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  1. Just scuff off the shine of the bait with 360 to 400 git sand paper Wash the bait with soap and water to get dust off Shoot the bait with an adhesive promoter Shoot the bait with primer or base coat Paint it Clear coat it.
  2. The 20 min is better than the 30. It actually has 10 to 15 mins of working time.. the 30 min stuff is similar to devcon and actually sets up faster.. WHY? I have no idea. It just does.
  3. Well who ever invented the hook needs to speak up and call all of us out! Cause without hooks none of would catch a darn thing.....Im just saying..
  4. Tater Hog

    The Tater Hog Spud Stud

    Big 8 1/2 inch walk bait. New bait I made in a few hours couple months back. I liked how it turned out.

    © Tater Hog Custom Lures

  5. Don, Try these steps see how they work for you. Step1. Seal up your bait with Super Glue Step2. Sand your bait with 300 to 400 grit sand paper. depends on the wood grain. Step3. Seal it again with super glue. The first sanding raises the grain and the 2nd coat of AC GLUE smooths it out again Really seals it up nice. And It Hardens the outside of the wood. Step4. You can put a extra coat of epoxy on the lure at this time too if you like Step5. Scuff the with 400 grit paper and apply 1 coat of your white or black water base paint Step6. Paint your bait Step7. Clear coat your bait. With what ever clear you want to try. Bob Smith 20 min Epoxy would be simply for you to use or Dick Nites if you heat set your paint really good on the wood. See how that works for you. I dont know much about Gesso but what I just told you should work with just about any wood you try and use to make a bait. Tater
  6. Totally agree. I love throwing bigger baits because most don't throw them. I just wish they had musky in the lakes in my area. I don't get up north much anymore to try some of my giant stuff on them.
  7. My hoochie baby wakebait is one of my best bass catchers and I designed it for bass fishing.. yet to my suprize one of my customers from ebay starting sending me all these gaint musky pics and telling how great the bait was for it.. But I didn't design it for musky. Go figure. I think the bass think its a bluegill and the musky think its a baby duck. Just my theory but it has caught trophy's on both fish. So who cares. Any bait you can catch a musky on is a musky lure. I think any bait can catch just about any fish your trying to catch if you present it at the right place and right time. Fish don't have mirrors underwater so how do they really know how big they are? Big baits or small baits.. they eat them all. They are predators.
  8. If you really want to make a bait where the paint will stay on it forever...but don't care how pretty it looks.. USE SUPER GLUE as your CLEAR COAT! Put about 2 or 3 coats of Super Glue and Glitter on a wooden bait. The glitter and super glue will form a protect coat that is harder and tuffer than any clear you will ever find. I have a good friend I fish with on Lake Norman that makes his own balsa baits. He uses Glitter and AC GLUE. You do it right they don't look too bad. Heck I even painted up some quickie resin baits for my tackle box with AC Glue and Glitter. They ugly but still catch fish like crazy! Guess its the action. Tater
  9. Like the 20 better than 30...20 seems to last 20 mins. 30 is similar to devcon. You got 5 mins at best
  10. Foiled baits are Bob Smith Rest of my baits are Dick Nites or Por 15. Depends on how many Im shooting. "Clear coat is like fishing line.. I not happy with any of it! But each has its place depending on how your fishing or painting." Hmm I think I just came up with a signature quote I will be remembered by. LOL.
  11. Heat up your bait with air dryer before you apply epoxy. then pull off as much epoxy as possible when your coating..sounds to me like you puttting more epoxy on the bait than you should. Try Bob Smith EPOXY.. 20min.. more working time.. thinner mix.. better than Devcon.. Takes longer to dry.. you will have to flip them more without a lure turner.. I don't have a turner... Never have.. never will. Good Luck Tater
  12. You don't have to have through wire. I think of through wire as a insurance policy yes... But, You can still glue in a lexan lip the same way you glue in those lips you bought from Janns.. The lips from Janns are ok it just that metal part on the lip is hard as heck to bent right or left.. a couple of times of doing that cracks the plastic..after that happend you hit a rock and your lip breaks off.. its still possible to break a lexan lip but I promise you the lexan lips will last longer than those at Plexiglass lips from janns. You can still use them if your just make baits for yourself.. but if you want to sell them you will get complaints later. Do the drill 2 holes trick I told you and bent the wire over at the back of the lip. If you glue that sucker in with epoxy it will not come out dont believe me.. wait about 2 weeks then try and get the lip back out of the bait without drilling it out. Good Luck Tater
  13. Bulldog adheasive promotor Super glue works too if your in a jam. Thin stuff you get at RC Car hobby stores. its thin as water.. that's the kind I like. Then primer. Nason 2k Etch Primer is what I use. Good luck
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