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  1. Keep several things in mind. First i would not build anything smaller then 1.5 pound capacity. Second, the bigger the tubes, passages etc, the longer it will take to heat, and your plastic will just core right thru the center and reduce your capacity dramatically. Anything with square corners is gonna catch glitter etc. Yes I mean don't use any carrier, sandwich the tubes in some aluminum, and heat the aluminum block. Thats about all i am willing to share.
  2. How big of molds are you shooting? Your design will yield for very little capacity.
  3. If you want to use a bent tube like so, sandwich in between the plates. Heat the plates not the tube.
  4. No plastisol on the market that will float a head.
  5. Baitjunkys

    BTS Molds

    Exactly, Its easy to have a bunch of equipment and pay employees when your busy, But when your slow you either eat it or cut back, When you cut back people dont stick around. Then you find yourself with no help and a lot of work you can not get done.
  6. Baitjunkys

    BTS Molds

    Be sure you check your spam folder. Your looking for a email from Robert Jones. He told me he has been replying to all emails. And most likely its in your spam folder.
  7. Most mold makers face first not last, And the holes look round which they should as they are clearly drilled out post, hence the chatter marks at the bottom.
  8. Im sure he will as well, but in theory you have 4, 1" top ports, or you have one 4" side port. you really don't save any material. I think side port shoots much nicer laminates myself. as it works more from pressure not gravity.
  9. Air is pushing in because it cant properly vent out, but rather vent into the other cavity, not a issue as much hand pouring as designed to do.
  10. well top port stick is designed to be hand poured. Probably why it has a big port. If injecting IMO top port is the worst thing a guy could use.
  11. FTR, Several colors will change when they cool.
  12. add red and you will get it browner.
  13. for argument sake, can you buy a 1000 nfl shirts and resell them outside the stadium. no.... ie end user license agreement. and ftr i only get pissed off when i do somebody right for 4 or 5 years and they stick a knife in my back...
  14. you might wanna see if calhoun will let you resell it.
  15. what really is happening. injectors dont have a wiper seal, so the oring lets it slide by, and build up just keeps happening. If it had a wiper, IE a square edged seal, it would wipe as it was pushed. Regardless of the plastic brand you almost always get the buildup. Ultramolds uses a wiping o ring in there shooting star, reason it don't have to be cleaned all the time. What else does not help, I see all the time, is shooting the plastic way to cold and man handling on the injector to shoot it, Inevitably pushing the plastic by the orings as well.
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