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  1. Baitjunkys

    2.75 inch tube mold/Worm oil

    still worm oil. use some mold release as said, it don't effect the bait. Worm oil is essentially softener, without heat stabilizer.
  2. Baitjunkys

    2.75 inch tube mold/Worm oil

    stoners paint and release, just shoot the pins.
  3. Baitjunkys

    2.75 inch tube mold/Worm oil

    shouldn't be using any lubrication at all imo. what is the reason for doing so?
  4. Baitjunkys

    Jacobs baits soft crawl

    Shipping isn't free. neither is time to package or time to shoot the samples. for 6.99 if you really want to see it or maybe a few others just pull the trigger.
  5. Baitjunkys

    Help with white

    try lureworks glitter.
  6. Baitjunkys

    Core shot small crappie bait

    cut a deep vent in the tails, so plastic comes out. multi cav are simple core shots this way, shoot them fast, see core come out the tail stop break off the vent.
  7. Baitjunkys

    Help with white

    2 drops per ounce max on heat stabilizer as well, as it will dye the plastic itself.
  8. Baitjunkys

    Cheapest soft plastisol brand /supplier!? sells it in single gallons, vs 5 gallon buckets. It is also 99.99 for 5. They sell polysol which is what dead on sells. Not sure who edited the list, But baitplastics sells polysol, Ie they are polysol, and carrys baitjunkys branded plastic as of the current time.
  9. Baitjunkys

    The lies about salt for the newbie

    Thats my thought to, 1 bait, 1 big bite, for my 5 on tourney day is all i care about...
  10. Baitjunkys

    Injector nozzle adapter

    clamp it, take a 5/8 drill bit and drill it out. about 1/2 deep. Jacobs i am assuming?
  11. Baitjunkys

    Dead on plastix

    No secret at all. they didn't want there name on the jug so it wasn't put on there. Pretty simple...
  12. Baitjunkys

    Dead on plastix

    regardless of when what who or how. I think i clarified the questions asked.
  13. Baitjunkys

    Dead on plastix

    Jbuff, I will clarify your question. Baitplastics and polysol share the exact same address, Makes it very convenient for them to dispense directly from the batcher into gallon jugs, 5 gallon buckets etc, so there definitely should be no consistency issues there. Baitjunkys bought and repackaged calhoun plastic. Due to insurance reasons, Calhoun did not want there name on the jug, Reason I paid 400 a month in liability insurance, Part of making it our brand. We never at any point told any individual we made or manufactured the plastic. The plastic Baitplastics currently has in stock branding the baitjunkys label, was shipped by me from my address to there physical location, It is 100% the exact product we always have sold. The biggest benefit that came from it is they degassed the entire shipment at one time, and packaged it the same day. Last I was told they will continue to sell the baitjunkys branded plastisol in its original form.
  14. Baitjunkys

    Dead on plastix

    You ever seen me say I made it? Look at half your fishing gear, same manufacturer different label...
  15. Baitjunkys

    Dead on plastix

    Kind of like your baits frank, same stuff different package, so i guess we can agree to disagree.