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  1. Adding glitter to powder paint

    I personally think prismatic powder is better quality than the protec stuff and definatley cheaper, thanks for the help guys
  2. Adding glitter to powder paint

    Thanks for the help smalljaw. I think what I will do is have 4 or 5 bottles of clear mixed with diff color glitter i use, and just dip it in clear top coat last
  3. Adding glitter to powder paint

    I quit using a fluid bed about a year ago, I just stir up the can real good before I use it.
  4. Adding glitter to powder paint

    Wonder if prismatic powder clear glitter would work good and then I could mix different color glitter in each container of clear powder paint. https://www.prismaticpowders.com/colors/PPS-2974/CLEAR-VISION/
  5. Adding glitter to powder paint

    I got a few pounds of powder paint from prismatic powder paint. I got a color called green olive. if anyone is wanting to do the same. It is really close to green pumpkin . My plan is to take a bunch of small containers and add different color glitter in each one. Well the glitter isn't working well for me Its either getting swished off when I dip it or it is melting and makes jig look aweful. I tried the .008 glitter I use for pouring plastics . I remember hearing about the clear powder paint for jigs, is that easier to add glitter in to get a top coat than adding glitter in the powder paint? I did try the blue and purple pearl powder that's for soft plastics and it came out great. I just sprinkled it on jig with a paint brush while it was still hot. But when I try to do this with glitter it don't look good. Help would be appreciated.
  6. Zoom Black light color recipe

    spike it only has the violet sparkle glitter in .015 size I have some. Its weird because it changes from blue green and purple when u look at it at different angles, Really neat color. But By looking at the zoom bait it just looks to me like its black with big purple glitter. Maybe even really a really dark purple colorant. Hope this helps
  7. Best worm oil

    I like the plastic I use I just thought that worm oil should last longer and not absorb in plastic so much. Ive used MF plastic and didn't like that it got super oily, I know I sound picky but just want them to be a little oily not dripping.
  8. Best worm oil

    I'm having problem with my worm oil soaking up into my plastics too fast. I add quite a bit of worm oil to each bag and scent sometimes. They look real oily but after a week or two they look really dry. Is there better worm oil to use? I want them to stay a little oily in the bags but not like dripping. Dunno if I'm doing something wrong or not. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Violet sparkle glitter

    walleye what is the trick to taking that good of a picture of baits? I seem to really have a hard time taking pictures of baits to get all the detail to show
  10. Violet sparkle glitter

    It' like a holographic purple it looks like
  11. Violet sparkle glitter

    That does look good, thanks for the picture.
  12. Violet sparkle glitter

    Just wondering if anyone has tried this glitter from spike it? If so do you have a decent picture of a bait with it? Thanks in advance
  13. Uv and glow additave

    Thank you, I cant wait to try them.
  14. Uv and glow additave

    Messed around with the UV enhancer today, think I got it dialed in, pretty neat stuff
  15. Uv and glow additave

    Ok so I got some glow powder in chart and blue from do it and also picked up the UV Blast powder from DO-IT to put in my soft plastics. I'm not sure If I'm doing the glow powders right but its taking about 4 of the 1/8 tsp to a cup of plastic. I thought that was quite a bit. I only bought 1.5 ounces of the stuff. Then I tried the UV blast , I made some baits without the UV in pumpkinseed and some with 1/4 tsp of UV per cup of plastic in pumpkinseed. Shine my UV light on all of them and they all glow the same amount lmao!!! So I added twice as much UV and still the same thing. What am I doing wrong here? Also is there different color UV blast? I was thinking its supposed to glow blue but there like a chartreuse. Help would be appreciated thanks.