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  1. wallyc14

    Beginners Molding Kit

    To make things easy and to keep your head from spinning 4 oz soft plastic 2 tablespoons of salt this will get you started as stated before you can use glass or salt . Me I use a mix of both with a teaspoon of softner and I go 3 tablespoons of salt/glass mix but I like my sticks soft and heavy .
  2. wallyc14

    Twin Tail Grub

    Ok thought you wanted the mold maker a i makes one very similar
  3. wallyc14

    Twin Tail Grub

    Looks like A.I . Heartthrob twintail
  4. wallyc14

    Bone Color

    You should be able to make bone with white and a little yellow I would think. I don’t know if any company that makes it off hand.
  5. wallyc14

    Glitter for Electric Shad

    Good luck
  6. wallyc14

    Glitter for Electric Shad

    Yeah it’s sparkle violet! I could not remember the name . It is the right stuff for sure. I have some and have used it.
  7. wallyc14

    Glitter for Electric Shad

    I believe it’s halo purple , lureworks sells it.
  8. wallyc14

    Soft Bait Glue - PVC Cement

    Forgot to say I had to wipe the exuding oil off the baits with alcohol before I glue. It helped a little
  9. wallyc14

    Plastic for swimbaits

    5 inch swim bait I use a 60/40 blend. Med/hard. Gives me a nice swimming bait
  10. wallyc14

    Soft Bait Glue - PVC Cement

    Just my 2 cents but I do know a little about pvc pipe glue . (Master plumber) I’ve tried glue with limited success . They still get knocked off . Pvc glue is a little flexible but a little to hard for soft baits . With all that said if you can find shower pan liner glue which is pvc glue just WAY more flexible than regular pvc glue wether it be heavy body or less. The only problem I see with liner glue is it’s a greenish color.
  11. Close does count :-) my post from three years ago still stand on the watermelon with the addition to the green pumpkin . I’ve come close with to gp with M n F greenpumpkin green and maroon 4 oz plastic soft 3 table spoons of salt 1 table spoon softner 40-50 drops greenpumpkin green 1-2 drops of maroon The maroon “browns up “ the green . It gives it the yellow you see when you hold it up to a light As a matter fact using the light over my vent hood is how I have always judged colors I have found to get an a close match looking at them in the light and matching what you see they would be almost identical when held side by side in your hand.
  12. wallyc14

    Yamamoto natural shad senko

    My copy of the yammie natural shad 4 oz plastic 1/ tablespoon of salt 1 drop of black pinch of halo gold .015 pinch of black .015 how much salt you use and. Black you use depends on what you want for your copy i make grubs and stick worms in that color (they kill)
  13. wallyc14

    Plumber's Lead

    Plumbers lead used in soil stacks and the like are general pretty pure .cant be beat
  14. wallyc14

    Plastic from a 5 gal bucket

    I use a Colman cooler drain on my 1 gallon container or you could use a boiler drain and to 1/2 conduit nuts to capture the boiler drain in the side of the plastic. I would think that should take the bulk of the plastic out of the bucket and by the time you get to the bottom of the bucket what’s left would be manageable i can lay my one gallon jug which is kind of square in its side and I can dispense from there. I can post pic later if interested
  15. wallyc14

    Help me please...Soft plastics

    You can airbrush with vpi plastic paints the dip when you do the eyes of the frog