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  1. Micro bubbles

    I myself have to disagree, the bubbles you are seeing is simply air. Well air does have moisture in it. Moisture typically foams on top. At 350 degrees moisture will boil. And your cup would be spitting and sputtering at you. Ive degassed 1000s of gallons of plastic. And shook the piss out of it jusf to see bubbles come back. Especially in cooler weather. Thicker the material easier it captures air.
  2. Chemical components of Plastisol

    Before you buy any phalate free plastic. Have it tested before you tell your customer. Some people think reduced phalate is phalate free.
  3. Chemical components of Plastisol

    you got to go to the maker, then the colorant maker and anything else that may have went into it. Only way to answer the question. Yes there is companys that sell and or make the claim that its phthalate free,
  4. Homemade plastisol

    Cut back on your plastizizer or add more resin. You are likely to soft and the resin is not absorbing all the plasticizer, hence sticky.
  5. Chemical components of Plastisol

    Most likely...
  6. Homemade plastisol

    I dont make it, and my post are suggested. Not stone... I am curious what shore hardness you git tho with this batch?
  7. Micro bubbles

    your not getting it hot enough if they did not come to the surface.
  8. Homemade plastisol

    if you are using paste, back off on the plasticizer. To much makes it sticky.
  9. Homemade plastisol

    Soybean oil replaces dinp as a plasticizer, you probably have way to much plasticizer.
  10. Custom molds

    Thanks for the plug guys. I will say one thing, big difference between molds that shoot every bait, and molds that shoot 3 of 6 baits. You will find, you always get, exactly what you pay for in mold work.
  11. Micro bubbles

    heat it in the microwave, let it set about 5 minutes and reheat it. the bubbles will be gone.
  12. Micro bubbles

    Its not uncommon. Just heat the plastic and let it set a little bit. They will all come to top. Reheat and shoot.
  13. Form 637 registration for exemption

    Pretty sure if you file the form to pay excise tax, you will get exemption as well.
  14. Soft Plastic Regrinds

    so its basically 2 gallons of plastic which new is about 60-70.00 shipped. And theres is pre colored I guess.
  15. Pid controller for presto pot

    Probably so on the leds, I just got away from the ssrs when i built the hose machine, I replaced to many of them prior. They work, Most of the time.