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  1. Give the gloves a try to see if it helps. Could it be plastic drawing moisture out of the air from humidity? When i first started using baitplastics though i thought that it was spongy feeling & put of more oils & than either the lureworks or the calhouns that baitjunkys sold which is the two brands of plastisol i had used at the time. After i let the baits cure awhile they turned out great & baitplastics is all i've used since. I leave baits hanging for months & never have a dull one. I just orderd 5 gallons the other day & 1 gallon of it is their hard so i'll see i
  2. You may well be right. When i up size the pic it looks to have a very light purple hue on my computer screen which is why i thought possibly violet.
  3. Could possibly be a minute amount of white colorant with the violet hi lite mixed in & black glitter or clear plastic with violet hi lite & black glitter. .
  4. That's looks pretty good right there if you ask me.
  5. I tried to view your videos, but it says there is no videos on it & also no content.
  6. I shot the slick shiner mold again this afternoon a few times & i'm definitely liking it. Made some pretty good laminates.
  7. Even though i haven't had time to mess with it much i did shoot it once & i sure like mine.
  8. I really don't have a problem with that on the baits i'm thinking of adding it to. Thanks
  9. Thanks Wally. I’m thinking about finesse worms, baby brush hogs & big ribbon tails too. May even try a couple jig trailers too.
  10. Let me rephrase that. They come out of the mold & they are oilier when warm until they've had time tocool & cure, but after a little time i really like the results. I think it's a little clearer than the calhouns too. Anyway it being a different plastic & me getting use to the slight differences between it & calhouns i'm completely satisfied with the baitplastics stuff.
  11. The baits cured up oilier & softer feeling than with the calnouns, but after letting them cure a little longer there very good and the softness is good & the baits are actually pretty durable. I've ordered several 5 gallon batches of it so far & like it.
  12. I ordered some floatant bubble material from baitplastics when i ordered plastic the other day & wondered what would be a good place to start when it came to how much per ounce to get a high floating bait. I usually work in either 4 or 6 ounce batches. Any suggestions? Thanks
  13. That makes two of us. It toook me a little while to get use to it after using calhouns that baitjunkys sold, but i'm happy now. I just orderd 4 gallons of medium & a gallon of salt water too . I mix it with the medium to make tubes.
  14. That injector will also expand & contract very badly if you really try to shoot it a bunch & it will get so hot that you’ll think it’s going to burn you.
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