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  1. Buyer beware of Johnny438 from Boneyard Baits

    @Da1982 has this been resolved? If not, have you filed a dispute with PayPal?
  2. Site Software Update

    Everything should be back to normal now
  3. Site Software Update

    Classifieds are still there. They're just not showing up properly in the dropdown menu. Here's a direct link to use in the meantime:
  4. Site Software Update

    Still working the kinks out. Gotta love when the software vendor creates updates that break their own software
  5. wire twist on jig eye

    Here's a link to the Bogg's Tackle Maker:
  6. Site Software Update

    I had to perform a site software upgrade this afternoon. The upgrade completed, but it seems to have wiped out some of the customizations we had done recently, so the upper level menus have disappeared. I will be working with the server techs to resolve this ASAP.
  7. Attachments full

    @gliders I apologize for the lack of a reply on my end. My PC crashed (dead hard drive) a few days ago, so I'm limited to my phone and my Chromebook right now. On top of that, I have had to spend time at the hospital with my brother-in-law, who had a liver transplant recently. I will take a look at this to see if I can sort it out for you, but please give me a few days to do so. Thanks for your patience.
  8. image.jpeg

    Looks great!
  9. sign-in issues

    It's a quirk in the system. As @alsworms said, just click a link in the upper menu and it will log you right in.
  10. FullSizeRender(10).jpg

    Definitely an interesting design! Have you tested them yet? If so, how well did they work with the 4 blade prop on the nose?
  11. FullSizeRender(13).jpg

    Looks good! Did you create that blade yourself, or did you modify an existing blade? And I'm assuming that's a spinnerbait head you used?
  12. A few of my latest creations and my setup

    Was going to say the same exact thing
  13. 6 inch cedar perch

    Fantastic work!!
  14. Black pearl Sub surface prop bait

    Promoting your company via your images is not allowed. In future photos, do not include your company's promo info in the background. Doing so will result in the photos being deleted without warning.
  15. 4.75" 702 craws

    Guys, I have locked this thread because it should have been posted in the classifieds section.