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  1. To be honest, sometimes the big production machine is more work then hand shooting. When you got to tear down and fix it etc, its real easy to waste a lot of materials quick as well trying to setup lams, firetails etc.. But you can produce numbers.
  2. Or you can spend $60000.00 to start, and setup and run a business that can supply academy, walmart big boxes etc.
  3. Adding hardener needs to be dealt with the exact same way hard pack is, Mix the heck out of it. It will blend in. Your dealing with the strongest raw product available, If you want it to be easier, just thin it down like the others do, Im assuming they are cutting it with plasticizer, Kind of defeats the purpose but... and you still will have 10x the product for the same money.
  4. Sorry I totally missed this, I use Suspendasol from Spike it, Aka lureworks.. Its not super great in the nuker, I wish they would put out a new microwave version of it tho. I had suggested to some guys mix it 50/50 with std plastisol and said it worked great
  5. Lets call it bait molds knockoff, Not Keitech, Baitmolds don't make molds for keitech,
  6. Im with frank, Check for a burr from a drop or something, Aluminum dont warp on the shelf.
  7. That said. a 4 ounce jar sold on volume should be full tho. Or close to it, Those jars are larger then stated for obvious reasons tho.
  8. Ground salt sucks IMO. Get some good plastic that has a natural higher viscosity and it will suspend just fine.
  9. A chinese Pie machine, Interesting.... Nothing like a zorn machine, except the advertised price.
  10. I would dial their number. The shipping bots are generally extremely inaccurate when shipping out of the country.
  11. I was shipping 6 gallons direct to canada for 50.00, aka Ontario... I would check with Lureworks, as they ship worldwide. I bet they can get you taken care of.
  12. That's amazing, As there soft was like medium. I know they have worked on a few things recently, But i don't think any of it has came to market yet. If you really like the dead on plastic, Try out chemionics. I have samples of both. If i was a betting man, its from the same batch..
  13. Ya what Mcluvin175 said, he drops his Mcchicken all the time and it leaves a oily spot...
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