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  1. Balsa Flat Cranks

    Might be doing redwood ones after all of my testing is done.
  2. How do you paint this pattern

    Its a lace fabric. multiple layers of paint. @mdojet Loves painting with that stuff. Check with him, he is pretty good with it.
  3. Spro little John DD blanks

    Gonna have to paint the real thing on those for now. Trying to convince them to sell them unpainted though.
  4. Spro LJ KO with CB Lip

    The ones with the plastic bill are a completely different model. They are a medium diver. Closest one out there to a CB little john with out buying the originals are the DCB FS. I may be in some negotiations with SPRO right now to get some of their stuff.
  5. Spro LJ KO with CB Lip

    The company that sold them no longer sells blank lures that I know of. You can buy the real ones unpainted online, but you are paying retail price.
  6. Wood Link

    Thats some deep stuff there Musky Glenn. Great points.
  7. Cutting the bill slot

    I havent done that, i cut my lip while the bait is flat on the band saw. but i would suggest make a jig or a box that you can hold the bait in square so you can cut a straight line.
  8. Tacky Etex

    I would suggest mixing them exact as it is not like fiberglass resin where the more hardener you put in the quicker it cures. Try that, also etex likes it 70+ degrees for optimal curing. I have a incandescent bulb in my turning box on a thermostat control and usually cure it at approx 80 degrees. One other thing that could be playing an issue is if your etex is a little older. You can tell if it is a little older when one of the bottles starts to get a slight amber tint to it. I have had bottles right from the store come like that, so I always check it before i buy it. If it is brand new, both should be clear.
  9. Wood Link

    I have been looking a lot more into Red Wood instead of Red or White Cedar. Much easier to sand. I am going to have to call around for that.
  10. Tacky Etex

    You need to mix it exact as a 1:1 ratio. How long are you mixing it for? Temp that it is curing at?
  11. How to get speckles on crank baits

    Pull the trigger back with out pushing it down will load the tip, then just hit the air on and then off. Depending on what air brush you have you can removed two of the front pieces just so the needle and cap are left and it will load the tip when you try to spray it since the air flow will not be directed towards the tip. I have an Iwata that i do my splatter patterns with.
  12. Spraying KBS

    I hear yah on the one type of clear coat. I have one type for my wooden baits as of right now, and KBS for all my others. I have not sprayed KBS, but I believe Phil Jarog does. He might be a good guy to ask about that.
  13. Spraying KBS

    I was just suggesting if you were looking at speeding up drying times not spraying it in addition to it. Spray a quick flash coat, let dry 2-5 mins, then re-coat. dries pretty quick. I think KBS takes a little while longer to dry when sprayed but i have not done that. I am old school, just dip and hang.
  14. Spraying KBS

    Sorry, 2k urethane , should have been clear... Get it, Clear
  15. Spraying KBS

    If you are planning on spraying a clear, I would suggest doing a 2 part lacquer base over the KBS. Almost instant dry vs the wait time on the KBS. Make sure you have sufficient fire proof vent system set up and a VOC compliant respirator for yourself. Atomizing particles in the wrong place can be extremely dangerous.