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  1. FTR, Several colors will change when they cool.
  2. add red and you will get it browner.
  3. for argument sake, can you buy a 1000 nfl shirts and resell them outside the stadium. no.... ie end user license agreement. and ftr i only get pissed off when i do somebody right for 4 or 5 years and they stick a knife in my back...
  4. you might wanna see if calhoun will let you resell it.
  5. what really is happening. injectors dont have a wiper seal, so the oring lets it slide by, and build up just keeps happening. If it had a wiper, IE a square edged seal, it would wipe as it was pushed. Regardless of the plastic brand you almost always get the buildup. Ultramolds uses a wiping o ring in there shooting star, reason it don't have to be cleaned all the time. What else does not help, I see all the time, is shooting the plastic way to cold and man handling on the injector to shoot it, Inevitably pushing the plastic by the orings as well.
  6. Science says it will hard pack, Especially if you have to mix the hell out of it like said, It may not pack hard like drywall mud, but there will be some settlement eventually.
  7. it certainly was at first. i have no clue what they got going now, I wish them the best of luck. its a dog eat dog business.
  8. Well this thread is a year old, and the product has changed recently. Try some and see if you like it, don't always go by what others propaganda.
  9. I'm gonna some this up for everyone really quick. People expected the cheapest ass product they could and still wanted to complain. So we started degassing pre shipping. It is exactly the same plastic. this allowed us when people cried about bubbles to say, you should have bought degassed then. Most every plastic is mixed under a vacuum, science says if you don't do this your going to whip air into it. Now this also has many dependencies on viscosity. Aka lurecraft to my knowledge does not degass, but there product being a good product for most, don't misinterpret my words, has a very thin viscosity, aka settles fast. So it can mix easily without degassing. same goes for lureworks, it to has a thin viscocity. reason they can sell it under injectasol easily not degassed... There suspendasol, now is like mayonnaise, Reason you guys cant use it effectively as you cant mix it without whipping in air very easily. Now you have moisture, looks just like air, acts like air etc. Degasser will also extract moisture, I sure hope this clears some air without any feelings being hurt.
  10. FTR, that happened for about 2 weeks, not 7 months. when they took our name of it and rebranded BJ 200, they were using there own formula.
  11. scientifically, why would it?
  12. were you find degassing a advantage, is the ability to mix the hell out of it, and post degass. It is science and it is a chemical, it is going to settle, and it is going to aerate at it current viscosity. a thinner material dont aerate as badly if at all. But...... Thinner material also has other drawbacks. Like it ability to suspend.
  13. You just have to get them off quick while they are warm, I got some squid lures here that are about a 300 durometer, and they get them of some mandeals that are really big. All the hollow body frogs are done the same way as well. Just got to be quick.
  14. No difference, they dont schedule the delivery the post office does.
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