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  1. Looks good Bassman17$. i like those.
  2. Just take your time & slowly buy what molds that will make the lures you'll use constantly. For me it was a basstsackle brush hog style mold, next two delmart shz molds (super hogs), several aluminium & artificial stone molds for several different types of jig trailer molds, worm molds & a couple fluke style molds from enforcer, & a tube mold & a hula grub mold from angling ai. Now i have about 30 molds & still not done. If you take some time it won't get to overwhelming & it will become a very addictive, but enjoyable hobby. Then there's the catching all of your fish on stuff that you made yourself.
  3. microwave, pyrex cups, gloves, digital thermometer, plastisol, colorant & glitter & molds for your absolute favorite baits will definitely get you going pretty good. Medium plastisol would be the best bet to start with until you learn & know what you like. It's also hard to beat bait plastics brands for price on plastisol.
  4. Mike, a lot of guys say they're top notch.
  5. I remember that this is exactly what was happening to Ferns tubes so it's definitely not a new thing.
  6. Good idea. I believe i'll pick one up & make it fit too.
  7. Lureworks or baitplastics is what i like since Leonard at baitjunkys doesn't sale calhouns anymore. I'm using medium in the baitplastics right now& it's pretty good stuff. They also have a medium hard if you want a little firmer finished product. I really like lureworks being in the bag in the box & it's very good plastisol too.
  8. Yep me too & usually do it every time i go into the garage.
  9. And the man knows his stuff along with several more on here that are always willing to help. .
  10. Man those look nice. Do you have any pics of what you done to make it a little easier to grasp?
  11. I've had it to turn brown or rootbeer as you said when over cooking it until the point i scorched it, but never had any turn into jello when i did it.
  12. I have a dual 6ouncer basstackle & it's top notch. Basstackle, do-it molds, jacobs mold & machine & quality injector all make them & i'm sure they're more just all oi can think of off the top of my big melon head right now.
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