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  1. The plastic exudes oil when they cure. If you don’t remove it the paint won’t stick. With fresh made baits they haven’t had a chance to start yet so....
  2. I’ve had my best success with fresh made baits. If they are baits that have been cured before painting )2-3 weeks I have found that I have to clean the baits with denatured alcohol before I painted them or the baits would do just that.
  3. Was it a bait that was laying around to test on?
  4. They both work and neither are good for ya. I use acetone with other things. I usually have a gallon around
  5. To each his own I use m and f super soft for my senkos.
  6. They sell thinner for it that will clean it up . I use acetone to clean my airbrush when I’m done. Works like a champ
  7. My fingers:-) then I wipe them out with wd-40.
  8. I have a 6 inch basstackle . Love it
  9. The man knows what he’s doing.
  10. After looking really good at the gate on that mold.Its bigger than mine. Do-it must have made an adjustment to the es mold
  11. From my personal experience with that mold ,or at least the CNC alum. version of that mold. 300-310 degrees , hold pressure 10-20 seconds. Do that and you should be good to go. What baitjunkys was eluding to and what mcluvin said was spot on . The gate design on that mold just plain sucks. No ifs, ands or buts. To hot and the gate cools before the bait. I demold and hang mine in about a minute assuming the mold is not heat soaked. Ps If you feel ambitious you can open up the gate a little bit and it will help .
  12. Do -it’s what I’ve got and they work good.
  13. I have a 12 ft bench in my shop/bait shack. From left to right 4 ft of it is a small wire shelf that hold all my color , flake and additives . 2 ft off free board space for general purpose. The last 6 feet is where all the majic happens. 30 inch hood vent with 2 mics with storage below for baits and curing. More than enough room to do what I want.
  14. +1 if your using the thicker type hardner you will want to add some heat stabilizer . Mix the crap out of it . In general my rule of thumb is: 4 oz soft plastic teaspoon of hardner gives me medium soft table spoon gives me a medium hard both require 5-10 drops of heat stabilizer
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