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  1. Matte Powder Paint
  2. restoring old rods

    I do this a good bit for people that understand that the cost to restore most likely will outweigh the value of the rod. Those that choose to have them restored state that the sentimental/functional value of the rods far outweighs the cost of the restore and gladly pay. Generally speaking guide replacement $6/guide plus cost of guide. Handle replace: $25 plus cost of materials Blank refinish/paint/etc: $30 Decorative wraps/weaves depends on difficulity custom inscription/decal $5
  3. Need help finding the spine!!

    Blanks will generally have more than one spine. Ignore the spine and build the rod on the straightest axis. Forget what you read about really is irrelivent
  4. rod repair?

    Where are you located? Shipping the rod to someone to repair would cost MUCH more than the repair itself. Check out and search for a rodbuilder/repair guy in your area. This is a simple repair and should run you about $10-$20 depending on the cost of the guide you will be replacing.
  5. Roberts Wrap On Frogging Rod

    No, it really doesn't matter. They may put the transitions guide(s) on the same side as the reel handle so if a rod is laying down, these guides are not being pressed into the deck, floor, etc.
  6. Definition Of "tuned Rod"

    Trimming a blank from the tip will increase its power and its action (make it faster). Trimming a blank from its butt will decrease its power and slow its action.
  7. Definition Of "tuned Rod"

    To some degree...more forgiving than graphite.
  8. Roberts Wrap On Frogging Rod

    It would work great!
  9. Definition Of "tuned Rod"

    Anything you do to a blank after purchase will not make the blank better tuned. Unless there was a paint/finish applied at the factory, any sanding that occurs to the graphite fibers will weaken the blank and cause failure. You can, however, trim the tip or but sections to change the action of the blank. The sensitivity of the blank comes from the graphite fibers and the resin used to laminate the fibers. Anything else added takes away the sensitivity...painting and clear coating included. handles, reel seats, guides all add weight and reduce senstivity. The lightist/most sensitive will be just a bare blank. Removing the factory paint/clear coat would increase the sensitivity and make it lighter/more sensitive.
  10. Definition Of "tuned Rod"

    "Tuned" sounds like marketing hype to me...truly custom is built to your exact specifications from blank power and action, to handle material, length, shape, and diameter, guide material, set up, and spacing, and lastly anything cosmetic you want.
  11. Basstackle 738 Tear-Craw

    the body is more like the super speed craw size wise but the claws are between the ultravibe and super.
  12. Basstackle 738 Tear-Craw

    I have it and like it a lot. With the claws torn it looks almost exactly like the speed craw (which is why i bought it). with out the claws torn, it reminds me of a speed worm...flaps like a paddle tail worm.\
  13. Eva And Foam Handles How To Work/sand?

    Shape with 80 grit sandpaper at high speed then step up the paper until you get the smoothness you want
  14. Source For Basspro Fishing Rod Guides Repair

    Can get from LPO,mud hole, Janns, get bit outdoors,
  15. Source For Basspro Fishing Rod Guides Repair

    PAC bay dpl. Size depends on which guide you need to replace