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  1. You could always cal RCBS and tell them you need a new pot and valve rod. They have always done this for me free of charge!
  2. Too much other lead available to deal with the nasty
  3. If your promelt drips you can call rcbs and tell them you need a new pot and plunger. Make sure you tell them you need both. They won't charge anything for it and you'll be pouring drip free for quite a while. Costumer service is what makes rcbs the best pot for your money.
  4. odinohi

    Lee Pot Drips

    I believe it is a bottom pour. I have old Saeco and Lyman's that are 1000 watt bottom pours. They are better then lees but produce a lot of extra heat. I have around a dozen of them and should be selling them now that I have a couple promelts.
  5. Believe it or not it has been 12 weeks since I have smoked. I really haven't been pouring much in those 12 weeks though. My wife has been babysitting our 3 year old granddaughter and I have been staying close training her on being grandpas girl. Guess I 'll be pouring everyday again next year!
  6. odinohi

    Wire Forms?

    I made mine with my Hagen wire bender and a pair of round needle nose pliers. They were not very uniformed but worked ok.
  7. Bottomdwellers 27.50 for most do it molds.
  8. It's been over three weeks since I have smoked. The chantix did help me quit but stopping taking it has really messed with me. The effects of stopping are far worse then taking it was. If you need to quit smoking I would not recommend chantix to anyone I cared about.
  9. It's been 15 days. Just had to quit taking the chantix. It kept me from sleeping. Also ordered 4 canisters of D Lead wipes.
  10. Been away from ciggs for one week. Going good.
  11. https://www.esca-tech.com/ProductList.php?category=2100 This is the link for lead cleanup. They have it all. Lots of good info also. Hope the link works
  12. I started doing things differently. I leave my smokes and drink in the house while I am working with my lead. I'm on my third day of chantix. Only 3 days but I can almost feel it working on my brain. There is a company that makes lead removal products, can't think of the name but will post it later. Going to get some wipes and special soap to keep in the barn. Trying to change my ways before it's too late. I'll keep you posted. Tom
  13. I appreciate all the responses. I know I need to quit smoking while I'm dealing with Lead. I just got back from the pharmacy and got my first dose of Chantix. I thought that I would be able to wear gloves spincasting. I cannot wear gloves while I'm pouring under my bottom pour pot. If I make my molds correctly I will not have to do nearly as much sprue cutting. I am going through about 3000 to 4000 pounds of lead per year. That is a lot of sinkers and a lot of sprue cutting. I do have a good quality respirator at work that I will bring home to start using while smelting. I am glad that I started this conversation, it is a good one and then important one. Thank you all very much. Tom
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