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  1. aydensdad82

    Just some craws.

    I appreciate it.
  2. aydensdad82

    Baby Bass

    Thanks Rayburn
  3. aydensdad82

    Baby Bass

    I painted this one for post spawn cranking. It has already caught quite a few for me.
  4. This one is supposed to resemble the old Lucky Craft Bull Bream pattern.
  5. I have yet to paint a gill pattern that actually resembled what I originally had in my head this one included. It should still catch something.
  6. aydensdad82

    Just some craws.

    Craws are some of my favorite patterns to paint. Here are a few.
  7. Yeah someone sells the Little Johns but I think it is only in a sinking model. Suspending or slow float would be awesome.
  8. Wow Salty very nice! I hope those meds start working soon for you.
  9. Got mine too. Painting some tonight. They look great Jim!
  10. Is it this one? http://www.veritastools.com/Products/Page.aspx?p=591
  11. I had to throw a lure down my concrete driveway twice which yielded a very small crack around the bottom hook hanger of a 1.5. I threw it like I was skipping a rock so there were many hits to the concrete. I was impressed. I dipped it for another coat right afterwards and as we have already figured out it does not make the original crack disappear but it was sealed and ready to go in the water again.
  12. aydensdad82

    citrus M3

    That is gorgeous.
  13. Interesting. I will try that this afternoon as I have a couple to seal. I have noticed the flakes before.
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