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  1. I had the same problem with it myself & told them that. After they cured for a while they were fine. Evidently they must have worked on though because I've ordered a few batches from them since & haven't had any problems whatsoever.
  2. I added shelving & it runs wall to wall on a 28x32 garage. As far as color names go i just write name , color & number on them with a permanent marker like say lureworks green pumpkin 109 or green pumpkin sp 156. I've done this to several pint bottles & it's still on there & you could always freshen it up every now & then if you had to.
  3. Oh believe me i know what b o a t stands for.
  4. I will when i do Mark, but will be a little while before i do. I'm spending money on the boat right now.
  5. I don't think you'll have any problems with any of the folks you'll be dealing with nowadays. Lots had problems with Delmart, but i couldn't have asked to be treated any better myself. Did have a problem with BTS & canceled my order, but Bob got bad sick is what happened & he made things right when he was able to get back at it again. I wouldn't have any problem dealing with him now.
  6. Yep i totally agree Bob. I've had a dual injector from Authentic Hand Made on Ebay & didn't like it at all. It drew up & contracted way to much for me & got extremely hot very quickly. I changed orings & done a little modification to the tube its self & it worked alright. I also had a 9 ouncer from the bad batch that baitplastics got from quality injector & had to send it back after only making 1 shot with it. I have a Basstackle single 6 ouncer & a dual 6 ouncer in the twin injector & they're by far my favorites & don't plan on changing anytime soom. I h
  7. Once again OIR that's a great job & very helpful. Thanks for posting this.
  8. Definitely some good thinking going on there OIR.
  9. I think i will try either some of the floatant materia or a high float plastic ,for shakey head worms, ned rig baits & baby brush hogs.
  10. I've had 3 different stores approach me about it, but i have a full time job getting more hours than i usually want. I may when i retire here in a dozen years if i'm able, but don't plan on making myself a second job anytime soon.
  11. Nice, i play myself & appreciate a good flat top. I'm one year older than my old 68 Dixon Hmmingbird that i've had since i was 16 which happens to be 37 years ago. I've thought about trying to build one, but haven't yet.
  12. We're talking about mostly 4, 6 or 8 ounce batches here but, i don't use hardner or softener. If i want a harder mix i just add hard to soft or medium & if i want it softer i just add soft to medium or hard. Doing it like this the only thing that changes is firmness because my colors, amount of glitter, highlights etc. stay exactly the same & so do the amount of plastic used in each shot. I use heat stabilizer on old remelts that i store in coffee cans. Working in small batches like i do makes it easy to tweak them any way i want & still be pretty consistent. Sometime
  13. Congratulations. Man with 4 sons under 5 ole dads sure been one busy old boy.
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