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  1. What all is out there for good goby molds? I've been searching the typical mold makers and am not finding much to choose from. So far the best I've seen is from Fat Guys Fishing but it doesn't have much detail in the bait, though I like the general profile. I was surprised to see that bass tackle doesn't even have a goby mold. Enforcer baits has one but I'm not really feeling it!lol What else is out there?
  2. I've got limited experience with pop molds. I've got one drying as we speak and am wondering if Thompson's Water Seal will work well for sealing the mold? The cavities aren't very detailed but would like to obtain a fairly smooth finish on the baits. I was planning on using thinned wood glue to seal it but found a can of TWS in my basement. Thought some of you may have tried this and would be willing to share your results. Thanks
  3. I'm just starting to make extra large size spinnerbaits for Musky fishing. I need to find some oversized trailer hooks. I'm currently using 7/0 Mustads for the main hook but would like to find a good quality trailer hook. So far the biggest I've come across is 6/0. What are your favorite trailer hooks up to 8/0?
  4. Janns is the wrong direction
  5. Are there any good tackle shops between Cleveland, Ohio and Buffalo, New York? Im in Canada and shipping anything here costs an arm and a leg. Saturday my wife is going down to the States and I'm hoping she will be traveling near somewhere to pick up some large jig hooks. I'm looking for some 8/0 or larger 90 degree or 60 degree hooks. Anywhere to stop along I-90?
  6. I've come to the conclusion that the air brush isn't for me! It just wasn't working out. So how about rattle can spray paint jobs on crankbaits? What brand paint works best or does it really even matter? I'm of the belief that the fish dont care about fancy paint jobs and a couple contrasting colors should do the trick. Not sure if this is allowed or not. Not for advertising purposes but purely education post up some pics of your rattle can paint jobs!
  7. I just ordered the smallest flutter jig mold. 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 ounce. Excited to make up a few and see how they do. In a perfect world I could go out on Erie and jig up a limit of walleye. Much more fun than trolling!
  8. I've been fishing my entire life and making lures for nearly 20 years now. This past weekend I fished a jigging spoon for the first time in my life! A buddy on my boat had a box of Hopkins jigging spoons so I tied one on to give it a shot since the fishing was slow. Anyway, I caught a couple and now I'm thinking of picking up one of Do-it's jigging lure molds. Which ones have you used? What do you look for in a jigging spoon? How do you prefer to fish it? And how do you prefer to finish it? I fish Lake Erie the Niagara River and Lake Ontario a lot. I think the river would be a great spot to drift and jig. School me on making and fishing jigging spoons!
  9. Gone2long, how do you find the blades roll with the paint roller style cutter you made? In my head I have to tighten down a nut to hold them in place which may stop them from rolling while trying to cut tails. I like the look of the two handed cutter you and dink master posted. Sort of like a rolling pin. But do you think the paint roller works better?
  10. I hoping some of you might be willing to share some pics if you've made a tube tail cutter out of the circular fabric cutting blades. I have some ideas to make one but id like to see what others have already done. I've already built a tail cutter with an arbor press and razor blades and it does a goid job. But I'm limited to tails that are no more than 1.5 inches and I want to make longer tails. Thanks in advance.
  11. I did. They want $60 per mold
  12. I've shot thousands of baits, and while the injector is sratched, I still haven't replaced my o-rings. Still working great. I use the bass tackle injectors btw.
  13. I live in Canada and there are very few places to buy jig making supplies nearby, and the places that do carry some have very limited selection. I can order stuff online but shipping and duty make it way more expensive than it should be. I have to make a quick trip down to Detroit and back next weekend. Are there any places down there with a good selection of jig molds and components? Specifically, I'm looking to pickup a Midwest finess jig mold, a swimbaits jig mold, hooks and keepers. Thanks
  14. Good design for the roller cutter. Keeps your hands away from the blades and allows you to put the necessary pressure for a clean cut. I may have to give that a try!
  15. 4 cups is A lot if plastic. The more you have in a container the longer it will maintain enough heat to continue dipping. Stirring periodically is important as well. It keeps an even temperature through the container. If you don't stir it it will form a film on top of cooler plastic. Stir it before this film had a chance to form.
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