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  1. Airbrush Paints Sold In Ma?

    Thanks for the tip Ben. Headin to the mall today to airbrush junction. If I can't find what I need there, I will try that. Jay
  2. Airbrush Paints Sold In Ma?

    Thanks Dink Master. When I did my search I only did airbrush supplies. I guess I should have been more specific. Thanks, Jay
  3. Airbrush Paints Sold In Ma?

    Hi everyone. Is there anyone in the MA or RI area that knows of a store that I can walk into to get quality water based airbrush paints? I am looking for Createx, Wicked, Life Tones ( hydro mist ) or Com-Art. I have been buying them on line and I have not seen them in any stores. If I want to buy a set its not bad, but to buy a single 2 oz bottle of a special color costs about 7 bucks !!! That's crazy!!! If anyone can tell me about a local store, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Jay
  4. Alternative To Foiling A Bait

    The tape I get from the supply house is called VentureTape. The only one they carry ( and the only one I have ever used ) is the CW tape. That is short for Cold Weather Formula. I have used it on baits that are 4" long up to the 12" and 14" baits as well. However, I always put one coat of epoxy on before I start painting because sometimes the edges do show on the smaller baits. If you are looking for other Venture tapes, they have a website. www.venturetape.com
  5. Alternative To Foiling A Bait

    toadfrog, Thanks for the info about the lure eyes. I am going to try that next time I get into my shop! HAWGFAN, Thanks! On this bait I pressed the foil tape into a thick wire screen like thing that I found at a local dollar store. It was a paper organizer for a desk that I bought for a buck and just cut out the section that I needed. I have not tried gluing the netting to the bait before adding the tape like Travis suggested, but that looks great! I am going to experiment with that too! Travis, I have seen baits similar to the one in your picture that have been listed on ebay and I could not figure how he did it. But I do now! LOL! Thank you!
  6. Alternative To Foiling A Bait

    I tried using HVAC tape instead of foil and it works well. It is very sticky and easily manipulated into shape and very forging around curves. It also holds a scale pattern nicely. I bought a roll of 100ft x 4" for 12 bucks at the supply house my company uses. I urge anyone to try it.
  7. foil bait with hvac tape

    I used HVAC tape for this one
  8. jointed scaled slow sinker

    Hey sorry I am so late in responding. It has been a long winter so far. Anyway, the scale material is spandex. I bought it from The Spandex House in NYC. They have a good website. This is called Little mermaid and is about 13 bucks a yard.
  9. jointed scaled slow sinker

    A weighted slow sinking swim bait
  10. Advice For Small Business

    I can help you with the holographic foil. I get mine on ebay from paper street plastics. He is in NJ and ships fast and secure. He also has a large variety of colors to choose from. The first, third and fourth photos are lures I made with his material. The second photo here is just a roll of air conditioning tape. I hope this helps and good luck with the lure biz!
  11. Minnow Chaser

    Hey scrubs, I also have that book and I have made quite a few of the minnow chasers. I changed them a little bit and put very basic paint jobs on them. I carved them and installed a 6 gram belly weight with a hook hanger on some. The ones here just have a basic hook hanger on the belly. Then I took the treble hook off of an inexpensive spinner and put that on the screw eye at the front. I have caught some nice Bass and trout on them. I use a fast then slow retrieve so the bait goes up and down looking like the minnow is chasing a smaller fish. You should make some. You will be glad you did! Here are some of the ones I have made.
  12. RSCN6715

    another bait chaser.
  13. RSCN6711

    another of my bait chasers.
  14. RSCN6835

    Same bait as the previous picture.
  15. RSCN6838

    I got the idea for this bait from a book on making wooden fishing lures. I changed it some from what the book said but it works great for bass and brook trout as well.