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  1. scrubs

    tiny spoons

    I've been getting interested in Japanese trout fishing lately. I've had a lot of success in rivers with their little 1 1/8" 3/32 oz spoons. They use them all the way down to 1/64 oz and less than 3/4" for trout in pay lakes. A lot of tan, brown, olive and other natural colors are popular. I've made up some from #3 willow and #2 indiana blades and they run about 1/32 oz. Will try tomorrow for the first time. Anybody doing anything similar? bill
  2. Thanks Gino. Newbie that I am I would have thought if the densities were the same the action would be too. Being an old fashioned model airplane nut I have balsa stock from 4-15 lbs or so. bill
  3. I've never seen balsa that heavy sold, is there reason you went with balsa rather than basswood? Used to carve decoys and I'd get my stuff from a place in Menominee Falls WI. At that time it was air dried and $1.25 a board foot! Bet those prices have changed. bill
  4. scrubs

    Small Tailspins

    Anyone know of a source for small tailspin lures in the 1/8 - 3/16 oz range? I saw some 4-6 gram ones from a company called Spinmad but I'd prefer to order from the US. bill
  5. scrubs

    Pdm Lures

    Got them last week and will fish em tomorrow. Quality appears to be very good. Ran me $38 with tracked shipping for 7 lures. Got a half dozen hand made balsa 50mm lures coming from England too. I'm a lure whore I guess. bill
  6. scrubs

    Pdm Lures

    Anybody have any experience with Polish domestic market lures? I ordered some small 1 - 2 1/2" lures to try from ebay from a place called Fishing Mart in Poland. Brands are Kenart and Krakusek and they're intended for trout on UL tackle. From what I can gather they're mostly foam cast unless you get into the higher priced hand carved balsa. A company called Jet used to do some ok ones from China but they went out of business it seems. Most ebay Chinese stuff is crap in the smaller lures. Want to start carving my own this winter from balsa or bass. bill
  7. Sorry, I meant .024 wire. Weights as per the Jann's link. BTW, I throw jigs of 1/64 (.015) and 1/50 (.020) oz on UL. bill
  8. Look at Janns Netcraft for some sizing charts and instructions. http://www.jannsnetcraft.com/content/make_fishing_lures.htm For trout I mainly use French blades in size 0, 1, 2 & 3. The finished weights on the Janns sheet are a good guide. .024 is plenty for trout. Silver with a little orange or red prism tape has been killer for me. For SM bass I use 2 & 3 size blades and they are great for river SM. I've caught river Pike, Catfish and SM on these. Also fingernail polish on bullet weights makes cheap bodies. bill
  9. If you're making Muskie inlines look up NorthernScripture on youtube. He has some interesting ones using lead bullet weights. bill
  10. scrubs

    Project Swimbait

    About the size of yesterday's trout. :-) bill
  11. Nice! I can always use a little help and a few ideas. bill
  12. Neat idea Mark but my shoulder would never handle it. Rods either for that matter. :-) bill
  13. scrubs

    Tiny Whirligig

    Good to see you back Dieter! Bet that would be a killer bass lure. bill
  14. scrubs

    FB IMG 1446858502384

    Pretty neat. We're staying with my daughter in Idaho till we find a place so no lure making and too cold to fish. bill
  15. scrubs

    FB IMG 1444707343916

    Thanks! And Mark's right they are beautiful. bill
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