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  1. Thanks Mark, I have a respirator, need to pickup some cartridges.
  2. Travis, I had a look at the link you provided, great info but a lot of choices, I'd like to hear exactly what filter choices people are making for both lead and plastic, I much prefer ventilation to respirators, but when it's cold in my garage it's hard to maintain heat and ventilation at the same time, basically I cut back on the ventilation so a proper respirator would be a big help.
  3. Hey all, I'm looking to buy some of the material that is used in the bait shown in the pic below....I think that it is .5 mil holographic mylar sheet, which has been wrapped around the lead insert and hook before the plastic was squirted into the mold. I've been looking, with no luck so far. This particular bait is a Vision sandeel, but I've seen the same stuff used elsewhere, especially the Tsunami stuff. Any ideas, I'd love to hear them, Thanks, Ed
  4. Bottom lines is that humans were designed to breathe air, which can be kinda funky all on it's own, but it's not generally toxic. Pay attention, don't scorch the plastic and use good ventilation. If you can feel yourself breathing the vapors, you're not ventilated well enough. I try not to put my trust in respirators, I use a strong window fan which pulls the fumes away from my work area to the outdoors, even in the wintertime, I just crank up more heat as needed. 40+ years as a mechanic/welder/fabricator on diesel trucks, I have breathed enough crap, I don't want my hobby to kill me.
  5. Brakleen in the red can does a great job of removing the annoying bits from glass cups.
  6. Ed_White


    6" weighted sandeel for the beach.
  7. I made a sandeel mold, everything that swims around here eats sandeels, I'll post a pic in the gallery.
  8. Thanks for the help guys, the Basstackle stuff does look pretty nice, I have to decide whether I should spend $100 on a mold, or just buy $100 worth of swim baits instead. Guess I'll keep an eye out for molds for sale.
  9. Couple of nights ago, I had a black batch heating in the microwave, about 1/1-2 cups of plastic in a 2 cup Pyrex........I heard *tink* come from the microwave, and opened the door to find lots of broken glass and hot plastic, thankfully all contained by the rotating glass dish in the micro. Let it cool off, peeled it into the trash, and went on. I'm wondering what might have caused this? My usual process is remove heated cup from micro and set on a med temp hotplate while I stir, then back into the micro, been doing this for years. Don't think I damaged the Pyrex cup, but maybe there was some
  10. I can certainly see the appeal in what you're building, for anyone who is trying to maximize their investment, ie: in business. But this is my hobby, I don't want another job, I have one already, it's not that much fun. And if I used this app, then I would know, to the penny, what this little obsession is costing me, and I just don't want to know. All I know is, I need more molds. Just the same way, I never want to know what each fish I catch is costing me, or I'd have to take up something less expensive, like buying islands or building bridges.
  11. Hey all, I have been perusing the mold manufacturers sites, and have not been able to find any large swim bait molds, mostly 4" is the largest I've seen. I realize that the vast majority of this stuff is all freshwater, but soft plastics can and do take plenty of saltwater fish, a 4" swim shad would be the smallest size I'd throw, and not often, that's like end-of-the-season stuff when all the good fish have gone, and we're fishing for schoolies and holdovers. Anyway, a 6" swim bait a la Storm Shad is what I'm aiming for, I'd like to be able to make my own colors, and I realize I would proba
  12. Any idea if lingcod are head feeders or tail feeders? Around here where I fish, the 2 fish most prevalent are stripers and bluefish, stripers are head hunters, they turn on their meal, suck in their prey whole, head first, they have no teeth......bluefish, on the other hand, are yellow eyed demons with a mouthfull of teeth with a bad attitude, they tend to chase the same prey as the stripers, but strike from the rear, biting them in half. That's why the rear hook on many striper lures are called the bluefish hook. If you know which end they are more likely to eat, might only need one hook?
  13. Hey all, Just wanted to put up a good word about Enforcer bait molds, I'm a hobby guy who just bought his first ever machined aluminum 2 pc mold, a 2 cavity grub, and the thing works awesome, the order process was easy, and I had the mold 5 days after order. Not affiliated with the company, just a guy who appreciates good service when he gets it and is willing to spread the word.
  14. I use a lead insert in a 6" sand eel, with the lead attached to the hook, like a Storm shad. I made a mold from Bondo that I can lay the bare hook in, and pour the lead in, like a jighead mold, and then take the lead/hook insert and put it in my plastic mold, and shoot the plastic over the insert. To make the hook mold, I used a piece of wood and worked it to get the shape I wanted, put a slice in it for the hook to sit in, epoxied the hook in place, and used it to make the mold from.
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