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  1. Les Young

    Soft Plastic Cookbook

    Thanks. I've since lightened up on the colorant quite a bit & they look way better now.
  2. Les Young

    anyone know how to do this

    Ain't that the truth as far as a lot of work's concerned, but i really like that too. I'm a tube finatic & that just gave me some ideas to try for sure. Very, very nice.
  3. Les Young

    2.75 inch tube mold/Worm oil

    I have the angling ai 4" double dipper tube mold & i usually oil my rods every 4 or 5 shots or when i feel the rods starting to tighten when removing the tubes form them. Like was said if you oil the inside of your mold you will definitley get some major flashing going on. I have two sets of 5 rods & was going to order more, but honestly as fast as you can make them i haven't had the need for them. Tubes definitley add up real quick. I wish all molds multiplied as quickly as they do.
  4. Les Young

    Stone Molds

    I actually tried worm oil on my stone molds & got a lot of flash. I may have used to much though, but i honestly don't think so. After this happened i tried it without any oil whatsoever & haven't had a single problem since & i've made a bunch of baits with these molds. I have been meaning to try the pam trick, but haven't yet.
  5. Les Young

    Help with white

    Yep their stuff is great & I think the best there is & i've used several different companys glitters & colorants both & it just suits me a whole lot better all the way around. I do however use some red craft glitter from walmart in some white lures like flukes to get a light pink tint to them & it works great.
  6. Les Young

    Junebug or purple?

    Good deal. It's hard to match some colors sometimes without adding a drop of this or a drop of that colorant. If you do happen to use the Lureworks violet 193 don't go into shock like i did when you demold & your baits are a nice deep red. lol It's the nature of the beast like McLuvin said & it will cure up a nice purple when fully cured. A little pthalo blue in it & you can match zooms junebug to a tee so i'd say you could match the other brands junebug pretty easy with it too.
  7. Les Young

    Injector nozzle adapter

    I have one of his molds with the same type injection port & i shoot it with my 5/8" injector. .I just stick it over the hole & inject it slowly with no problem whatsoever.
  8. Les Young

    Dead on plastix

    Baitjunkys is top notch in my opinion.
  9. Les Young

    Safely and accurately applying chart. dip and dye

    Yep been there done that. lol
  10. Les Young

    Lure Craft baby brush hog mold

    basstackle has an excellent baby brush hog mold. I really like mine. Getting ready to order the 6” version for a buddy.
  11. Les Young

    Power Hawg

    My favorite use to be the 3 “ natural pro blue. Smallmouth would absolutely destroy them.
  12. Les Young

    Ukranian stone molds

    I will have to say baits aren’t nearly as dull as the essential molds though I guess because the molds aren’t as pourous. I’m happy with them for sure.
  13. Les Young

    Ukranian stone molds

    I have 3 trailer molds & have never had to coat them with anything whatsoever. May be that they aren’t as detailed as some lures are I don’t know. I guess if a person was worried about the baits being shiny he could, but I have never had a problem with mine & they are easily removed too. Mine came from bugmolds.net
  14. Les Young

    Color for plastic

    Mike, to start with i just bought junebug, green pumpkin sp 156 & various other colors from ispikeit.com already made & added the amount of drops it took to how ever many ounces of plastic i was heating to suit me for my version of colors i like. After that i ordered white, bllack, yellow , orange etc along with watermelon & a couiple different blues etc & experimented making small batches of what i thought certain colors may have in them & finally figured how to mix a bunch of different recipies by doing just this. Now although out of practice this winter thanks to working so much i can figure most common recipies that i will use out pretty quick. You can spend a lot of time doing just this, but nailing a hard color to figure out is huge part of the fun. There is also the soft plastic recipie book in the stickys section at the top that has some great recipies that you can easily make. Don't let it drive you crazy & enjoy it & you'll have it nailed pretty quickly.
  15. Les Young

    Junebug or purple?

    Lureworks junebug 125 is what i like & it lasts good too because it's pretty strong.