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  1. Thanks for the tip Ben. Headin to the mall today to airbrush junction. If I can't find what I need there, I will try that. Jay
  2. Thanks Dink Master. When I did my search I only did airbrush supplies. I guess I should have been more specific. Thanks, Jay
  3. Hi everyone. Is there anyone in the MA or RI area that knows of a store that I can walk into to get quality water based airbrush paints? I am looking for Createx, Wicked, Life Tones ( hydro mist ) or Com-Art. I have been buying them on line and I have not seen them in any stores. If I want to buy a set its not bad, but to buy a single 2 oz bottle of a special color costs about 7 bucks !!! That's crazy!!! If anyone can tell me about a local store, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Jay
  4. The tape I get from the supply house is called VentureTape. The only one they carry ( and the only one I have ever used ) is the CW tape. That is short for Cold Weather Formula. I have used it on baits that are 4" long up to the 12" and 14" baits as well. However, I always put one coat of epoxy on before I start painting because sometimes the edges do show on the smaller baits. If you are looking for other Venture tapes, they have a website. www.venturetape.com
  5. toadfrog, Thanks for the info about the lure eyes. I am going to try that next time I get into my shop! HAWGFAN, Thanks! On this bait I pressed the foil tape into a thick wire screen like thing that I found at a local dollar store. It was a paper organizer for a desk that I bought for a buck and just cut out the section that I needed. I have not tried gluing the netting to the bait before adding the tape like Travis suggested, but that looks great! I am going to experiment with that too! Travis, I have seen baits similar to the one in your picture that have been listed on ebay and I could not figure how he did it. But I do now! LOL! Thank you!
  6. I tried using HVAC tape instead of foil and it works well. It is very sticky and easily manipulated into shape and very forging around curves. It also holds a scale pattern nicely. I bought a roll of 100ft x 4" for 12 bucks at the supply house my company uses. I urge anyone to try it.
  7. I used HVAC tape for this one
  8. Hey sorry I am so late in responding. It has been a long winter so far. Anyway, the scale material is spandex. I bought it from The Spandex House in NYC. They have a good website. This is called Little mermaid and is about 13 bucks a yard.
  9. I can help you with the holographic foil. I get mine on ebay from paper street plastics. He is in NJ and ships fast and secure. He also has a large variety of colors to choose from. The first, third and fourth photos are lures I made with his material. The second photo here is just a roll of air conditioning tape. I hope this helps and good luck with the lure biz!
  10. Hey scrubs, I also have that book and I have made quite a few of the minnow chasers. I changed them a little bit and put very basic paint jobs on them. I carved them and installed a 6 gram belly weight with a hook hanger on some. The ones here just have a basic hook hanger on the belly. Then I took the treble hook off of an inexpensive spinner and put that on the screw eye at the front. I have caught some nice Bass and trout on them. I use a fast then slow retrieve so the bait goes up and down looking like the minnow is chasing a smaller fish. You should make some. You will be glad you did! Here are some of the ones I have made.
  11. Uncle Jays Fishin Shack


    another bait chaser.
  12. Uncle Jays Fishin Shack


    another of my bait chasers.
  13. Uncle Jays Fishin Shack


    Same bait as the previous picture.
  14. Uncle Jays Fishin Shack


    I got the idea for this bait from a book on making wooden fishing lures. I changed it some from what the book said but it works great for bass and brook trout as well.
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