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  1. I definitely like the basstackle injectors. If i could sell or do some trading on the 10 ouncer for another 6 ouncer i'd just make a bracket & make a dual setup out of two basstackle 6 ouncers. I have one of the ukraine made dual injectors, but the injectors are kind of a pain to use. The blending block works fine though so i could make another rod for the length needed for the 6 ouncers & open up the holes in the straight piece for the handle & modify the clamping system or easily make another one & be good to go that route instead.
  2. How do the do-it injectors compare to the basstackles ? I have both a 6 & 10 oz. basstackle injector & thought about possibly selling them or trying to do some trading on a dual injector from do-it & maybe picking up another 6 Ozer. to do single color shots with too. Thanks
  3. Les Young

    basstackle 10 Oz. injector

    $90.00 to your door in the continental us.
  4. spikeit has a brown based green pumpkin. It's lureworks colorant green pumpkin sp156
  5. Yep forgot about Bob.My next tube mold will be from him.
  6. Just another thought, but the angling ai 4" double dipper tube mold can make a head that's solid for a 1/2 inch. They hold up pretty good too, but you have to cut the tails yourself. I fish tubes a lot & have this mold myself & sure like it.
  7. Same as brand new with no more than 6 shots put through it if that many. . Would also take a used basstackle 6 oz. injector thats in good shape in on trade. Thanks
  8. Oh yes you can do some nice effects for plastics for sure. I've made laminates in tubes, brush hogs, super hogs, beavers, flukes, worms, senkos, ned rig baits, swimbaits , craws & jig trailers etc. & they work & look great. That's why the thought occured to me to possibly try it.
  9. Mark, don't get me wrong when i get to making up a bunch of baits i'll definitely use the 10 Oz., but just thinking that this would be a good way to go when i make so many laminates too. Just having to put it together when making laminates would be the only aggravating part, but no big deal either. I just think i could have a dual injector cheaper & still use the 6 ouncers by themselves a lot to begin with.
  10. I already have a blending block & have already tried it & it will work fine so I would just have to make the bracket & the separator & that won’t be any problem.? I actually have one of the cheap Ukrainian twin injectors that I use a lot which is why I thought about this.? If the Ukraine thing would work easy I’d just use it, but then again already having a 6 ounces & being able to double the amounts of laminates I make at a time sounds good too.
  11. I have an almost new 10oz. basstackle injector that hasn't had more then a half a dozen shots put through it & thought about trying to trade for a 6 ozer &make a bracket to make two six ouncers (since i already have )into a dual injection system. Has anybody done this? I could also sell the 10Oz. & buy another 6 ouncer too. Any suggestions that anybody can think of that may work better? Thanks
  12. Thanks. I guess i'd better get busy ordering since i only have molds from exactly half of them. I do have multiples from them though so that may not be that bad. lol
  13. Mark, some walmart stores use to have it & it wasn't trout attractant either.
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