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  1. Curt - RI

    Images huge

    Glad to hear it!
  2. Curt - RI

    Images huge

    Are you using any kind of ad blocker?
  3. Curt - RI

    Images huge

    @MonteSS Can you give me an example of a post where this is happening?
  4. Curt - RI

    Start page problem

    The home page is fixed. Thanks for your patience.
  5. Curt - RI

    Start page problem

    We're trying to sort this out. We appreciate your patience as we work on it. Thanks
  6. Curt - RI

    My Post Closed

    @MonteSS The post has been locked
  7. Curt - RI

    My Post Closed

    User removed. Excessive whining never gets anyone anywhere, especially not here.
  8. Curt - RI

    lost banner options

    Was there previously a shortcut of this kind that you used?
  9. Curt - RI

    Indonesia barred

    Thanks Dave. Looking into it now.
  10. Curt - RI

    lost banner options

    Mark, I'm not aware of any shortcuts to your gallery photos.
  11. Curt - RI

    lost banner options

    Most (if not all) functions should be restored now. Please let me know if you spot anything out of place or not working properly. Thanks
  12. Curt - RI

    Indonesia barred

    Dave, as far as I know there are no restrictions on any country. Please PM me your IP address and I will try to check into it further for you.
  13. Curt - RI

    lost banner options

    @mark poulson There was a software update done today that caused the loss of some functions. Initially the site wouldn't load at all, but some functionality was restored after a very brief time. The rest of the functions will be restored during the next 48 hours or less. Thanks for the heads up and thanks for your patience as we work through restoring everything back to normal.
  14. Curt - RI

    2018 Coolest Lure Contest Results!

    Is there anyone else here who did not receive an email from LPO with your prize?