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  1. It's a quirk in the system. As @alsworms said, just click a link in the upper menu and it will log you right in.
  2. Definitely an interesting design! Have you tested them yet? If so, how well did they work with the 4 blade prop on the nose?
  3. Looks good! Did you create that blade yourself, or did you modify an existing blade? And I'm assuming that's a spinnerbait head you used?
  4. Was going to say the same exact thing
  5. Fantastic work!!
  6. Promoting your company via your images is not allowed. In future photos, do not include your company's promo info in the background. Doing so will result in the photos being deleted without warning.
  7. Guys, I have locked this thread because it should have been posted in the classifieds section.
  8. I have locked this post, since the classified ads section is not the place for this kind of discussion. Anyone wanting further info can go here:
  9. The server upgrade is completed. Please let me know if you still experience problems with the site loading slowly. Thanks!
  10. The server techs will be performing a server upgrade tonight, so the site should speed up considerably tomorrow. Please note that the site will be down for a short while during this upgrade, but it won't take place until 3 AM eastern time on Thursday morning, so it should have little or no adverse effects on anyone.
  11. The server has been under a high load today and it has definitely been loading slow. I noticed it this morning also. It seems to be a bit better this afternoon, but I will have the techs reboot the server tonight, during off hours, to flush the RAM and speed things up a bit. Sometime in the next week or two I will be having the server upgraded with the hopes of speeding things up even more.
  12. The judging for the 2017 Coolest Lure Contest is completed and we have chosen the winners. The level of competition this year was incredible. The amount of skill and talent in this year's entries was the best we've seen yet. So judging was really, really tough. But, with that said, here are the winners for 2017. Congratulations!! 2017 Coolest Lure Contest Winners Best Custom Painted Bait 1st - Supreme Pumpkinseed by @mdojet 2nd - Rainbow Trout By @Venutian_Lures 3rd - Brown Trout by @NorCal Coho Best Homemade Hardbait 1st - Code Blue Trout by @Nellynelson23 2nd - Handcrafted Crawfish by @Gastonfishlures 3rd - Creeping Duck by @foxbites Best Wire Bait 1st - Gold Shiner by @EXtremeLures 2nd - Hurricane by @Bigt2666 3rd - 4 Bladed Double Clacking Wire Tied Buzzbait By @Anthony Awgul Best Soft Bait 1st - IMG-5980.jpg by @DarkCloudCustoms 2nd - Green Mamba by @Bogbaits 3rd - IMG-5456.jpg by @riveratackle Best Fly 1st - Hookers Hopper by @John kross 2nd - Sand shrimp fly by @TomBell 3rd - Realistic Golden Stonefly By @RiverRaisinFlyCompany13 Best Rod/Reel 1st - NFC Burlwood Custom by @gekhang 2nd - IMG-2776.jpg by @MCiciulla 3rd - Fly rod By @rattlesnake
  13. Contest submissions are now closed
  14. Due to a short-lived server outage last night, we are pushing the end time for submissions back to 12 PM (noon) eastern time today! If you haven't submitted your entry yet, do so now!
  15. Just an FYI that I deleted the post with this title. I was contacted by the person who originally created the thread and asked to delete it for the sake of safety. The methods he told about using are risky and can cause severe injury to someone if extreme caution isn't used. He didn't want to be responsible if someone got hurt using those methods. And we, as a website, don't want to be liable for any injuries. We hope everyone understands