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  1. Very cool cabinet!!! Thanks everyone for the insights. Dlaery that's a good idea with them all open, even tho it's some space. I found some small stacking bins at wally world for $0.97 each. I'm going to try to categorize em in those. Post pics when it's all done!
  2. Thanks cadman! Sounds like an intense system, I never considered cataloging. I like the idea of boxes with like items, I considered long peghooks with doubles and like molds too
  3. Hey everyone! I've started the long process of sorting all of my various tacklemaking supplies. I've got a TON of lead molds, mostly do-it style, and I've been stumped on the best way to store them all so they're accessible and easy to identify. I've got jigs, sinkers, lures and every shape and size. Somewhere around 200 of em. I've considered square cubbies like a wine rack or apothecary cabinet, pegboard, Rubbermaid totes, stacking on shelves... Etc. and none of them seem *just right*. Google, Pinterest searches don't give much inspiration either. What does everyone do to sort and display their molds???
  4. HometownBait

    Non Lead Split Shot

    I've found alloys of tin/bismuth/zinc to keep it soft. Mainly looking for lead free in bulk. I don't have the capability to pour the non-lead stuff
  5. Thanks for both of your insights! Still searching for methods and wholesale quantities. I'm also concerned about temperature and health hazards, as expected. Found some big company seconds online but still no one that produces anything besides corporations.
  6. Hi Dale, thanks for your response! I'm not sure how the tungsten powder would sit in a split shot unless it was swaged/sintered like bullets. It's too dense to be centrifugal Cast or poured. And brass, you got me... The problem I'm finding is the big companies (eagle claw, water gremlin, etc.) aren't selling the bulk that im looking for. And tin is something like .7 the density of lead and 16x the price. Hoping to find someone out there with a solution. As far as I know, bismuth and copper are the only workable metals with a density close to lead (besides silver, gold, and tungsten). Mainly, I hate the tin because of how shiny it stays. But the cost and density are horrible too. What really scares me is I've searched and searched and only big business seems to make these "eco-friendly" sinkers...
  7. Morning! I'm a fellow tackle maker and long time subscriber to TU. I've exhausted all of my local and Google potential trying to find a good source for bulk lead-free removable split shot. Big company prices are OUTRAGEOUS, probably part of the reason lead got nixed and I don't have the knowledge/capability to pour my own in any sort of quality or safety. Any one know a tackle maker or small biz that deals in non-lead split shot? There was a local gentleman called "zintin" that dealt in a centrifugal Cast zinc/tin/bismuth/(antimony?) Alloy but I can't find him anywhere. Hope the great minds here at TU can help!!!! Thanks!
  8. HometownBait

    Non Lead Split Shot

    I've been looking for a source for bulk lead-free split shot forever with no luck. Love to support a fellow tackle maker but any bulk non toxic remove able split shot outlet will work at this point! Thanks in advance! Tight lines.
  9. As opposed to "just melt them down" or "just deal with it", that seems like the only answer that stuck out to me elsewhere as well. I'm gonna try it out. What do recommend MEK(with proper precautionary measures)? I figured its best to ask here, tons of knowledgeable people! Hopefully someday I can contribute some of my own. Thanks so much!
  10. Hi All! This is my first post so go easy on me. Hope its in the right spot. Anyways.. I bought a whole bunch of jigs at auction for cheap, tons of variety and nice strong sharp hooks. The problem is the paint job, this guy made guality jigs but he definitely didn't have the same skills in the painting dept. Looks like 90% of them are vinyl paint, and I saw a few powder paint jobs in there too. My question is... after much unsuccesful searching... does anyone know a good way to take the paint off these things without painstakingly cleaning each and every one by hand? I considered painting over them, but read that there are a variety of issues with curing powder paint(which i prefer) over latex/vinyl. I also considered just dipping them in a liquid base coat and painting over the original, but he has a lot of "detail" that will show as bumps and textures. I would really prefer to strip and start clean if possible. Thanks so much!
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