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  1. DingerBaits

    Trying to track down a few RC .5 bodies

    not the same mold. sorry. 100% different quality .5DD's hopefully back in 2 weeks.
  2. DingerBaits


    I use Featherlite for most of my stuff from Smooth-On.
  3. DingerBaits

    Whopper Plopper knockoffs

    Yup, hoping stuff finally starts to melt for the season opener in 2 weeks!
  4. DingerBaits

    Whopper Plopper knockoffs

    Mine didnt show up yet. Will be here tomorrow. Apparently 20+ inches of snow delays a package.
  5. DingerBaits

    Wooden Square Bills Blowing out at high speeds

    I will see what I can do for some more info/pictures. I am not too tech savy on this site.
  6. DingerBaits

    Wooden Square Bills Blowing out at high speeds

    Im about 3 hours away. Basically North West of me. I am literally in the center of Wisconsin. I have a lot of great places to fish around the state.
  7. DingerBaits

    Wooden Square Bills Blowing out at high speeds

    All great stuff guys. I appreciate it all. I will be looking at the following as soon as I have more open water to play on. Bill length/width, maybe a little more weight, some fine tuning. The bait has the wobble I am looking for though so I really dont want to change that. I had one with 2 g. of ballast, one with 3 g of ballast and one with 4 g of ballast. The 4 g ran the best with the highest speed retrieve and took the longest to blow out. I am wondering if i do a 5 or 6 g ballast if that will balance it out enough with out sinking. Good thing I have about 100 cut bodies to work with and try to figure this out. This whole building my own baits is gratifying yet it is becoming more of an obsession.
  8. DingerBaits

    Wooden Square Bills Blowing out at high speeds

    I didnt have a lot of time to play with it, and we have almost zero open water up here still. I may try to fine tune it and see what I come up with.
  9. Hey gents, working on some of my redwood square bills and looking for tips on how to keep them from blowing out at higher speeds. I found that with more ballast the chance of it blowing out is less, but if i go too heavy it sits lower than i want it to in the water. Any tips would be greatly appreciated it.
  10. DingerBaits

    Crank bait lip pin.

    No problem. I am a really good googler according to my wife
  11. DingerBaits

    Crank bait lip pin.

    Have you checked at your local hardware store for clevis pins? Here is a link to what you are looking for. https://www.pinbax.com/index.asp?mc=Hardware&sc=Pins and Rings
  12. DingerBaits

    Crank bait lip pin.

    I would think some sort of a buck rivet if i am thinking of the picture i have in my head correctly. They come in all different sizes and materials
  13. DingerBaits

    Balsa Flat Cranks

    Its just Red Wood, not sure if it is California Red wood or not. It has characteristics of cedar but sands and cuts way better than cedar. Less grain swell too. They use it for decking also because of the oils in it that make it rot resistant. Very nice stuff. Still working on it. I have been so swamped lately so not a lot of time to play with potential projects.
  14. DingerBaits

    Balsa Flat Cranks

    Might be doing redwood ones after all of my testing is done.