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  1. Les Young

    Bojon Cd/Dvd Tube Dipping

    Yes it is.
  2. Les Young

    Bojon Cd/Dvd Tube Dipping

    I have the angling ai 4" double dipper tube mold & my next one will be the xtra large mold. I have also hand dipped & I have also injected tubes in one color & then hand dipped them another color so i could have different color tail or ever dipped in two different colors for three colored baits, There are definite advantages to hand dipping including making whatever custom colors you want & they can be made as big & as long as you want, but the big one is it can be done for pennies on the dollar compared to injecting. Injecting is so much quicker with this mold however since it makes 5 at a time that it has the advantage there even if i'm going to dip in other colors because you can knock out a 50 pack in short order. Cutting tails is no big deal with my beefedup version of lurecrafts press & wether hand dipping or using my mold it still has to be done, Without a doubt however Bohon was a tube dipping master way ahead of his time & did an absolutley outstanding job & has helped so many folks get started & made the learning curve pretty much non existent for anyone that was interested in it & for that we should all be thankful.
  3. Les Young

    What is the best dye to use?

    Some prefer lurecraft some prefer MF etc. I prefer lureworks colorants & glitters & have tried a few from the others, but i just prefer them best.
  4. Les Young


    Add it after you have your colored plastic heated & ready to go. I have had some craft store glitter that done fine doing it this way. I also have had some that when i added the glitter it was red, but when demolding it was gold. Buying the right stuff to begin with is the best, but you aren't risking a microwave fire by adding it after heating to see if it will work & you can come up with some different looking baits easily too. I will say though that i haven't used anything, but lureworks glitter or colorant in quite a while too. .
  5. Les Young

    Cheapest Bait Coloring?!?

    I totally agree with the above statements.Get what's meant to be used & you won't regret it. I thought colorant was expensive too when i first started, but after buying pints of it & pouring piles & piles of baits & seeing how little i actually used i realized it will last me for a very long time. When you're only using x amount of drops per batch you soon realize there's a bunch of drops per pint of colorant. lol I've made baits for a lot of others besides myself. I've made tubes, brush hogs, super hogs, worms, trailers etc & still on the original pint of lureworks green pumpkin sp 156. Buy the right stuff & i don't think you'll have any regrets except maybe for the checkbook getting lighter from buying other colors you never intended on ordering until you saw them. lol
  6. Les Young


    I use Baitjumkys & Lureworks & they are top notch in my opinion. I had a couple issues with bubbles when i was first learning & i heated a small batch. but i let them over heat a little so it was my fault. After that i can set the timer on my microwave & never have to worry about it in the least & never had anymore bubbles.
  7. Les Young

    Bleed through

    Man those look nice. Great job.
  8. Les Young

    Cheapest soft plastisol brand /supplier!?

    I've used it quite a bit, but i always put it in after heating the plastic. You can come up with some interesting colors using it that aren't that common. My favorite however is lureworks polyester in .040.
  9. Les Young

    Bleed through

    Mark, i like that idea. No doubt that would be a great color in the clear highland lakes around here for sure.
  10. Les Young

    Ready to Buy Equipment and Supplies

    Be prepared to have a couple thousand dollars or more worth of molds before long. Baitjunkys was mentioned for plastic & should be mentioned that he makes top notch molds too. Enforcer as well makes really nice molds. I own several of them & they are good stuff. Basstackle molds are as good as it gets. I like lureworks colorants better than any of the others i have tried personally.
  11. Les Young

    Angling ai triple dipper tube mold?

    I like some of evryones molds, but when it comes to tube molds i think Josh has the best by far. I shoot my double dipper quite often & I've only had one bad bunch, but it was my fault. I fish a lot of tubes & i have a couple buddys that have became tube finatics after watching me fish them. Now i have to make them for them too & they're really happy with the baits this mold produces as well.
  12. Les Young

    Angling ai triple dipper tube mold?

    Thanks Bassboys. I really like the looks of what that mold produces. I guess i know what i'll be buying next.
  13. Les Young

    giant red glitter?

    Spike it has it in string glitter form in 0.125. in their lureworks brand
  14. Les Young

    Angling ai triple dipper tube mold?

    I sure will. It's definitley a great mold.
  15. Les Young

    Thinking about getting this mold.

    No doubt it will be an excellent mold like everything i have bought from him. Curt makes good stuff for sure.