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  1. Mine stays in my unheated garage all of the time & i have never had a single problem. Shake or stir it up good to get the pigment mixed up good where it has sat & separated & you'll be fine. I stir mine with a welding rod that i have removed the flux & wire brushed to get it clean. After this i shake it good to mix & it's fine.
  2. Good to hear. I know i've never had a problem whatsoever.
  3. Yes they will.When i was first starting I called Leonard thinking i may have been over heating my baitjunkys plastic when the lureworks uv 193 i was using was turning a pretty nice red color & he assured me that when it cured it would be the color i wanted & it was.
  4. x 100. I have molds from basstackle, angling ai , enforcer, delmart, do -it, jacobs baits & others & thats why i bought them was because i liked the design of the individual lure that i would be getting from that particular mold. They all make top notch molds for sure.
  5. There really isn't much to it. You just need to experiment on your color recipies if you want lighter colored baits. I tried my normal recipies & the baits were really dark with the flat finish compared to a good smooth cnc aluminium mold. After lightening up on the color they were fine. I tried painting one like lots do the sand cast essential series that do-it sells, but it didn't wotk because the paint wouldn't adhere to them because of the hard nonpourous finish. No doubt the kbs clear coar would probably be a better option compared to the high temp engine paint that i tried. If you experiment with your recipies i personally think you'll come up with something that will work for you.
  6. I have a few artificial stone molds. The baits aren't shiny like a cnc alunimium molds. I just adjust color to lighten the normal recipies used in aluiminum & they make a pretty nice bait. As far as demold time i do the same time that i do on aluminium & have not have a problem. I had a few very specific baits that i wanted to be able to make & decided to try one. I then bought a few more after trying them. Don't get me wrong 90% of my molds are aluminium cnc molds from basstackle, enforcer, delmart, angling ai etc., but these work fine after you figure out the little learning curve of exactly what you want. I make a lot of craws & jig trailers with mine & they work great. They definitely suit me & my buddies for something we use a large amount of.
  7. Les Young

    Tube Molds

    I really like the looks of that & i cut my tails anyway so looks like this will probably be my next mold.
  8. Soft plastic colorant is what you want. Look up lureworks soft plastic colorant. That will give you an idea of what you’re looking for.
  9. I've used Del a few times the last 2 years & they shipped the next day every time.
  10. I keep my leftovers in folgers coffee cans & cut up unto small pieces when i'm going to use them. I melt it down some( about half) while being careful to not get it to hot & then put a cap full of heat stabilizer in it & then finish the heating & have no problems.
  11. I have the 4" double dipper & really like it. It's a great mold in my opinion. Like Canga said salt the tails & they look as good as anybody's.
  12. I scrape it with a wire brush cleaned welding rod & then shake it.
  13. i’ll be buying from JBuff next time myself.
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