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  1. I agree on the 706 craw & Curt at enforcer molds has some very good quality & affordable craw molds too.
  2. There's a thread i started called ukranian injector problem 4 threads down where i tell what authentic handmade said the o ring sizes for the 120 ml/ 4 ouncer takes.
  3. Check out the sticky up top for mold makers & go through their inventories. You can usually find about anything you want. Basstackle molds is pretty popular with most of us.
  4. Glenn, i cut the grooves in the tubes of the ukranian injector & changed o rings to some caterpillar o rings a guy i work with had that had just a tad less thickness & it's easy now to remove the tips. Thanks for the picture of yours.
  5. Hm. I don't know what could be causing that then. Sorry i couldn't help.
  6. Les Young


    Basstackle every time. I have one of the ukraine 4 ounce twin injectors with blending block that i'd sale cheap, but you'd have to put new o rings in it & probably make a notch to remove the ends like Musky Glenn did his.
  7. I just click on the individual pics & they open.
  8. Some plastic soaks up more oil then others. Worm oil is a plastisizer which is added to a synthetic resin to add flexibility etc. so it naturally soaks into baits made with it. Kind of the nature of the beast. You can always apply more right before you use them although the oil will wash off when you fish them.
  9. Has anybody used it instead of medium & what did you think? I’m talking for stuff like brush hogs, worms, jig trailers, ned rig baits etc. pretty much using it for everything as a replacement for the medium. Thanks
  10. Jazzatomo, , 3 cm outer diameter & 3 mm thickness is what he said.. This is for the 120 ml dual injector.I'm going to try some o rings at work so we'll see what i come up with. If the guys i work with have the right size silicone o rings that's what i'm going to try.
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