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  1. I am addicted and at this point maybe border-line crazy. Jeff, whether you know it or not, you have contributed to some of my madness/success. When I first started, you gave me some valuable advise that I have built on. Thank You. This is my think tank and is where I spend most of my nights. One day I will become the best crankbait maker in the world
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  3. Thanks Nathan. I've done some experimenting today and I think you guys are spot on. The super glue type products really adheres well with the soft rubber and the resin.
  4. Barry, I just tried some Loctite super glue and it seems to do a decent job.
  5. I can understand that method as I have mine designed to be pinned or glued. I would prefer the glue if I can find something that will bond well to the soft plastisol rubber and the resin.....Thanks for your reply.
  6. What kind of adhesive would you guys suggest to attach soft plastisol fins to a resin swimbait? I have tried 5 min epoxy and it did not adhere.
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    Smelly Belly 3.0 with a ‘Serrated Lip’

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    Thanks, I appreciate the kind words!
  9. Thanks JayBee!! I will post some pics once completed.
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