hand Built Boats

    Makes sense to me. I can appreciate building from scratch. You know how you want it look and perform, and basically you just construct it as you go in order to achieve your end results . Looks great Don
  8. Hand Built Boats

    Very nice job on this boat as the others. Did you go off a set of plans? Don
  9. Server Hack

    Curt Appreciate the time and effort you have put in to restore the site. Don
  10. Salamander Bait

    I have witnessed a road that was covered with salamanders in the fall of the year. I figured that it was migration to a hibernation area. I would think that you could get it to work. Even if you had to modify the shape of the head or angle. Sounds like a great bait for the fall time period. It's worth a try. Don
  11. Toy Boats

    They look fairly simple and easy to construct. I noticed that there are some YouTube videos of the put put boats. I think that the kids would have fun with them.
  12. Toy Boats

    Do a web search for put put boats. You can make them yourself fairly easily. They propel themselves and emit a put put sound. Need some adult supervision to run. But the kids would have a great time. Don
  13. Shoot Through The Hull Transducer

    I have used a vexilar flasher to shoot through an aluminum boat. This was a temporary situation in a rental boat. I placed the transducer in a plastic coffee can with a small amount of water. The vexilar will also shoot through ice, if you place a small amount of water between the transducer puck and the ice. Lots of people use this technique to locate a depth before drilling holes for ice fishing. Don
  14. Ben Domjahn

    I sent you a message. Think that your looking for me. Ben Works in our shipping department.
  15. Flat Crank Wobble

    The only thing that comes to mind is that the length on the taper maybe slightly longer on the thicker lure. I am presuming that your ballast weight was also scaled along with the thickness change. It also makes me wonder if a 5/8" thickness might be the magic number. Don