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  1. Hey topflite thanks for posting its not a problem I'm better learning by seeing than reading. i like that set up you have. Ill post some pics now im in the process of making the tails but there not coming out as Id like them to
  2. Paint*** Once i get the hardware ill start playing around with the tail length for a better roll
  3. Alright thanks man. Ill check back in when i get a few done. I haven't looked into the expoy or paibt phase yet. Im still a noob
  4. Yeah I'm looking to make this bait for bass fishing. The one making will have 1 hinge also i would like to have a hook on the back. The fish here come up and hit the bait without a full on explosion. On my slammer the do that a lot. So the successful baits you've seen were a pretty tight connection for the hinge ?
  5. Hey sorry I thought I put that in there. I made a top water wake bait. It's shaped like a rat single joint. 7 inch long using yellow poplar. Woild like to be able to twich/wake. I prefer a slower pace wake where the back Of my bait can swimg back in forth on the retrieve. Thanks, Grizz
  6. Hey guys not sure if i posted yet so i guess this will be my first post. Im on a few other fishing forums and have lingered around here awhile checking things out overall great forum! Anyway, This fall started fiddling around with making some top water baits. Figured it would be a good way to start off. I need some help with the bill placement and the hardware for connecting the two halfs of the bait together. Should i get the magnum screw eyes or is the wood I'm using to soft/ Also how do I know where to cut out the space for the bill. Thanks, Griz
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