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  1. delawareswimbaits

    Faded Trout

    I've been following your stuff for a while, awesome baits man!
  2. delawareswimbaits


    Golden Shiner wrap on a swimbait I made
  3. delawareswimbaits


    Wrap I did of a Golden Shiner on one of my glides.
  4. Been a long time lurker on this site, and figured I'd finally say hello. Name's Kenny, and I've been making lures for about a year now, and I learned a LOT from this site. Still do every time I log in. Anyways, here's a few lures I've done: From the left, we have: a billed wake bait, a suspending multi joint bait, a glide bait, and a lunker punker knock off. Here's a gill I'm working on: And another glide bait: As you can see, I've yet to buy and airbrush, I'm scared to ruin a lure after working so hard to get them this far haha. But I gotta learn somehow. I'm thinking of the Neo CN. Is it a decent starter airbrush? I'm also in the process of making my own silicone tail mold, so I won't have to use other companies tails. Here's some video of my wake bait: And my glide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8x7efvvB8iM I'd like to get my glide bait to make a wider slalom but I'm not sure how to go about doing it. I know that bigger baits make a bigger slalom, but I don't want to really go past 8.5-9". Just gotta keep tinkering I guess. Wood is Poplar, except the wake bait, I did it in Cedar. 1.5" screw eyes, Owner Hyper Wire split rings, and Owner St-36 hooks. If I get bent out, I'll switch to 41's. Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself, throw my name out there, and maybe talk lures with some of you guys.
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