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  1. BTS 706 craw mold wanted

    This should be posted in the Classifieds. Thanks
  2. Defective Blanks

    Let me toss around the idea of a pinned post for crankbait blank reviews. I will get back to you on this next week. And, if for some reason I forget, please reply here and remind me!
  3. Hybrid Wiggle Wart Blanks

    @Captain Ron, Angling Archer is right. I created a new post here: That is the only place in the forums where a post of this type is allowed.
  4. Crankbait Blank Suppliers

    Hey gang, we had a previous thread in this forum that listed suppliers for crankbait blanks. It was a very old thread that had a ton of outdated information in it. But there was also some very good, current info also. Well, for some reason that thread disappeared today. I have no idea how or why it happened, but it did. So, it's time to start a brand new thread with up to date info. This is the only thread in this forum where sellers will be allowed to list their items and a link to their website. Keep the sales pitches to a minimum when you make your post. Just keep it to basic info and a link to your website. Photos are allowed, but there will be a limit of 5 photos per supplier. Please adhere to these guidelines or your post will be deleted without warning. Thanks
  5. @Anglers Avenue I removed the content of your post. Posting items for sale in the forums isn't allowed.
  6. First soft plastics

    @Rustyfawcett The bait looks good. In the future, though, please post the pics in our gallery. Photos in the forums are only allowed when asking for specific advice or giving specific advice. Thanks in advance for your cooperation
  7. Site Software Update

    We should be good to go now.
  8. Site Software Update

    Not sure how this happened. I haven't installed any new updates recently. Geesh... Let me contact the developer and get this fixed up. Sorry for the issues again. Trust me... This is really starting to get old for me too!
  9. Classifieds Currently Not Working

    The Classifieds are now back online and function normally, to the best of my knowledge. If you experience any problems with them, please post here and let me know. Thanks for your patience!
  10. I applied a software update to the forums today and it seems to have broken the classifieds. Go figure. Anyway, I have contacted a tech to help with getting them up and running again. I will keep everyone updated here, so please check back. Thanks for your patience as we work the bugs out.
  11. search

    @ddl Sorry for the late reply. I just saw this post. To the left of the Search box in the upper left corner, there is a small link that says "All Content" that will show up after you click in the search box. Click the dropdown there and choose "This Forum". That will restrict your search to only the forum where you're currently located. Try that and see if it works for you.
  12. Bass Fishing Photos

    Free online photo albums and image hosting for fishing photos and other cool pics.
  13. Buyer beware of Johnny438 from Boneyard Baits

    @Da1982 has this been resolved? If not, have you filed a dispute with PayPal?
  14. Site Software Update

    Everything should be back to normal now