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  1. Issues with my injectors

    Yep clean & lube.
  2. Basstackle 156 worm

    No experience with the 156 mold, but basstackle is good to deal with & they have great molds. See if they'll send you some samples of baits made with that mold.
  3. Preferred Plastisol Brands

    Baitjunkys & lureworks are both good stuff. I also tried a couple different samples that polysol sent me & i liked them awful well too. I wouldn't hesitate ordering from any of the three. Baitjunkys ain't gonna be beat on price though & if you have any questions Leonard is gonna answer. I know this for a fact. lol.
  4. Zoom recipe

    I think Angling archer is posting a pic to help us see it to be able to help figure it out for you.
  5. Recipe for Honey

    I believe the lureworks gourd 172 could be tweaked a little if needed to get it & may not need to tweak it at all.
  6. Recipe for Honey

    Welcome aboard. A very small drop of amber, brown or even yellow may do it depending on the shade you prefer. Post a pic of the color needed as it will give us a better idea of what you're after.
  7. Baitmold.com

    I have 3 molds ordered myself after buying several molds to find something extremely close that worked like these baits do as far as action goes & was totally unsuccessfull. These particular ones are the only style of these baits myself & several buddys use. After reading several pages of reviews from their previous customers i took a chance. Guess i'll form my own opinion after this deal is done as to wether it was worth it or not after recieving them.
  8. Who's making a good injector now?

    I love my 6 oz. basstackle, but i'm gonna buy a 9 oz. too.
  9. Newbie

    Welcome aboard. There are plenty of great lure makers that will help with any questions you may have.
  10. Best Hand injector size ?

    A 3 ouncer should work out aliright for you. I have a Basstackle 6 ouncer & i'm thinking i'm gonna pick up a 3 ouncer for smaller pours. I saw a 9 ouncer somewhere that i may pick up too just to be able to shoot more molds at a time of my favorite baits when i want to make a bunch up at once. .I shoot 2 or 3 molds at once most times, but you have to remember what combo of which ones work. or you'll come up short. The 9 ouncer would eliminate this altogether.
  11. Newbie looking for molds

    Enforcer molds has some nice smaller tube molds. I have 10 I think it is of his molds & all have been great. Angling ai have great tube molds too.
  12. Merry Christmas Guys

    Hope everybody has a great one.
  13. 2.5 in Tube

    Lol oh yeah.
  14. Enforcer molds 2 in Tube

    I have 18 molds so far & 9 of them are Curts. He does great work & definitley has top notch service & his molds make excellent baits too.
  15. Best 7inch Ribbon Worm MOld

    I have a couple of enforcers medium ribbon tail worm molds & they make a nice worm for sure. It close to 8" though.