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  1. Now you are in my area of expertise. I made tureen ware and sold it for years. First the bad news. Pine is a terrible choice for your cutting board. The problem is being too soft and letting bacteria enter. Tureen ware is usually made from the wood of fruit trees. Apple, Cherry (even wild cherry) and Pair are all good choices. On the side that will be used to cut, soak it good with peanut oil. ALL petroleum oils are toxic, and all other food grade oils will eventfully turn rancid. Peanut oil will not. Of course that is assuming the entire family is free of nut allergies.
  2. As an X-taxidermist, I can tell you this much. Real fur of ANY kind is out of the question. The hide of animals is preserved by drying. The roots of the fur is held into the dry hide. If it ever gets wet, the fur "slips". That is what they call it if it falls out.
  3. Ok, Update on the Christmas craft show.......... There were hundreds of people stopped at my booth and commented how beautiful my hand carved lures are. Prices ranged from $3.95 to $9.95. Total sales? $14.80 But tomorrow is another day............ lol
  4. I have watched that video before. I would really like to see how easy the dipped swim bait is to get off the form. Not that I doubt it at all, but just would have loved to have seen it slipping of there. And...by-the-way....the swim bait looked REALLY GREAT!
  5. Ok, here is the outcome of my little experiment with GE silicone. I made a little "fish sculpture" of modeling clay. I put a ton of details in that little fish. I made gills, scales with mesh, and vanes in the fins. I then mixed up a batch of the silicone and water. It makes a nice mold in general, but the water doesn't "thin" the silicone (nor is it really supposed to). It is so thick going over the blank, it didn't pick up any of the detail at all. When finished, and a soft plastic prototype was poured, it was pretty much (an almost) fish shaped blob. I was very disappointed after all the work I put into that little "sculpture". But hey.....nothing ventured, nothing gained...it was worth a try. Just thought I would pass that along. Tim
  6. There is a local Christmas Craft show near me in a historic town called Zoar. Normally, you have to apply for the show a year in advance, and it is a juried show. A committee decides of your craft is worthy of their show and you may or may not get in. I made a call a couple of weeks ago. I sent pictures of my lures. The thing that REALLY caught their eye is they have NEVER seen hand made fishing lures at any other craft show EVER! They let me in. The show dates are December 7th and 8th. There are about 10,000 people come to the show over the 2 day weekend. Not as large of attendance as I have seen with some of the other crafts I have done show with, but these people come to buy! Mostly looking for Christmas presents. I hope there are lots of women there looking for an unusual gift for their "fisherman husband". I am hoping to do well, I guess we will see!
  7. Slammingjack, Awesome information, thanks for posting it! Tim
  8. How would you like to loose that in a submerged tree limb?
  9. Nova, That's a pretty great looking frog there. Can you give me more information where to find a mold and how it works? Thanks, Tim
  10. From what I understand.....that is if I do.......mixing a couple of table spoons of water in the silicone changes all that. I guess clearification of that is one of the things I am looking for. Tim
  11. Also, I was wondering, if I use the same exact process as I used when making "amazing rubber" molds it that the right thing to do? After mixing the silicone I mean. Secondly, will the mold be as flexible when complete as "amazing ribber" Thanks, Tim
  12. Here is what I planned to get at Lowe's. Anybody see a problem using this? GE 9.8-oz Clear Silicone Window and Door CaulkItem #: 35166 | Model #: LW012X4 |$18.76 Description 9.8-oz Clear Silicone Window and Door Caulk 100% Silicone Permanently Weatherproof NAHB Research Center Green Approved Unlike Acrylic, Silicone is: PERMANENTLY Waterproof, Flexible and Shrink/Crack Proof Non-paintable - For a paintable & permanently waterproof caulk, look for Groov by GE Adheres to: most wood, metal, vinyl siding, drywall/ plaster, glass & Plastic Typical Uses: Windows, doors, siding, trim, molding, baseboards, vents, around wires/ pipes and other attic/ basement applications
  13. I usually make about 5 oz. batches of plastic. How much anise oil should I put in a batch? (drops)
  14. Just a heads up.....I'm not sure if it is a national thing, or just our local Lowe's but they have 9.8 oz tubes (in a 4 pac marked buy 2 get two free) for $11.84 for all 4 tubes. This might just be a good time to try this out! Tim
  15. lol....that's what I felt like yesterday in "the lab".... pour one, try something.....pour another......then suddenly, it came to life and sat up on the table!
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