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  1. Uv and glow additave

    Thank you, I cant wait to try them.
  2. Uv and glow additave

    Messed around with the UV enhancer today, think I got it dialed in, pretty neat stuff
  3. Uv and glow additave

    Ok so I got some glow powder in chart and blue from do it and also picked up the UV Blast powder from DO-IT to put in my soft plastics. I'm not sure If I'm doing the glow powders right but its taking about 4 of the 1/8 tsp to a cup of plastic. I thought that was quite a bit. I only bought 1.5 ounces of the stuff. Then I tried the UV blast , I made some baits without the UV in pumpkinseed and some with 1/4 tsp of UV per cup of plastic in pumpkinseed. Shine my UV light on all of them and they all glow the same amount lmao!!! So I added twice as much UV and still the same thing. What am I doing wrong here? Also is there different color UV blast? I was thinking its supposed to glow blue but there like a chartreuse. Help would be appreciated thanks.
  4. Junebug / Green Glitter Help!

    What company black grape Les? I think I have lure craft black grape ill have to try it.
  5. Junebug / Green Glitter Help!

    Ive had this same problem, Using spike it junebug colorant and spike it Kelly green glitter, I noticed it was a lot worse when I was using my presto pot vs the microwave. also have problem with my copper glitter turning pink. It seems that if I got it too hot or did too many remelts the glitter would change.
  6. Colors for soft plastics

    I agree with spike it, also mf pour your own worms has some good color. Only thing with mf pour your own worms is it takes about 3 to 4 times as much drops as spike it colorants.
  7. Decent Gloves

    https://www.zoro.com/mcr-safety-coated-gloves-palm-and-fingers-2xl-pr-n96790xxl/i/G5179133/ Yall may want to try these gloves out too, they are very flexible and breathable so they are comfortable to wear. I'm a mechanic, I really hate using gloves but ive found that these are a lot better, some gloves I feel like I might as well be working with socks over my hands. They work good for me when making baits too. Yall should check them out. Only 4.00 on zoro, amazon sells them too
  8. Uv and glow additave

    Man what a great write up. It may just be a confidence thing to use uv it sounds like, but maybe not. I wonder if adding like a pearl powder with the uv will make the uv show better up better to fish.
  9. Uv and glow additave

    Have a customer that wants some uv and or glow in the dark soft plastics for saltwater. I don't know that much about this stuff. Can u use both in ur soft plastics or does it not work like that? Was looking at Do-it and they have the uv and the glow in the dark stuff. Just asking if anyone on here has used it before. Ive heard people having good luck with the uv for freshwater but not the glow in the dark.
  10. GLitter/Clenaing Pots

    simple green or windex is how I clean my pots and my table, hell even water might work, it seems that if its wet the plastic and glitter wipe up easier
  11. zoom color help

    I use 1 cup plastic 8 drops spike it green pumpkin 156 8 drops of Green pumpkin 109 add one drop of black sometimes. Its the closest I can get to zooms green pumpkin, hope this helps
  12. Stick Bait Action

    Thanks for the good info. Is there a reason why u shoot as low temp as u can get away with? Just wondering why? I tried using glass beads in my bass tackle injector a while back and it ruined my injector, Wont shoot right now. I have a old do it cheaper injector I may try the bead media with.
  13. Good open pour frog mold

    that's a good idea tho lol, the lizard was pretty gross messing with it bleeding all over the plaster mold lol
  14. Good open pour frog mold

    I want a aluminum mold tho, just like a 2 cavity open pour mold
  15. Good open pour frog mold

    anyone? lol