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  1. Lilpdriverrat

    Top coat for painted reel seats?

    There is a 2 part aerosol automotive grade top coat that is supposed to work very well but I can't remember the name right now and it is little pricey...better to have several ready to top coat. Other than that, the best alternative is Permagloss, but it is "hot" and doesn't like some paints. ***just found the name...Spray Max
  2. Lilpdriverrat

    Poison Swingtail Mold

    I got it to close no problem. Have only used the 1/2oz size so far.
  3. Lilpdriverrat

    Poison Swingtail Mold

    I have poured some spinnerbaits with this mold WITHOUT any modification and very little flashing using preformed spinnerbait wire
  4. Lilpdriverrat

    First time rod builder, with questions.

    What technique would you intend to use the rod for? Would you want to use micro guides? My typical casting set up uses Pac Bay Minima single foot guides, size 6, 5, 4, and size 3's the rest of the way to the tip.
  5. Lilpdriverrat

    First time rod builder, with questions.

    The MHX blanks are of better quality than the CRB. The CRB are nice and will build good rods but the MHX are a step above. The kits are the easiest way to start out until you figure out what you like/want. The hand wrapper included in the first 2 kits is much better than the EZ wrapper. The EZ wrapper will still work, but it does not keep tension on the thread as well.
  6. Lilpdriverrat

    looking for 6'10" heavy fast action blank

    or this blank MHX Elite Pro Rod Blank NEPS82HF from mudhole
  7. Lilpdriverrat

    looking for 6'10" heavy fast action blank

    If you find a 7' you like, just cut 2" off the butt of the rod.
  8. Lilpdriverrat

    Fly handle and guide

    This is a good starting point for guide spacing.
  9. Lilpdriverrat

    Fly handle and guide

    7" is pretty standard but build it to the length that you want. That is the advantage of building your own, you make it to what YOU like, not what someone else tells you is right.
  10. Lilpdriverrat

    Handle Question

    Depending on where you order from, ask them to fit the reel seat to the desired length on the rod and then you will not need to build up with tape.
  11. Lilpdriverrat

    Removing old handles and real seats

    For future reference, A large turkey fryer pot with enough water to cover the reel seat works good. Get the water boiling, place the rod in the boiling water, making sure not to allow the butt of the rod blank to make contact with the bottom of the pot , and hold it there for a minute. Use a pair of channel locks, grab the reel seat and try to twist the reel seat off. If that doesn't work, repeat several times until it does. This should soften the epoxy enough to break the bond. If this does not work, then it is off to the dremel tool with cutoff wheel and carefully cut and pry it off.
  12. Lilpdriverrat

    Doug Hannon style guides

    They work VERY well and are very easy to set up. No real drawbacks with performance. The only drawback is that they must be purchased as a "Package" but the first to (closest to the reel) are the only ones that really set it apart. The first one really, as it has the "double guide", while the second is at the right height/ring diameter for their system. I do not like their running guides so I typically use my own choice of running guides paired with the first 2 from the kits. I also prefer the "Airwave" version that does not have ceramic inserts so that I can reduce weight. There are a few factory rods that utilize the concept, carrot stix, castaway, enigma to name a few
  13. Lilpdriverrat

    How much to charge to replace guides?

    Single foot guide $5 plus cost of guide, double foot guide $8 plus cost of guide
  14. Lilpdriverrat

    Telescopic Musky Rod

    It is difficult to mame your own telescopic blanks as each piece must match perfectly and also be of comparable power. Blank options for this are pretty limited but I did come across this