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  1. If you can tolerate the + .75, this thing is absolutely outstanding imo BAM! (Like Emeril)
  2. Shoot me a dm @bradhardy, would be happy to help in any way I may be able
  3. Looking for a mold of it or just general inquiry?
  4. I’ve been making injector tips as a “just for kicks” project lately. Gimme a shout. I’d be happy to share what I know about making a lot of what your asking about here. Thus subverting the excessive price points often asked for a production mold. It’s all simple arts and craft stuff. Anyone can do any of it, including you! Hit me up
  5. That’s super lame of him. Come talk to us at dead on, we treat ours just fine.
  6. Would be all over this if I didn’t have a few, but to anyone reading.... nab this.
  7. Would be happy to do them for you. Find me on Instagram @oracle_lures. Are you interested in laminates or split pours?
  8. OracleLures

    Open pour swimbait molds

    I’d be happy to make you anything you’d like in sizes from 3 1/2” upward 8”
  9. Recently picked up the Angling Ai 3.75 inch craw tube and in 16 years of bait making have not yet encountered a mold as nice as this one. The Triple Dip will indeed be my next purchase, along with several other Angling Ai molds! Such nice stuff.
  10. OracleLures


    I make them for myself and another supplier. That the 3 1/4" or the 4"? Really like the flake combo on these btw.
  11. OracleLures


    Killer smallie bait right there!
  12. dude these are really cool!
  13. Not sure if anyone's seen it, but Dead On Plastix has the new site up. I've been using the swim/jerkbait formula for the past 5 months. It is without question, the best plastisol I've used in my 16 year's of soft bait making. Crystal clear, won't scorch, WAY CHEAPER... It's awesome. Thought you fellas might appreciate the head's up. www.deadonplastixllc.com
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