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  1. Landry

    Lurecraft silver minnow color

    Thanks guys. I actually bought it to try with a purple hilite on the back of a paddletail in Shad colour
  2. Anyone use this colour?? is it clear or opaque? thanks
  3. Landry

    Hard Tail

    That is an incredible idea!!! the Japanese guy's tail looks like it is crazy glued on It also appears as though the light rigid tail kicks better at slow speeds. This is really cool
  4. Landry

    Marketing Tips?

    Good advice here. I will add/and repeat in some cases: - set a realistic production/profit goal if its part time and you have a family. In some cases, making less product actually can increase your profit/sales - find your niche / try to bring something new or better to the market in your area - do a few things really well - don't spread yourself too thinly (I made this mistake at first) - small batch custom stuff should be better imo not cheaper so price your baits accordingly - make sure you have your stuff dialed in before going to market. Your reputation is worth more than a few bucks
  5. Landry

    Clear laminate paddletails

    Thank you!
  6. Landry

    Clear laminate paddletails

    I used Lureworks Sb Coat paints and then coated with the SB Coat clear.
  7. Landry

    Clear laminate paddletails

    Thanks Mark!!
  8. Landry

    Clear laminate paddletails

    I have been on an intense three year learning mission as I design 9-16" soft muskie baits. Thanks to all that have helped here along the way. I just posted some photos of my painted baits in the soft plastics gallery. Lately, I have been mesmerized by the clear and exquisite laminated swimbaits shared by Shasta Bass Baits on Facebook. He has inspired me to explore laminated baits and subtle color and flake usage this year. Most of my baits have been opaque - which is more the norm in muskie baits There is so much to learn in this hobby.
  9. Landry


    A couple of soft musky jigs
  10. Landry


    Soft musky jigs I pour. Tail spinners missing in pic.
  11. Landry


    9+" muskie paddletails with internal harness I pour. Made from basswood master and silicon mold.
  12. Landry


    16" muskie pullbaits with internal harness I pour. Made from basswood master and silicon mold.