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  1. Lavender Grey Shad-Pink.JPG

    Slounch Slayer MD shown with our new lip and in 'Lavender Grey Shad-Pink' color
  2. Bugs.JPG

    Musky Mudbugs, Brush Bugs, and Bottom Bugs

    © 2017

  3. More Slab Slayers.JPG

    © 2017

  4. Slab Slayers.JPG

    3/16 oz bass nuggets.....I have learned that the smaller the canvas the more complex to paint but I made it work
  5. Bottom Bugs.JPG

    Mudbug imitating fun.....Crankbaits is disguise

    © 2017

  6. Slounch Sayer MD.JPG

  7. Slounch Sayer MD.JPG

    It's almost clown season. #rippinthruthewatercolumn
  8. IMG_6338.JPG

    Info sent along with pricelist
  9. IMG_6338.JPG

    We would love to build you some. Right now we only use Facebook to advertise but you don't have to use FB to order. We use PayPal to accept payments so once you are ready to order all we would need from you is a valid email and shipping address. It's pretty painless......Right now we have (15) crankbait models to chose from.
  10. IMG_6338.JPG

    With this "sawtooth" design and the small holes our goal was to enhance the negative area of our crankbait lip(the area behind the line tie) while accomplishing these things:: -To go deeper with less effort. -To create more of a trailing turbulence/bubbles than what your standard crankbait lip produces. -To create a different sound wave/vibration that would draw in more fish from farther distances. -To rip thru vegetation with less effort. We feel like we have been successful and can't wait to see what the future holds with this design. Plus it looks really cool too
  11. Slounch Slayer Sunfish.mp4

    This swimbait will feature our "Aluma-Link" system.
  12. IMG_6338.JPG

    Our new Lip design for our Slounch Slayer series crankbaits. They ripped thru the water column with ease.
  13. Slounch Slayer Sunfish.mp4

    Our 'Slounch Slayer SunFish' master is coming together nicely. Stay tuned.... #throwsomethingdifferent

    © 2017

  14. IMG_6338.JPG

    © 2017

  15. Slounch Slayer DD.mp4

    Slounch Slayer DD crankbaits now equipped with Rotating Hook Anchors and a Body Magnet, both of which are paired with a special set of Owner short shank trebles. With features like this, these may very well be the first crankbaits of their kind. More weedless, less hook foul ups, less hook rash, more natural looking, more hook ups, and more fish in the boat! Truly a "Tricked Out" deep diver

    © 2017