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  1. Next level of production

    Not a lot in between, hand pouring and full on production that is. A lot of guys now days are building molds and having someone shoot them for them. This has fet advantages as well as initial investment advantages.
  2. Glass Sandblast beads

    No need for stabilizer. In virgin plastic. Not talking virgin beads.
  3. Glass Sandblast beads

    good virgin plastisol doesn't need heat stabilizer. Just as frank said. But when you do use it, max of 2 drops per ounce. Our heat stabilizer will actually die the plastic yellow. since the stabilizer is yellow by nature.
  4. Glass Sandblast beads

    2 tsp of stabilizer in 4 cups? Take that out of the equation before you try again. 2 drops per ounce max...
  5. Deformed Plastic Lure

    If its flat in the box hot water is not gonna work, They were packaged to soon. Hot water will adjust bends etc but not remove deformities.
  6. Source for unsalted tubes

    Precision lures in Arkansas
  7. Twin tail grub mold delima

    Frank nailed it... twin injector ......
  8. Twin tail grub mold delima

    problem is how thin the tails are, Hard to plate them that thin and long. gonna have to be hot and shoot fast and hard. vent your plate with the razor not your mold...
  9. Anyone pouring soft egg imitations

    750. With a machine.
  10. Anyone pouring soft egg imitations

    I got a customer who is a genius on egg work. Its amazing what he does. Here is a egg mold for your viewing pleasure....
  11. Baits not smooth

    the mold has air in it, when it warms it is expanding. The silicone probably wasn't degassed. Would be my guess.
  12. Custom order option on Baitjunky.coms

    Its things i price specificaly for people. Usually international stuff, qty discount etc.
  13. Baits not smooth

    what mold?
  14. Custom baits smelling and oily

    Bass can you send me some so i can check them out?
  15. Custom baits smelling and oily

    Id be curious to hear more. About 40% of big name baits are made with our plastic.