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  1. I’ve got some and have used them on swim baits. They hold well when dipped over . Used more realistic ones too. It’s all subjective as to choice. The fish don’t get a good enough look.
  2. The old stand by 702 craw I believe it’s made by BTS. Use to be bass tackle .
  3. Sb clear can be used with plastisol colorant and holds well. I recommend clearing it after all colors go down or dipping in hot plastic.
  4. Flexcoat lure epoxy
  5. Yes:-) I brush it on and put on a turner which initially was the reason I went with kbs. One less thing to have to have/make. now that I got off my lazy bones and made one;-) I haven’t look back. I won’t bash Kbs as it’s a good choice. I used it on my restored pickup truck frame and it’s awesome stuff. In my experience the epoxy holds up against hook rash and bass teeth better. One coat of epoxy vs three coats of kbs dipped. Here’s one I made last month and I’ve used it heavily last couple of weeks. Not much if any hook rash. I’m an OCD kind of person I want the finish to be perfect and stay that way as long as it can. Stupid?!? Yes!!! It’s the way I am.
  6. I’m no expert but what I do with the flexcoat epoxy for baits is mix it as directed and then I spread it out on aluminum foil and use my heat Gun and heat the mix up. It’s a 2 fold thing #1 it gets out any trapped air during mixing .#2 heating it up warms it up so it flows better for me. I am like you I make one here and there . Kbs is a solid choice for a top coat but there are drawbacks one of the biggest to me is it’s moisture cured . Where I live humidity is always high(costal Virginia) My first container of kbs turned in nothing flat. Which is the reason why I went with epoxy. In my humble opinion it’s better for people like us who are doing One every now and then.
  7. One of the most important things I learned about color matching is hold the bait in question up in the light and look at the color through it . If you can match that then the color sitting in front of you laying in your hand should be close to spot on.. I know it sounds weird but it works for me.
  8. I use a flat griddle to warm up the block and injecters.
  9. Angling a I has a mold similar to a gyb spider grub . You still have to attach the skirt and grub. I have a few by others but this one is the best I’ve come across.
  10. Wd 40 silicone spray. No not really greasy. just slick but it gone the next day. My work top is kind of a do all. Paper work, bait making, etc. I have not had any problems with using it.
  11. Coated in silicone spray . When I’m done I spray it down. . Top still looks like hell but it’s due for a replacement . It’s just laminate flooring. I have had no problem with cold shocking Pyrex cups . It’s been down for 5 years . I won’t cry when I get time to replace it.
  12. M and f green pumpkin green and m and f Maroon is how I made mine. 4 oz plastic 2 table spoons of salt 35 drops of greenpmpkin green 1 drop of maroon to brown it up If you use the search feature you’ll find where I posted up another recipe along time ago but the above will get you in the park and you can tweak it to your liking as far as the amber I would assume m and f amber would be a good start seeing it’s where gyb get there colors from. I struggled with that shade of green pumpkin for a long time so much so I have the recipe memorized. Above everything else remember this you only have to be close don’t have to be dead on
  13. wallyc14


    If I had to take a guess I would say it’s micro bubbles in the plastisol. If you really don’t wanna spend the money on a degassing. Chamber the best way is to let it sit in the microwave for a couple of minutes after it’s been heated up . You may have to heat it up again. It’s the best way I found to do it.
  14. I am using kbs to clear so I was hoping to use glitter in the createx gloss clear I have then dip. That was the major problem I am having with the airbrush I have.
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