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  1. Leonard, forgive me for asking again, but I can't find where I wrote it down last time. Damn CRS! 

    Who is selling your plastisol now?

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Baitjunkys


      Fringe Tackle is the only one I know of.  Baitplastics  sells a clone of it.

  2. Baitjunkys

    Heat Exchanger

    I don't really have time to explain heating principles, A measuring cup on a hot tray is not even close to the same tho. Pour some plastic on your hot plate and let it set, this is more realistic to how a heat exchanger works.
  3. Baitjunkys

    Heat Exchanger

    I sure wish it was that easy, I really do. Heat exchangers do not cool or heat instantly. Typically it holds 2x the amount used. If you used 4 ounces you would need to do so every 2 minutes or so, or what is left will just burn up. Yes even the no scorch stuff people claim will burn up to. And unless you color the whole barrel, what goes into the heat exchanger is colored and glitter while in its raw form. It is very doable, with a 1 pound heat exchanger its sure can be done, just not as simplistic as most people want nor there idea of cost wants. I can pretty much promise you to buy this setup all ready to dispense, your gonna spend minimum of 4000.00... Building it yourself is doable as well if you can get anyone to share there knowledge with you.
  4. Baitjunkys

    Legal Help

    I dont me to sound condescending. And I apologize if I do. That being said, Cant and wont are two different terms, I can promise you, It takes a whole lot of put in, before you can ever take anything out. You got to go into business planning to spend money or it just don't work out. Not just on the website purchase but in general. As a good friend told me one time, You can not sell out of a empty wagon. And that wagon does not magically fill up.
  5. Baitjunkys

    Legal Help

    Most of the time, the name is in there as they provide a generic SSL. If you buy your own, as any real legit business should have, then you will just have your domain name only. I do not buy anything that is a sub domain of something else, For example. This is a example of a shared ssl. IMO if a guy cant afford 29.00 a month to use 3d cart, or some other service that is not free, he should just keep it a hobby.
  6. Baitjunkys

    Heat Exchanger

  7. Baitjunkys

    Heat Exchanger

    actually most worm machines average between 2 tons of clamp force to 15 tons of clamp force. Cavities range from avg of 16 to 80 on bass lures and 30 to 250 on crappie lures, Lot of variables in that mix.
  8. Baitjunkys

    Heat Exchanger

    Simple premise. Pump it in, it holds enough volume generally half of the volume is cooked and ready to go as new comes in. New one is gonna cost you 1500 to 2000.00. For the cooker alone. You still need controls. Problem with a pyrex, you got to use it, or you will burn it up quickly. Awesome thing about a heat exchanger is a guy could use lureworks suspendasol thru it all day long. Limiting the mixing. I have built hose machines, our original design was to be dispensed into pyrex cups. If you really wanted one, it could be done.
  9. Baitjunkys

    Dealing with Hard Pack

    That is exactly why Frank. Amongst a few other things. Don and Josh have been extremly good to me. In a injection machine Suspendasol hands down is the best product on the market if you want good quality, consistant baits. Cost is a bit higher but glitter and salt, let alone clean out. It 100% currently cant be beat. No reason to step over a dollar to pickup a quarter. I will pay the price.
  10. Baitjunkys

    Bears melting pot part

    A whole lot less headache.....
  11. Baitjunkys

    Core Worm Mold

    LOL, Just 8 Years Late.
  12. Baitjunkys

    Dealing with Hard Pack

    I agree with frank, Tho I would also like to add, viscosity also plays a huge roll. and I also believe proper mixing in the original manufacturing operation does as well. I use Spike it Suspendasol regularly now, It has a extremely high viscosity. I have yet to see it have a drop of sediment on the bottom. In plastic there is lots of trade offs. One company you can easily hit 400 degrees without scorching, but at the same time it wont hardly suspend glitter without stirring the crap out of it. Another hard packs so badly you need a jack hammer to loosen it. same thing, heats easily, smells ok etc. Now the suspendasol does not work in the microwave at all. But this is a trade of for what it does do in the injection machine. It will float 30% salt overnight cold. Baits always come out uniform etc. SO there is a huge amount of apples to oranges comparisons now days.
  13. Baitjunkys

    Dealing with Hard Pack

    Science makes plastic settle and hard pack, Eventually they all will do it. Viscosity IMO is the number one thing, You cant suspend sand in water. Were you may suspend the same sand in Mayonnaise. On that note I have almost been solely using Lureworks Suspendasol, But it is not microwave friendly at all...
  14. Baitjunkys

    Selling soft baits to friends

    Problem is, the crankbait custom paint market has went to the birds. If you can keep it as a hobby you will enjoy it much longer then a business. I promise you that. Tho I love what I do, It can be very trying at times.
  15. Baitjunkys

    Selling soft baits to friends

    Copy that, Everything I am referencing is to the OP... "Selling soft baits to friends"