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  1. I tried the silicone molds, but never liked the baits from them because they didn't seem to get as firm as those from aluminum to me. This could have all been in my mind however. I got rid of mine, but if i buy any more they'll more then likely be the composite ones. I have some of the artificial stone molds & the finish isn't as bright & shiny as the aluminum molds, but they make very good lures. You can tweak your recipe & make them look pretty much identical. I make a lot of jig trailers out of them & make colors like zooms ruby red, sapphire blue, green pumpkin & rootbeer pepper green & they look just as good & pretty much identical to them. The do-it essential series molds are also a very good affordable option. The lures won't be as shiny as a cnc machined mold, but every bit as good a lure.
  2. There is all kinds of molds for them & if that's what you use most then for sure buy them first. I throw brush hogs & super hogs a lot so my first mold was the bastackle 4.5 bt flipping hog( brush hog. My next two were Delmart 4"shz molds( super hog) then it escalated from there. Now i have a bunch of different ones & several different jig trailer molds too. Main thing is to not go to crazy or you'll spend some major bucks way quicker than you want to.
  3. That & you'll have buddys wanting them too.
  4. No i ordered the yellow 116.
  5. What baits do you throw the most?
  6. If you do buy plastic & buy 5 gallons a time you will have all kinds of remeltable sprues after a little while. I keep mine in left over coffee cans (atleast 20) under the bench in my garage & use it as needed.
  7. Spikeit had bright yellow , golden yellow & yellow so i just got that. I think it will work pretty good for what i'm going to do with it.
  8. Yep i know. I have some chartreuse pumpkin colorant, but no straight chartreuse.
  9. no matter it's gone now & i ordered a small bottle of yellow from spikeit.
  10. Maybe with the right chartreuse.
  11. Does anyone have a recipie that's close to zooms tomato like in their super chunk ? I ordered lureworks tomato red thinking it would be close, but it's not by a long ways.I also mixed redbug, white & yellow & got close,but it doesn't have the faint yellow hue that zoom does. Thanks
  12. I used some aircraft paint stripper & it cleaned them a lot better than i figured it would. I layed them on the ground in the sun & sprayed them down & took an acid wash brush to each mold & really scrubbed them. Left a grey aluminium residue where they were laying. I then dried them & shot them & the first shot brought the remaining paint residue off. The next round of baits were shinier then they were when new. Hopefully they stay this way.
  13. Mark, will do. I have a digital temperature gun i can use. I don't really figure on setting extremely close because i figure i'll have to handle them some to regulate temps & i don't want my cold one becoming a warm or hot one instead.
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