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  1. Very true. Like everything else when it’s new your going to want to play with it and experiment.i went through 2 gallons the first month filling my friends tackle boxes as well as mine. Now no so much. I make what I know I will use. I still experiment when I get a new mold, but I make stock in the winter when I can’t fish. I’ll usually make north of 1000 baits.
  2. I would start with a gallon unless you know your going to make a lot or a lot of mistakes. I just wouldn’t recommend starting with quarts like I did . I went through a quart the first night. Lol
  3. That’s a very loaded question. You’ll get lots of answers. My advice to you is to start with which ever one you like. Each one has there plus and minuses..use what works for you.Bait plastics is inexpensive and so far to me seems ok. Which might be your best choice to start. This is the way I did it when I first started. Buy cheap I would rather waste cheap plastic at 25 bucks a gallon versus something that’s 68 bucks a gallon.
  4. I use welders gloves or the rubber coated gloves. I don’t use a respirator.i have a hood vent that moves ALOT of air. I never smell the cooking plastic at all . I want to say a respirator for organic compounds will do the trick. When I first started I use one for asbestos. Never smelled it once.
  5. It’s blasting media. You want the glass bead media not the crushed glass stuff
  6. Depends on container . The ones that come from bait plastics is the wide mouth gallon jug. A small paint stirrer will work on a drill. The smaller one gallon jugs. I would put in a bigger container and mix.
  7. Your most productive colors. Me? Green pumpkin #1 watermelon #2 black #3 white#4 chartreuse #5 . the nice thing about black and white you can brighten or darken any color you want. The other nice thing is black and white are good choices for just about any water color. Green pumpkin is the #1 selling color for bass fishing last time I looked. Good for clear to stained water . Watermelon is a good clear to lightly stain water. Watermelon blue flake is my weapon of choice when the water I fish is really clear 6-10’ of clarity. Another note on color buy a color wheel and learn how to use it. With it and some basic colors you can make any color you want.
  8. I did not notice any fading. But white will turn red as it bleeds
  9. No real way to stop it . The only success I had was with red shad. I have an old bottle of bears red shad red that bleeds. The red probably bleeds into the black but I’ll be darn if I can see it in the black.
  10. To my understanding dyes bleed . Plastisol colorant do not. Red is a bad one but you can get some reds that don’t bleed. M and F Rudd Finn won’t bleed .
  11. There are subtle differences in every ones stick molds. Do it is the original Gary Yamamoto Senko . Bass tackle stick is a little different dimensionally but catches fish Every bit as well.
  12. Nah ! Easy peazy . Start small that’s the trick. Before you know it you’ll have it down and then you can do laminates and triple laminates. Really is simple to do it’s just a lot to take in at once. Add to that your spending your hard earned cash you want the learning curve small so you don’t waste money. Bait making is fun to do and nothing is better than catching on something you made. Like I said before I’ve been making plastics for 8 years and I’m not stopping any tome soon.
  13. They are fine . It just takes forever to get a mold because of shipping for the Ukraine.I prefer bass tackle and angling a I . Bothe make top notch molds . No slight on do it but their original Senko mold likes to dent.I have one I should know. I preffer bass tackle 4 inch stick mold. I’ve made tons of them and they don’t dent unless your shooting at 350. I also have the 7 inch stick. You will also learn with molds that every design is different and each one likes a different temp range when you shot.
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