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  1. wallyc14

    Newbie with newbie questions

    I don’t recommend cooking indoors , but you should get a respirator and a couple of fans to move the fumes outdoors. Breathing the fumes is NO BUENO . I use as exhaust hood I made to get the fumes out of my work space.
  2. wallyc14

    Newbie with newbie questions

    I agree with all that’s said above and add : 1- Heat stabilizer is a good thing on reheats you need it and a little raw plastic with that said to much is a bad thing it’ll make your baits stink and it will turn your plastic a yellowish color. 2- when using hardner you should add heat stabilizer if your using paste type. If your using the hardner from MnF you don’t need to . My preference is paste type hardner. 3: when using softner I don’t use heat stabilizer . How much is to much? Reheats of 4 oz of plastic with a little raw plastic added 4 drops of heat stabilizer works for me . 4 oz of raw plastic a table spoon of hardner and a 1/2 teaspoon heat stabilizer
  3. wallyc14

    Painting Soft plastics (perch swimbaits)

    Check out lureworks . Sb coat they are solvent based but you can do all kinds of stuff with it . I use the clear with the same colorants and pearls as the ones for making baits. Then hit it with a coat of clear.
  4. wallyc14


    It’s what works for you but what I do is .. 1-buy medium hardness plastic by the 5 gallon bucket Calhoun’s plastic 2- I have a gallon of softner ,hardner and heat stabilizer 3- make my own and keep recipes for example my swim bait is 4 oz of medium and a tablespoon of hardner . With all that said I do keep a couple of gallons of super soft MNF for my sticks and drop shot baits. This is how I have found it works best for me over the years for all the baits I shoot. I also wanted to add that I only make for my friends and I
  5. wallyc14

    Suggestions for a Senko style mold

    You won’t be disappointed that mold shoots great and just flat out catches.
  6. wallyc14

    Single Tail Grub mold!

    Good for you! A.I make nice molds
  7. wallyc14

    Starter Kits

    If your looking for the “senko” mold look at do-it. I’m sure you can get it in a kit. With that said a kit usually cost more. Welcome to the fold ! It gets expensive quick.:-)
  8. wallyc14

    Basstackle mold Help

    Can’t blame him for making a living.
  9. wallyc14

    Basstackle mold Help

    Sorry about your bad experience with him. I have heard this many times before. It took him a while to make it sure , but he delivered. That mold is the closest I know of with out getting in trouble . I took a chance and had no problems with them .I was just trying to help . :-)
  10. wallyc14

    Basstackle mold Help

    Let me save you ALOT of pain! Dels is the closest I have found to a gyb 4 inch grub
  11. wallyc14

    Lurecraft silver minnow color

    Yes it does! It also works well with black and white. You can make a silvery gray with white or make a titanium grey kinda with black. Out of all the colors I have minnow silver is a color I won’t go without. It ranks up there with watermelon and green pumpkin in my opinion .
  12. wallyc14

    Cleaning molds

    Dawn dish soap and water , and a liberal spray of wd-40 to protect from oxidation
  13. wallyc14

    Dealing with Hard Pack

    PEX pipe:-) plumber by chance? Lol a sheet rock mixer in a cordless drill in the 5 gallon bucket is the best way I know of. I will pull 1/2 a gallon off At a time ( I use it pretty quickly . I put a couple of 1 ounce lead weights in the bottom of the gallon jug I use.
  14. wallyc14

    Basic Starting colors

    I use emerald green , blue and black the most but I use red from time to time