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  1. Baitjunkys

    Best RTV Silicone?

    You keep asking for cheap, But quality and reliable, you got to realize 90% of the time they do not go hand in hand.
  2. Baitjunkys

    What Colorant is used to make the Yamamoto Blue

    Lureworks Ultramarine blue. 10 x the value of anything else on the market currently.
  3. Baitjunkys

    Sents For Sand Crab

    Menhaden oil... Saltwater candy...
  4. Baitjunkys


    Bubbles do not make plastic unuseable, yes there a pita. But there is always a workaround. Most guys that been doing this a while understand you have to adapt. Science will never let things work exactly the same everytime.
  5. Baitjunkys


    I wouldnt expect a new batch or a refund. Learn the tricks and anything is useable.
  6. Baitjunkys


    Deair before heating. This allows you to shake the crap out of it and be sure it is mixed properly.
  7. Baitjunkys

    Scented Worm Dye?

    Whats waterbased, the spike it dip znd glo surely isnt.
  8. Baitjunkys

    Starter Kit

    if you wanna do this on the cheap, your better off going to walmart and bass pro and buying what you need and just maintain fisherman status instead of baitmaker status.
  9. Baitjunkys

    Scented Worm Dye?

    Most over the counter scent is cut with worm oil, essentially being scented worm oil. Straight worm oil is a whole lot cheaper. and don't carry the exuberant price.
  10. Baitjunkys


    regardless what brand you use, eventually science takes over. there is not s single brand on the market that wont bubble eventually. Humidity and how fast it is heated makes the most issues. A degasser is very affordable and will save you a bunch of money in the long run, everyone should own one IMO.
  11. Baitjunkys

    Bleed through

    is it on the bottom when you swap the colors? My guess is no.
  12. Baitjunkys

    Lurecraft Econo Plastic?

    Polysol is the word on the street, just buy it from them directly.
  13. Baitjunkys

    Wave worm bamboo custom sticks

    Phone (214) 435-5359 Email Ask for Paul
  14. Baitjunkys

    Soft plastic paint

    I did, I told you I was 100% sure there was other ways.
  15. Baitjunkys

    Soft plastic paint

    The technology is not mine to share, buy a bag from them, you might figure it out.