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  1. Les Young

    Angling AI Injection Tube Mold

    Nope it's the double dipper. After you cut the tails & roll them in salt they look a lot different. In the 2 color tube thread the right one is a zoom & my 2 colored one on the left. You can tell by the pic there isn't really much if any difference. These work great for me here, but you may be wanting something totally different then what i would use here though too. If heavy salt was mixed in the plastic instead of just rolling them in it it may make a difference too. Schoolmaster or DaveMc would be a good one to ask about that.
  2. Les Young

    Angling AI Injection Tube Mold

    Here’s my first attempt at laminating for a moonlight night tube.
  3. Les Young

    Glitter/Recipes questions

    May have. I thought Leonards plastic was perfect for the baits i make. Hopefully this stuff isn't to soft. I'll be pissed for sure if it is.
  4. Les Young

    Glitter/Recipes questions

    Mark, i haven't used any of mine yet. I'm trying to finish the last 5 gallon off that i ordered from Leonard so i don't know yet. I was told by another member after i said that i had purchased it that it wasn't the same as baitjunkys. Leonards & lureworks have been my favorites by far anyway so if i'm not satisfied it's back to lureworks for me for sure. I'll let you know what i think about it.
  5. Les Young

    Angling AI Injection Tube Mold

    Yep i have it. I am going to possibly try laminates tomorrow to see how this mold does with a dual injector if i have time. I usually don't sale because i'm usually so busy with work that i don't have time. I am on vacation now until the 2nd of Janurary though. Pm me & i'll see if it's something i'm interested in doing. May be able to help you out.
  6. Les Young

    Glitter/Recipes questions

    I just bought baitplastics 6 gallon baitjunkys blend & with the 25% off code i got in an email it was $129.81 delivered. You can also pick either hard, medium, soft etc for each individual gallon. I order some hard for making tubes & the rest in medium.
  7. Les Young

    Angling AI Injection Tube Mold

    I would think so.
  8. Les Young

    Angling AI Injection Tube Mold

    3 or 4 ounces. 4 will do it for sure, but with so many different molds I can’t remember off the top of my head.
  9. Les Young

    Bobbin ?

    What bobbin do most use tying flies & is it an absolute necessity to have ? Thanks
  10. Les Young

    Floatnfly bobbers?

    Thanks guys. I appreciate the help.
  11. Les Young

    Floatnfly bobbers?

    Thanks Burt. I figured it wouldn't be that big a deal, but i haven't fished it in a long time, but then it was with the 3 way swivel & a liter & bobber. I figured i'd be able to do it with a lot less rigging headaches & try to keep the old hands drier & warmer too. lol Would the small floats work with 6 lb. mono ok too? Thanks
  12. Les Young

    Floatnfly bobbers?

    Travis thanks.
  13. Les Young

    used plastic organization

    I put mine in empty folgers coffee cans & write on them with a sharpie what color. I also put what colorant number on it too like lureworks junebug 125. If it's something i've taken multiple colors to make a certain color ( example matching zooms ruby red) i have all recipies for each bait i've made in that color written down in a notebook so i know exactly how much plastisol, colorant brand & number with the amount of drops, glitter, salt etc. i used to make it. This way i can repeat it when necessary after i've reach the shade i wanted in each bait since each can be different due to thicknesses etc.
  14. Les Young

    Floatnfly bobbers?

    I’m going to make some floatnfly jigs. 1/16 & 1/8 ouncers. Is there a bobbet that can be bought off the shelf about anywhere that doesn’t need modifying to use with it? Can a plain weighted or slip bobbet be used? Also what length would balance well with 1/16 & 1/8 jigheads? Not talking bobs bobbers or rocket bobbers since I know about them already. Thanks
  15. Les Young

    Glitter/Recipes questions

    Most use Kelley green glitter for junebug. I use lureworks .040 kelly green for mine. If I want it loaded up i’ll add some small glitter too.