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  1. You can spray with clear sb . It will hold for a while but will rub off sooner or later.I agree with Frank the eye dropper is the best way to put it in an airbrush. Retarder will definitely help with the cob webs. A clear dip in plastisol is best for longevity.
  2. Oh yeah! The paste when mixing you have to stir the crap out of it. Cheers!
  3. I have never seen a clear hardner. All I’ve seen is white. I’ve come across 2 different types or hardner. One being like what m and f sells which I believe is a blended down hardner mixed with plastisol and stabilizer to be easy to mix with plastisol. IMHO a quick method to change the hardness. The other I have seen is ”paste” type.It is a pia to work with. It is potent though. From all the years of playing with it I learned if I use the paste I have to add heat stabilizer or it scorches will out doubt. A 1/2 teaspoon in 4 oz of plastic with 3 or 4 drops of stabilizer will change medium plasti
  4. With the salt in the plastic m and f tends to be the Weakest colorant . Lureworks is strong for sure even with salt but, I don’t see that as necessarily a bad thing one way or the other weaker works for me. I know it takes more colorant to get there but it’s easier to build a color than to take away. Back when I cared about a dead on match to a GY bait every color I hit was always with M n F and watermelon is straight out the bottle watermelon green n/b
  5. M and f should be a dead on match. Watermelon green that is. depending on what glitter is used is how the color changes. My watermelon blue flake is a dead on match as well as watermelon red flake.the blue flake makes it greener and the red flake makes it more brown. I read somewhere m and f is what GY uses. My green pumpkin is close as well. With all that said don’t get to hung up on a dead on match. You’ll go crazy. Lol. close works.
  6. I’ve been using them for at least four years. I still use the same injector since I started using them. Yes they scratch but not to the point of total failure . I have had to change the oring twice but no biggie. My sticks I use a mix of beads and salt. Durability is better however I make mine super soft so I tend to go through a lot.
  7. It’s a cool color shift in person. I just got it so I don’t know how much the bass will like it yet.
  8. Here’s MNF not a great pic I know But it’s reddish brown whit a green hue. IMHO it looks like clean motor oil. Lol
  9. +1 . Same here after three year’s .
  10. That’s weird . I just bought a bottle a couple weeks ago. You might want to email them
  11. Very true. Like everything else when it’s new your going to want to play with it and experiment.i went through 2 gallons the first month filling my friends tackle boxes as well as mine. Now no so much. I make what I know I will use. I still experiment when I get a new mold, but I make stock in the winter when I can’t fish. I’ll usually make north of 1000 baits.
  12. I would start with a gallon unless you know your going to make a lot or a lot of mistakes. I just wouldn’t recommend starting with quarts like I did . I went through a quart the first night. Lol
  13. That’s a very loaded question. You’ll get lots of answers. My advice to you is to start with which ever one you like. Each one has there plus and minuses..use what works for you.Bait plastics is inexpensive and so far to me seems ok. Which might be your best choice to start. This is the way I did it when I first started. Buy cheap I would rather waste cheap plastic at 25 bucks a gallon versus something that’s 68 bucks a gallon.
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