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  1. wallyc14

    Worm Oil

    Lmfao. Now that’s a conversation starter there! what you are more than likely experiencing is a plastic that is a” dry” plastic in other words what your experiencing . Long story short you add all you want and nothing is going to change. What brand of plastic ? There are some that are wet - exudes oil or dry that does not .
  2. wallyc14

    Cheapest soft plastisol brand /supplier!?

    It may or may not I’ve had spotty success with it.. but cheap enough to try:-)
  3. wallyc14

    Cheapest soft plastisol brand /supplier!?

    I agree I’ve been at this about 6 yrs now and have found each “brand” type of plastic has its pros and cons . Baitjunkys(Calhoun’s ) medium which is a dry plastic is good tough plastic great for grubs and small swimbaits . Now if we go the stick bait route mnf gets used super soft which is prefect for me only draw back if you want to call it that it exudes oil over its life which I’m ok with. To each his own . There really is no wrong plastic it’s all about what your after. Polysol(dead on) is great for holding its color reheat after reheat, which may play into the equation like when using the very temperament color white
  4. wallyc14

    Soft plastic paint

    This is a pre-made bai that started out as white . The pictures don’t do it any justice but it has a copper pearl to it but it was done with plastic coloant and clear for lureworks
  5. wallyc14

    Soft plastic paint

  6. wallyc14

    Soft plastic paint

    I also use the powder peals it’s really cool looking
  7. wallyc14

    Soft plastic paint

    I usually pour or inject in white or pearl white
  8. wallyc14

    Soft plastic paint

    Speaking of colors. If you have colorant for soft plastic worm making you can use the clear paint and colorant and make your own colors on the fly. I do this ALOT.
  9. wallyc14

    Soft plastic paint

    Just make sure to tighten the lids good when your done.
  10. wallyc14

    Soft plastic paint

    Same here great paint
  11. wallyc14

    Which plastic to start with?

    Keep any eye on temp And don’t use to much heat stabilizer and you should be good to go . And shipping is an SOB no matter where you go I only make for me and my friend but I still order it 5 gallons at a time it’s the cheapest way to get it unless you’re mass producing and then that’s different . I’m sure you will be happy with it
  12. wallyc14

    Plastic Memory

    Ah! Ok I’m sorry
  13. wallyc14

    Plastic Memory

    I usually hang mine but to each his own.that works too but you will need to lay them flat to cure. You would be amazed if you cut a thick bait that’s been curing for 5 days you will find the inside of the bait is still tacky
  14. wallyc14

    Plastic Memory

    I don’t know about “memory” but I can say this the baits need to cure before you bag them1-2 weeks. I’ve got some swim baits that I made last year nows the time to use them so I pulled them off my shelf and they are straight. I am usually 3 months ahead on what I use so they get the full cure.But it also depends on what brand of plastic used as to how long they need to cure
  15. wallyc14

    Zoom fluke Jr like mold

    I have their hollow swim bait mold I’ll take a look thanks