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  1. 2.5 in Tube

    Lol oh yeah.
  2. Enforcer molds 2 in Tube

    I have 18 molds so far & 9 of them are Curts. He does great work & definitley has top notch service & his molds make excellent baits too.
  3. Best 7inch Ribbon Worm MOld

    I have a couple of enforcers medium ribbon tail worm molds & they make a nice worm for sure. It close to 8" though.
  4. 2.5 in Tube

    Angling ai makes quite a mold don't they ? . Nice looking tubes, but the fish would look way better then the tubes after soaking in some hot oil for a few minutes. lol
  5. History of tackleunderground

    There is definitley a wealth of knowledge here for sure with an abundance of fantastic bait makers that will go out of their way to help others. Thanks guys.
  6. Misting paint on belly of lures?

    Ron thanks. Sounds like a good idea. I’ll check it out. Appreciate the help.
  7. Misting paint on belly of lures?

    Montess, no I don’t have an airbrush setup. I may try the sharpie if I can fine a light enough orange colored one. I thought about nail polish if I can find a real light orange then clear coat it with hard as nails. Thanks.
  8. Misting paint on belly of lures?

    Thanks Travis.
  9. Misting paint on belly of lures?

    Yes they sure are. Thanks for the suggestions guys.
  10. Misting paint on belly of lures?

    Ordered what I thought was bone/ orange belly one knocker spooks & looks like i’m getting plain bone color instead. How would you mist the orange belly on them or for what i’m wanting would you just use a very light orange nail polish? Thanks
  11. First soft plastics

    Good looking craw for sure.
  12. Essential series 6’finesse crawler

    I got the mold yesterday & I will have to say i’m impressed. I made 10 straight shots with it & no flashing whatsoever & I like the bait itself too. Great mold in my opinikn.
  13. Custom Aluminum mold question

    I've had several molds for soft plastics from different manufacturers distort from excessive heat by shooting them over & over.When this happens i usually just shoot some other molds until the others cool off & then you're good to go again for a while.Lead molds are no different according to my buddy that pours a lot of lead. Just the nature of the beast i guess when fooling with aluminium & excessive heat.
  14. Essential series 6’finesse crawler

    Thanks DaBehr. I appreciate it.
  15. Zeiners

    I just bought a finesse worm mold from them lastnight. Their prices are very good in my book.