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  1. wootonc

    Doit Randy Howell magnum shaky head

    I have put the 7/0 gami hook in mine and throw 10 to 12 inch worms on them alot also eagle claw makes a 7/0 wide gap that I sell alot of them in it also.
  2. wootonc

    Lead jig molds, silicone skirts, bucktails, hooks, etc.

    what kind of hooks and weed guards do you have and skirt material
  3. wootonc

    spoon molds used

    got two used spoon molds price is tyd 1 is a CC-4-A AND 1 IS HS-3-34 thanks price is 28.00 for each mold shipped
  4. wootonc


    anyone know of a supplier that had the plastic rattles that go on a spinner bait arm like stan sloan uses. thanks
  5. wootonc


    Could someone tell me what eagle claw hook black nickle matches the 32746 mustad. thanks
  6. wootonc

    teflon pins

    Where is the best place to buy teflon 1/8 pins in bulk. Thanks
  7. wootonc

    Striper jigs

    I was wanting to start tying some Striper Jigs and was wanting to know what is a good head style to use and what type of hair to use. wanting to do 1/2 to 1 ounce in size.
  8. wootonc

    wire forming tools

    What would be a good wire forming tool to make spinner bait and buzz bait arms and to make twist on the end of the wire. Thanks for the help.
  9. wootonc

    fine cut skirts

    I am looking to make finesse jigs I have used the ones from fishing skirts.com but they do not have the colors I need skirts plus does but I have to buy 1000 of each color to get what I want and didnt need that many.
  10. wootonc

    fine cut skirts

    Does anyone have a different place to buy the fine cut skirt material other than skirts plus or fishing skirts.com skirts plus you have to buy 1000 tabs of each color and skirts plus does not have the colors that I need to make. thanks
  11. wootonc

    Skirt Wholesalers

    I tried GLC and they pretty much told me that I need to go through Fishing Skirts.com or ZMAN
  12. wootonc

    Black Powder Paint

    Check with cadman on the powder paint I get most of mine from him and it all works great especially the green pumpkin he has it is the best I have used on his black it goes on very smooth for me.
  13. wootonc


    Does anyone know where I can get these swivels with the sleeve that you can crimp on to hold the blade on the wire. Thanks for the help
  14. wootonc

    new to plastics

    I have a tackle store that I own I sell my own jigs here and do a lot of custom stuff for customers and they plastic side is something theve been wanting me to get into for a while now just never pulled the trigger but I am making a move that direction and just reasearching before I put a lot of cash into it.
  15. wootonc

    new to plastics

    Hello I am new to pouring of soft plastics. I have been making jigs buzz baits spinner baits shakey heads for about 6 years now. I am looking at getting into the injection of plastics mainly swim baits grubs and finesse worms. Looking for do's and don'ts before I wast a lot of money like I did when I started making jigs before I found this site. Best places to buy molds plastics and coloring's. Thanks for the help