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  1. I use the mustad 32746 1/0 2/0 3/0 in mine you just have to make the eye slot a litter bigger for the eye of the hook
  2. Hello I am new to pouring of soft plastics. I have been making jigs buzz baits spinner baits shakey heads for about 6 years now. I am looking at getting into the injection of plastics mainly swim baits grubs and finesse worms. Looking for do's and don'ts before I wast a lot of money like I did when I started making jigs before I found this site. Best places to buy molds plastics and coloring's. Thanks for the help
  3. wootonc

    matzuo hooks

    Does anyone know where we can find Matzuo sickle jig hooks I think the number is 9014 90 degree bend. 1/0 2/0 3/0 seems everywhere I look no one has them. Also would be willing to find a different brand of a sickle hook bought some eagle claw but the gap wasnt as wide as the Matzuo. Thanks
  4. I am looking to make some spinner baits out of titanium wire 3/8 1/2 3/4 in size any recommendation on what size wire i should purchase to use for my wire form. thanks
  5. wootonc

    twin injector

    Looking for a used twin injector with blending block just starting to mess with plastic and looking for a used one to learn with before I put a lot of money into it.
  6. wootonc


    Here is the pic of all the styles in the box if interested I will send what you want have all priced at 225 but will entertain a good offer for all just don't make baits that need these
  7. wootonc

    plum colored plastic

    Looking for someone that could mix some plastic that would match the zoom plum color I want about a quart to start with. shoot me a price and shipping thanks
  8. wootonc


    These blades for sale bought with a store and dont use these .05 plus shipping each.
  9. wootonc


    1000'S of blades .05 each plus shipping I dont know the size of these they were in a shop I bought and do not use them.
  10. I have put the 7/0 gami hook in mine and throw 10 to 12 inch worms on them alot also eagle claw makes a 7/0 wide gap that I sell alot of them in it also.
  11. what kind of hooks and weed guards do you have and skirt material
  12. wootonc

    spoon molds used

    got two used spoon molds price is tyd 1 is a CC-4-A AND 1 IS HS-3-34 thanks price is 28.00 for each mold shipped
  13. wootonc


    anyone know of a supplier that had the plastic rattles that go on a spinner bait arm like stan sloan uses. thanks
  14. wootonc


    Could someone tell me what eagle claw hook black nickle matches the 32746 mustad. thanks
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