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  1. Check to see if Curt has one at enforcer molds/ I have a couple of his single cavity 4 inchers & they work great.
  2. Mike, what about some blue with a little watermelon? I made some finesse worms colored like the old blue creme worms from about 30 years ago for a buddy & they looked very close to that. I remember that it was just a few ( seems like it was 3)drops lureworks pthalo blue & either one or two drops lurecraft watermelon to 3 ounces of plastic. It was extremely close to what you're looking for.
  3. Leonard, the medium you sold in my opinion was by far better than anything i've used so far when it comes to the baits being soft, but durable enough too. The bait plastics medium is just way to soft & spongy feeling to me. If the mixing hard & medium doesn't help i'll be going another direction for sure.
  4. Mark, that's exactly how i feel. I mixed some medium & hard 50-50 lastnight to see how it cures, Hopefully it does better.
  5. Enforcer, basstackle, del-mart & do-it are what molds i;ve used. Glitter & colorant i'm buying lureworks from ispikeit.com. I also like their plastic although right now i'm trying bait plastics, but the jurys still out on that.
  6. Mines the same exact way, but i know where every single thing is too.
  7. The only things i'm seeing for myself that doesn't exactly suit me with the baitplastics plastisol is that it seems stretchier & softer in the same medium grade than the other 2 i've used. I think medium hard or even hard would cure that problem. I also think it is tackier when i first demold than the other 2 by far. It does cure good & clear for transparent colors & also lets the glitter show pretty easily for colors that aren't extremely transparent/ It's like anything else in that it has it's goods & bads. I like it, but am not yet completely satisfied with it so i don't know which brand i'll go with when i use it up. I may be to picky i don't know, but i do like lureworks an awful lot too.
  8. I also have the 4" double dipper from angling ai & it's great. Bob Lebonde at cncmolds & stuff also has a tube mold i noticed that is very affordable.
  9. uh thats cnc molds & stuff. Sorry Bob.
  10. Bob Labonde CNC molds & things has a tube mold now too.
  11. No your not Mark. I've had methiolate & iodine used on me a bunch growing up along with coal oil on cuts.
  12. I called them & asked specifically about the 10 ouncer & Sarah walked into the shop & said they only had two. Luckily i got one of them.She did say they weren't listed on the website & sent me a link to it.
  13. I just bought a 10oz. basstackle injector last week. I have a 6 oz. & a cheaper, but smaller twin injection system too. The 10 oz. lets me shoot my brush hog, super hog & beaver style baits in one shot now. As usual the basstackle injector is great.
  14. Either that was your problem or the mold you had trouble with needed more venting. Injection molds are super easy to use, but they're not all perfect either. You very well could have had a bad mold. I wouldn't let that stop me whatsoever if i wanted to buy multi cavity molds when so many here are willing to help you get started out the right way. .
  15. Do you guys think the appendages of baits made with baitplastics medium are stretchier then they were when using medium in other brands. I have used lureworks & baitjunkys( calhouns) & they were definitely tougher with it. At first i didn't think i was going to like it, but baitplastics is growing on me since it seems to take heat very good & the colors of the baits seems to be more clear & shiny & show the glitter better using the same identical recipies. I may try some medium hard next time i shoot & see how it compares to medium in the other two. I will say though that i was completely happy with both baitjunkys & lureworks.
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