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  1. RighteousBaits


  2. RighteousBaits

    Wild Thing

    Now that is awsome.
  3. RighteousBaits

    Marbled Glider

    Nice work. Really like this bait
  4. RighteousBaits


  5. RighteousBaits

    green monster

  6. RighteousBaits

    Createx Paint Supply

    Trying looking on eBay.
  7. RighteousBaits

    RighteousBaits Ghost

  8. RighteousBaits

    Black Crappies

    These are nice good job.
  9. RighteousBaits

    Righteous Baits Baby Bass

  10. RighteousBaits

    Righteous baits bull shad

  11. RighteousBaits

    Info On Revo

    I have multiple revos by far my favorite reels. I miss when the revo s first came out at 100 that dident last long.
  12. RighteousBaits

    Looking For Scale Netting

    Gon 2 long thats a great idea
  13. RighteousBaits

    Looking For Scale Netting

    Check it out http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-sheet-6-x12-Fine-Scale-Masking-Paint-Scale-Patterns-On-Fishing-Lures-/220990907508?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item337415a474 There is other maskings to just type it on there is not many options on ebay, but it looks close.
  14. RighteousBaits

    Where Do Most Of You Sell?

    Am pretty new at it to. I got in a few local baitshops, and there doing okay there. I have sold quite a few on ebay. It really depends on what kind of lures you make, as far as ebay is concern. I make square bill cranks, and there is some pretty stiff competition in that arena. I do better on ebay selling a lot of lures then one at a time. I have yet to launch a website and it still a little way down the road, but I know once I do, I well be giving a few lures to fishound, its free advertising for online buyers.
  15. RighteousBaits

    Looking For Scale Netting

    Go to ebay i just seen some scale masking exactly like that. Anyone know were you can get some really unique scale masking?