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  1. OK. Here we go. 1 - Click "Edit" immediately under your post. 2 - Click the actual photo. It will turn blue. 3 - Hit the Delete key on your keyboard, or right-click on the photo with your mouse, and click on "Delete". 4 - Click "Save" at the bottom of your post. That's it. The photo should now be deleted.
  2. I'm attaching this so I can create steps for deleting it.
  3. Glad to hear it!! I made a change to the settings that is site-wide, not just for one or two specific members.
  4. @Hillbilly voodoo Please try again and let me know if it works for you now.
  5. @Hillbilly voodoo Can you tell me specifically what message you're receiving?
  6. PLEASE NOTE All gift certificates have been emailed to the winners. If you haven't seen yours yet in your inbox, please check your SPAM folder. I have had at least one other winner tell me that they found theirs in their SPAM.
  7. I am still waiting for info from the following winners! @cstorey29 @bladesandbaits @gastonfish @Metalhead @Tim Johnso @St. Maries flies @Leonsebiatan @tjzman @jhicks22309 Please send me your full name, email address and the name of your entry in a private message ASAP!
  8. No worries! Ideas are always welcome!
  9. Now there is a boy with heart!
  10. Info can be shared freely provided it is not the website owner trying to promote their own site. In that case, it can only be a simple link in the websites section.
  11. As part of the awards phase of the contest, I will need each of the winners to send me a PM with the following two pieces of info: Full Name Email address where you want the gift certificate to be sent The name of your winning entry Please DO NOT post the requested info here, but be sure to send it to me by way of a private message. @caricaburu @cstorey29 @bladesandbaits @gastonfish @Brandon Seutter @CJM lures @Metalhead @LIMBO @smallmouthchaser @hpssports @Bassy @Atlas Lures @Tim Johnso @St. Maries flies @Leonsebiatan @tjzman @Reset Reels @jhicks22309
  12. @Brian7394 Thanks for the suggestion. In reality, without seeing video of each lure, it is extremely difficult to judge this aspect of any lure without actually fishing with it or having it available to test personally. With lots of years of experience, though, looking for certain qualities and design features of a lure, most of this can be judged without ever seeing a lure in action. So, in reality, this is already being taken into consideration. It was part of what I personally used to judge some of the baits. And I know that the people who helped me do the judging also looked at this. Thanks again.
  13. Below I have listed the winners of the 2020 Coolest Lure Contest! As always, choosing just 3 winners in each category was tough to do. Thank you all for participating, and congratulations to the winners. 2020 Coolest Lure Contest Winners Best Custom Painted Hardbait 1st - caricaburu - 2nd - cstorey29 - 3rd - bladesandbaits - Best Homemade Hardbait 1st - gastonfish - 2nd - Brandon Seutter - 3rd - CJM lures - Best Wire Bait 1st - Metalhead - 2nd - Limbo - 3rd - smallmouthchaser - Best Soft Plastic Bait 1st - hpssports - 2nd - bassy - 3rd - Atlas Lures - Best Fly 1st - Tim Johnso - 2nd - St. Maries flies - 3rd - Leonsebiatan - Best Rod or Reel 1st - tjzman - 2nd - Reset Reels - 3rd - jhicks22309 -
  14. Curt - RI

    Fly spin3.jpg

    @tjzman Thanks for the info!
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