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  1. read my lips.jpeg

    Thank you
  2. read my lips.jpeg

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  3. Lavender Grey Shad-Pink.JPG

    Thank you for the kind words.....This is the "negative" part of the lip so it does not affect the action of the lure. It does however enhance it. Here is how it does it: 1)Allows the crankbait to dive with less resistance(It really cuts thru the water column nicely) 2)Along with the holes, it produces a different trailing turbulence when retrieved in which we hope will attract more positive fish attention 3)It seems to rip thru vegetation easier than a standard lip 4)It seems to deflect better. A more erractic side deflection 5)And last but not looks pretty cool too
  4. Slim Shad.jpeg

    A few Slim Shads this morning. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  5. tricked out crankbaits.jpeg

    Thanks for the interest. It's funny you mentioned the lip. Some love it and some hate it based off it's appearance but all that have tried it, love it...............Along with the usual custom qualities, these crankbaits also possess the following "Crankbait Essentials": 1)A custom lip that allows the bait to deflect properly and cut thru the column with ease 2)A rotating rear hook anchor that increases your catch ratio especially those back hook fish 3)A belly magnet for the front treble making it more natural looking, more weedless, and eliminates hook rash 4)Owner 150 degree stinger treble on front and a Owner ST36 treble in back Again, thanks for the interest!
  6. tricked out crankbaits.jpeg

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  7. //New Color//.JPG

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  8. Slounch Slayer Sunfish.JPG

    Thank you!
  9. Slounch Slayer Sunfish.JPG

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  10. //New//Lip Design.mp4

    Sneak Peek //New// Slounch Slayer Square Lip #innovativecrankbaits #settingcrankbaitstandards

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  11. CottonCandyColoredCrank.JPG

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  12. Crappie#2color.JPG

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  13. Lavender Grey Shad-Pink.JPG

    Slounch Slayer MD shown with our new lip and in 'Lavender Grey Shad-Pink' color
  14. Bugs.JPG

    Musky Mudbugs, Brush Bugs, and Bottom Bugs

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  15. More Slab Slayers.JPG

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