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  1. Thinman13


    Jj's majic beats em all!
  2. Thinman13


    I like this jig, do u sell?
  3. That is an awesome lookin fly

    1. saltydog


      Thank you. GOODLUCK GOOD TYIN

  4. Thinman13


    I mix fluorescent green and flourescent yellow to get mine
  5. What is ballast? Is it Like lead weight?
  6. I spray mine with 2 coats clear krylon first, then put sealer on, never had it wrinkle yet.
  7. Go on ebay and shop around too, I found my iwata for a good price with a hose, aircompressor is personal preference and what your budget is, u need to make sure u have a moisture trap too.
  8. Try using denatured alcohol or vegetable oil.
  9. I quit using that and went to using a reducer that createx makes.
  10. I use the createx reducer they sell at Hobby Lobby. Water works but I was getting tip dry really quick. So I made a change and U don't need much.
  11. Yea, I got an Iwata eclipse, Awesome gun cause it will do acrylics and lacquer based paints. Now be patient and u will find one cheap enough. I bought mine on ebay and it had no defects. Cheap airbrushes ain't the way to go if u are serious about painting.
  12. What color do use for the shoulders and back?
  13. Thinman13

    Lucky Craft Gill

    Hey phil this is the bait I like.
  14. Yea, squirrels are a dime a dozen and a nuicense too. I thought about doing that myself.
  15. Thinman13


    How much is this bait? I want it.
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