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  1. Just a hint for everyone, if you use the @ symbol in front of a member's name, it will "tag" them and they will get an email letting them know they they were mentioned (provided they have email notifications turned on in their account). @Vodkaman
  2. No need to feel dumb at all. It's a poor piece of programming, to say the least.
  3. We had a suggestion that a new thread be started as a place to keep track of past members, members who might not post as often as in the past, or members who have passed away. Here you go! I have set this to sticky, so it will always be at the top of the forums. Post away and have fun with it
  4. Yes, I definitely clicked your link. And I see all of the links for the photos. But if you go to the ad listings, you will see the thumbnail images I have pointed out in my screenshot. The second listing from the top in my screenshot is the one you were referring to. So be sure to go here and view the listings, where you will also see the thumbnail images: https://www.tackleunderground.com/classifieds/for-sale_25/
  5. @ddl Please see the image below for an explanation. I know it's kind of a hokey way of seeing the photos, but it's how the site software developers created it
  6. Let me see what we can do to make this happen.
  7. You can bookmark the topic on your computer or mobile device, from within in your web browser, but not within the forums themselves. You can, though, follow a topic, so you get notified if there is a reply to it later on.
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