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  1. 100% no way to guarantee that it wont get knocked off.... If you deal with a reputable manufacturer they will not sell it to others. But that is about as far as they will go. I have been dealing with China for the last 6 years. One company went and sold my molds to a couple other companies.
  2. As a supplier i see it very cyclical. One day they are here, the next gone.
  3. When i painted with acrylics (almost all Testors Aztek), I did use the Aztek clear as a barrier coat before dipping in KBS. Yellows and Blues tend to run the most. If you use the Clear it will run less or not at all. I switched to lacquer based to avoid issues and to get a better bond
  4. I use copper fittings for plumbing to make a chamber.
  5. if the lures are not going to be air brushed you can use any acrylic paint. As for clear coat, i would say any type of non-yellowing epoxy. most guys in the states use E-tex, Devcon 2-ton or BSI 30 min for epoxies. least toxic way to o things for the kids.
  6. HVAC tape works for larger lures. I know of a guy who does hot foiling which looks pretty slick, but I think he only does plastic ones. The ones I get, I have the factory do them. Its expensive to pay some one to do it and is only worth it in large quantities.
  7. Lacquer based will bond way better than water/acrylics. Just need to paint with caution. Meaning Respirator/mask, ventilation, and exhaust system
  8. Im not a huge fan of Polytrans. I actually like the LifeTone better just wish you could get them in smaller bottles. as BobP said the Superhide White works great as a base coat though.
  9. working on it. i get them with the D65's i sell but not enough.
  10. if its coming out around where you screw the head into, try putting a little Carmex on their. Its the same stuff that is in their cleaning kits that they sell retail. If i remember correctly there is a small Teflon bearing right before the needle enters the cup region on the brush (I may be confusing it with an Iwata). check that.
  11. I learned it from another builder whom was more than willing to share. It is the PCM-780 series by Smooth-On. difficult to not get bubbles in it.
  12. Got them in early. Posted. Got those in today too
  13. Here is the color that the stuff I use from smooth on is.
  14. .5DD should be back on Wednesday or Thursday (19th or 20th). Spanks guys
  15. How transparent are you looking for? the stuff i have cures more of a clear/amber color
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